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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Alright look, the man is a legend for his work on LOST... But boy chalk up another utterly underwhelming big picture score by Michael Giacchino in DOCTOR STRANGE. I actually do kinda dig the main theme he's composed, despite it largely being a blatant retread of his Star Trek theme in string guitar, as it's played over the end credits. The problem is it's barely used in the film itself at all. For the major sequences I can only recall generic action cues, very bland and forgettable when the main theme could have been utilized to great effect. Not only to add more of a distinctive flavor to this character but also bolster the excitement of these moments during the picture. Ya think?
cobb at 04:54 PM Nov 23

wasent a fan of score

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

One true disappointment I had with DOCTOR STRANGE, stemming from my aforementioned bit of foreknowledge about the source material, was the visual depiciton of Dormammu. I can understand why they might want to change his look up for the movie, being that in the comics he looks like the flame-headed ethereal cousin to Ghost Rider. Especially considering the latter is currently occupying small screen time on the AGENTS OF SHIELD TV show. But I was hoping for something at least intimidating, if not original or imaginative, in realizing such an evil cosmic entity. Instead what we were treated to was a giant wavy purple General Grievous.
cobb at 03:21 AM Nov 23

i dident mind that

Weapon X
Weapon X at 06:07 AM Nov 23

I thought he looked pretty lame too. The 3D revisit did help a bit though.

Moviefreak2010 at 07:37 AM Nov 23

the movie was awesome but yeah they could of done more with dormammu

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

One of the very few things I knew about Doctor Strange going into the movie, was actually the character of Baron Mordo thanks to his appearance in an epsiode of SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES I'd seen. So I was quite surprised and even a little perplexed as to the approach they took with Mordo in the movie. No not because he's a white character being played by a black actor, that practice has become pretty common now in comic book adaptations. Rather the fact that Mordo was being portrayed as an ally to Dr. Strange even assisting in his training, but in that cartoon he was an enemy and in actuality a servant to Dormammu. However, once the credits rolled and we get that 2nd extra bonus scene at the end does it finally make sense. It all fits now.
cobb at 03:24 AM Nov 23

exactly.thats one of the main reasons i dident like movie very much i couldent get over that he turns into a bad giy i saw that one too by the way[spidey]

YoshioKun13 at 12:08 PM Nov 23

We need an official DVD release of that animated series.

The "Secret Wars" arc of the show was pretty insane it involved a myriad of MCU characters and saw Spidey team up with the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. I can imagine the upcoming Infinity Wars might end up playing out something like that, of course sans the X-Men and F4.

cerealkiller182 at 12:36 PM Nov 23

I think the direction they are going in worked really well for Mordo. He's got some real motivation beyond "I'm evil." Something pathological.

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I didn't exactly get this while watching, because it's not ever explicitly stated in the movie itself, but DOCTOR STRANGE actually takes place over the course of several years. I'm certain it begins probably just after the first AVENGERS movie, as we can tell from their headquarters building seen amid the NY city skyline. The real kicker is that one Hydra SHIELD agent guy name-drops Stephen Strange in WINTER SOLDIER. Which means Strange would have had to have already been established in the MCU world by that time, which happens only by the end of this new titular movie...if not thereafter. And of course we can infer that the first post-credits scene with Strange takes place sometime post-CIVIL WAR and pre-THOR: RAGNAROK.
cobb at 03:26 AM Nov 23

mind blown although i did get the iron man 2 reference

YoshioKun13 at 11:55 AM Nov 23

That would be pretty neat if Strange is actually going to be featured in the new Thor movie, perhaps in a capacity beyond that little bonus clip showed us.

And I know Hulk is going to be in it, so if Strange is as well it'll kind of be like another mini-Avengers film...

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

DOCTOR STRANGE - Thumbs up This best thing this movie does, aside from one tiny little mention and a quