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So is anyone picking up the Batman Complete Series on blu-ray tomorrow?!?! I really want it!
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zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

So is anyone picking up the Batman Complete Series on blu-ray tomorrow?!?! I really want it!
Quinn at 04:21 PM Nov 10

I want it but dang is it expensive. I'll eventually get it in time

timmyd at 04:40 PM Nov 10

I'd be grabbing it if it wasn't so damn much money.

Mr.Blizzo at 06:30 PM Nov 10

I really want it, but that price tag is way too high. I'm gonna wait til it drops.

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zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

YES!!!! Cumberbatch is Dr. Strange!!!
grelber37 at 02:19 PM Oct 27

It pleases one to see the Dr. Strange project move forward. Now, we fans can await the next character and casting announcements. Dr. Strange is a good project for Marvel to pursue. Movie audiences are tiring of the same superhero film over and over. They need the relatively fresh approaches in Guardians of the Galaxy, Agents of SHIELD, and the (Netflix) Defenders.

zombie_bro updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I'm watching A Million Ways to Die in the West, and i'm laughing my ass off. I guess I never realized how stupid people can be in westerns, and this movie is definitely making fun of that. Did anyone else like this movie?
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:11 PM Oct 07

I had a lot of fun watching it!

Glinda at 09:06 PM Oct 07

I liked it a lot! Not one I'd buy but I really thought it was cute. I' with grel, I thought Ted was better though.

HTX0811 at 12:24 AM Oct 08

It was okay, nothing amazing.

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zombie_bro created a LIST: 2 months ago

Movie Collections That I Own

1. Alien Anthology (Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection)
2. Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy
3. Batman Motion Picture Anthology (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin)
4. Battle Royale Collection (Part 1 and 2)
5. The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)
6. Die Hard Collection (Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard With a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard)
7. Friday the 13th Complete Collection (F13 #1-10, Freddy VS Jason, F13 Remake)
8. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)
9. Iron Man Trilogy (#1-3 Steelbook)
10. Jurassic Park Trilogy (JP 1-3)
11. Lethal Weapon 4 Film Collection
12. The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy Special Extended Edition (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King)
13. A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (NOES 1-7)
14. Robocop Trilogy (Robocop 1-3)
15. Star Wars the Complete Sage
16. The Superman Motion Picture Anthology, 1978-2006 (Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Superman Returns)

Based on a list by WalkAway

Derek237 at 06:12 PM Sep 22

Good stuff

zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Hello everyone. I am back from a long hiatus. I have been busy and have spent a lot of time watching a lot of movies. I tried to rank everything from this year that I have seen so far, but gave up when I realized that a lot of the movies were kind of shitty. BUT! I did love Guardians of the Galaxy and is easily the best thing out this year so far. WOO!
YoshioKun13 at 07:33 PM Sep 08

Welcome back dude

Glinda at 08:11 PM Sep 08

Welcome back!

Anakin at 06:05 AM Sep 09

Well well well...where the hell have you been?

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zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

2 things MFC... #1. Ben as Batman looks...amazing. I look forward to that even more now. #2. I am FINALLY diving into Crystal Lake Memories...good way to kill the next...7 hours?
zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

Hey everyone...what's up?!?!
zombie_bro at 06:12 AM May 10


Laksmikanti at 06:22 AM May 10

All my favorites TV Shows will be in season finale next week. I was craving of french fries and walked in many places to get them, so I finally went to this fast food restaurant and they put too much salt.

Beauski at 06:27 AM May 10

Where to begin, Zombie_Bro.

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zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

I...I...I...WHAT?!?! Oh...I just watched the Red Wedding episode...
XSsoCX at 08:59 PM Feb 19

And I'll purchase the shots, all around............

Glinda at 09:00 PM Feb 19

Ugh, the episode I'm dreading the most in re-watch.

I feel i should start searching for a therapist now.

OldKingClancy at 03:58 AM Feb 20

I can't offer you a drink.

Can I interest you in some evil laughter?

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zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Dear MFC, I recently decided to go digital with my movie collection. Crazy to some I know, but it's more cost effective for myself. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any UV or Digital Codes that they would be willing to part with. Now obviously I will pay, just looking for movies I don't have. So if anyone has any interests in this, just send me a PM! Thanks in advance!
Rebellion_Reborn at 04:14 PM Jan 28

I don't have any available or I'd hook you up. I can understand going digital. I never will because of how many horror cons I attend, but I get it. Collecting gets expensive!

WalkAway at 05:11 PM Jan 28

I hate UV it never works. If I get any digital codes I'll let you know!

zombie_bro at 05:22 PM Jan 28

It is expensive Rebellion! Haha!!

Thanks WalkAway, I appreciate that!

zombie_bro posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

2013: Movie Year in Review - April

71. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 - 2/10
I watched this with my kids. Then I grounded them. For kids, these movies work well. They love them. For adults, it's bad but still a hell of a lot better than Movie 43.

72. This Must Be the Place - 7/10
What a strange movie and an even stranger role for Sean Penn to take. He is great in this film. It's a decent movie.

73. G.I. Joe Retaliation - 9/10
Again, I loved this. Over the top action, ridiculousness, and The Rock. Lots of fun.

74. John Dies at the End - 7/10
This movie confused me, a lot. I was hoping for more but it did fall flat for me. I give the rating I did based off of creativity.

75. Bully - 7/10
Hard movie to watch. Seeing real kids and the situations that they are in, it's rough. Very serious subject to kids and schools, and the movie did a good job highlighting how serious it is.

76. Evil Dead - 8/10
The remake was...better than I thought it would be. I had very little hope for this. Was it as good as the original? Not even close, but it was a good film on it's own and thought it was well directed and the practical effects really worked in its favor.

77. Killing Them Softly - 7/10
Good movie, but did get boring after a bit.

78. The Day - 7/10
Nice apocalyptic film. Decent cast, doesn't really hold back.

79. Friends With Kids - 7/10
I watched this on a whim, and enjoyed it. The cast was good, it was funny as well as dramatic.

80. Frankenweenie - 5/10
I didn't care for this. It looked bad, I didn't like the black and white, and the story was dumb.

81. Bad Kids go to Hell - 5/10
Another stinker really. Interesting story, but not handled well.

82. This is 40 - 7/10
Again, I love Rudd. This movie wasn't nearly as good as Knocked Up, but it was still funny and had some heart.

83. Unknown - 8/10
Another surprise for me since the only reason I had heard of it was because it was on Netflix. Good cast, decent thriller about who done it.

Mood: Happy

zombie_bro posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

2013: Movie Year in Review - March

Ok, part 3 of 12....

42. Goldfinger - 8/10
Great Bond film, probably my favorite of the Connery series.

43. Jack the Giant Slayer - 7/10
I like big dumb action that can entertain. May not be the strongest script and such, but I had fun with it.

44. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning - 7/10
Not what I expected. Enjoyed it a lot!

45. Alex Cross - 5/10
Matthew Fox was good in this, but it was mostly dumb. All I could do was picture Madea running around with a shotgun.

46. Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 - 6/10
I started off really liking this. It lost me somewhere along the way though...shame.

47. Fun Size - 6/10
Funny for what it was. Made me laugh. Not meant just for kids because Victoria Justice is in it.

48. Oz the Great and Powerful - 8/10
Really enjoyed this. Nice visuals, fun origin story with lots of references to the original film.

49. Wanderlust - 7/10
Decent film. Made me laugh more than I expected. Always love Rudd, always hate Aniston. She bothers me.

50. Nitro Circus - 6/10
Similar to Jack Ass, but not the same. More stunts then ridiculousness. Not bad.

51. Video Game Highschool - 6/10
Made me laugh, but dumb.

52. Rise of the Guardians - 9/10
Great animated film!!! So much fun watching it, and a hell of a time.

53. Deadfall - 6/10
Good little thriller. Decent cast, twists and turns.

54. Life of Pi - 9/10
Great movie! Visually amazing, great performance and ridiculous story!!!

55. Sushi Girl - 7/10
Ridiculous movie, great to see some classic movie convention actors together and have some fun.

56. Fat Kid Rules the World - 8/10
Nicely done, good performances, Matthew Lillard does a great job directing.

57. Olympus Has Fallen - 9/10
Another over the top movie that made me happy this year. It got some hate, but whatever. Ridiculous fun.

58. Hugo - 9/10
Wow...I put this off for far to long when I watched it. Shame on me, because it is fantastic.

59. Taken 2 - 5/10
Pretty bad. Nothing at all! Bore fest.

60. Stolen - 7/10
Not bad for a Nic Cage movie. Decent action, kept me interested.

61. Puppet Master 3 - 4/10
Pretty much garbage...yeah.

62. Puppet Master 4 - 6/10
A little better, but still a bit ehh. Stupid horror fun, almost.

63. The Factory - 7/10
Good performance from John Cusack, horrible as usual performance from Jennifer Carpenter. Cool story, nice twist and turns. Worth a watch.

64. Argo - 9/10
Great movie. One of those movies where it proved my initial thoughts wrong. The trailers did nothing for me, I watched it, loved it.

65. The Pirates! Band of Misfits - 6/10
Not that good was ok, but was missing something.

66. Bachelorette - 6/10
Decent movie, but not as funny as I expected with the cast. Rebel Wilson playing out of character type was a nice touch though.

67. The Collection - 7/10
Good follow up to The Collector. Cool ideas, decent gore, stupid horror fun.

68. Lincoln - 10/10
Such a good movie. Lewis owns as Lincoln and Spielberg knocks it out of the park once again.

69. The Hills Have Eyes 2 - 6/10
The original sequel mind you, and it's pretty awful. It's so bad that I enjoyed it. So many stupid things

70. The Frankenstein Theory - 3/10
So dumb! Ugh...good idea that could have been handled better...big time.

Mood: Happy

XSsoCX at 07:59 PM Jan 03

I have to agree, I randomly put "The Factory" on my Netflix DVD queue because I like Cusack and it turned out to be rather good. Plus it was nice to see Sonya Walger(Penny from "LOST".) in something.

YoshioKun13 at 08:13 PM Jan 03

I caught ALEX CROSS too.

Not good but Fox made for an entertaining psycho.

zombie_bro posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

2013: Movie Year in Review - February

Part 2 of my 12 part blog from 2013.


26. Paranormal Activity 4 - 2/10
What a piece of crap. I'm a big fan of the first 3, this one was dumb. So many questions left unanswered, that could have been answered if the people just watched the god damn videos!

27. Comes a Bright Day - 6/10
Fun little heist movie. Decent enough for me to enjoy it.

28. Seven Psychopaths - 9/10
Seriously awesome movie. Nuff said.

29. Celeste and Jesse Forever - 9/10
Such a surprise. Great movie with a good story, and good performances.

30. The Raven - 6/10
Love Cusack, love Poe...this wasn't quite what I hoped, but good enough for me.

31. Warm Bodies - 8/10
Nice take on the zombie genre. Pretty funny also.

32. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters - 8/10
Such a ridiculous movie. Lots of fun, highly stupid. Me likey.

33. Here Comes the Boom - 7/10
Hate on Kevin James all you want, but I like him. He's funny. Nothing amazing about this movie, but I did enjoy it and thought James did a good job and looked good for this role, considering.

34. Mansome - 6/10
Weird idea for a movie, but it was fun. Some interesting stuff but felt too long and lost my interest somewhere along the way.

35. A Good Day to Die Hard - 8/10
I know this gets hate; lots of it...but I love over the top action that makes no sense. It's entertaining to me.

36. The Perks of Being a Wallflower - 10/10
Perfect movie. So good.

37. Silent Hill: Revelation - 7/10
Stupid story I know, but the visuals and such were enough for me.

38. The Man With the Iron Fists - 7/10
Good kung fu flick. Decent action and fights. Flat acting, but that wasn't the point was it?

39. Dr. No - 7/10
Good Bond film. Connery is awesome.

40. From Russia With Love - 7/10
Just another good Bond flick. Had a lot of fun watching some of these.

41. The House at the End of the Street - 5/10
So dumb and confusing. Lawrence should know better.

Mood: Happy

XSsoCX at 12:09 PM Jan 02

Absolutely loved "Celeste and Jesse Forever".

YoshioKun13 at 01:08 PM Jan 02

Another solid month.

AGDtDH was the worst movie I saw that month/year.

zombie_bro posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

2013: Movie Year in Review - January

First blog in a while. I'm going to give the run down of what I watched this year, and briefly what I thought of the movie. Does not include only movies from 2013. ALL new movies to me that I watched during 2013. Enjoy.

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 9/10
Great film! So much fun was nice to see the return of Middle Earth. Not as good as the LOTR series, but close.

2. Pitch Perfect - 9/10
Had no desire to see it. Ended up loving it and laughing my ass off.

3. One for the Money - 2/10
What the hell was this garbage???

4. Guns, Girls, and Gambling - 6/10
Better then expected, but not amazing. Gave me a few laughs, the movie had fun with the script, but that's about it.

5. Cosmopolis - 5/10
Talk about a snooze fest...ugh.

6. The Three Stooges - 2/10
Why they made this movie, i'll never know. It received a 2 because the actors did decent jobs with the characters...everything else was shit.

7. The Babymakers - 4/10
Stupid. I lost interest quickly, and yeah...

8. Butter - 8/10
Who knew a movie about butter carving could be this interesting? Not me. Funny movie, not what I expected.

9. Wrong Turn 5 - 3/10
Didn't expect much, didn't get much.

10. Fire With Fire - 3/10

11. Branded - 5/10
I was excited to see this because it looked different. Ended up being pretty bad, and way to weird for me. Made no sense in the end. Dumb.

12. Death Race 3 - 6/10
I'm a fan of the Death Race movies. They're ridiculous and over the top. I like that. This was a decently made movie with plenty of ridiculousness to go around.

13. The Last Stand - 9/10
Loved it. Arnold came back, with a ridiculous action movie, and even made fun of himself along the way.

14. Moneyball - 8/10
Not a baseball fan. Hate it. I always end up liking the movies about it though, go figure. Good film, Pitt is awesome.

15. The Good Doctor - 5/10
Orlando Bloom is good in this. Plays creep real well. Other than that though, bland movie.

16. Killer Joe - 8/10
I liked this because of how messed up it is. McConaughey is great in it. Still don't get the amount of hype that was behind it, but good movie.

17. The Girl - 6/10
Decent Hitchcock flick. Still liked Hitchcock better.

18. Alter Egos - 6/10
I was excited for this. Seemed unique. Fell flat big time...disappointed big time.

19. Movie 43 - 1/10
Garbage. Horse shit. Waste of money and talent. Probably the worse movie i've ever seen ever.

20. Bucky Larson - 2/10
Garbage. Christina Ricci is in this and was the only thing that made the film tolerable.

21. Red Lights - 6/10
Decent flick but felt a little slow paced to me. Got bored a bit while watching. Deniro is good though.

22. The Apparition - 5/10
Typical movie. Not good, not exactly terrible, but yeah...blah.

23. The Possession - 7/10
I really liked this one. Nice take on the possession story from most movies.

24. Silent Night - 6/10
This movie was stupid fun. Lots of gore and crazy ideas. Made the movie fun for me,

25. Iron Sky - 7/10
Big surprise with this one. Sounded dumb, which is why I watched it, one of those moods...ended up laughing a bit and enjoying it some...shocker!

February will come tomorrow...maybe

Mood: Happy

YoshioKun13 at 11:13 PM Jan 01

Pretty good.

zombie_bro updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug blew me away! Loved it! On another note, Zero Dark Thirty bored the hell out of me.
grelber37 at 06:48 PM Dec 24

Smaug has plenty of action and spectacle to keep a person's attention. On the other hand, Zero Dark Thirty might not be the cathartic war movie that a person expects.

zombie_bro created a LIST: 11 months ago

2013 Movies That I Still Need to See - That I Still Want to See

1. I Give it a Year
2. To the Wonder
3. Admission
4. Disconnect
5. Mud
6. The East
7. The Bling Ring
8. The Spectacular Now
9. Jobs
10. Paranoia
11. The Butler
12. You're Next
13. Rush
14. Don Jon
15. Filth
16. Gravity
17. How I Live Now
18. Captain Philips
19. Machete Kills
20. Kill Your Darlings
21. Bad Grandpa
22. Dalls Buyers Club
23. Charlie Countryman
24. Delivery Man
25. Inside Llewyn Davis
26. American Hustle
27. Saving Mr. Banks
28. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
29. Anchorman 2
30. Her
31. Grudge Match
32. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
33. The Wolf of Wall Street
34. Lone Survivor
cerealkiller182 at 06:08 AM Dec 24

you got some work ahead of you

RagingFellaDriver16 at 08:32 AM Dec 24

Man you do have some work. MUD is phenomenal all-around. My second favorite of the year. 3rd once Wolf of Wall Street drops tomorrow.

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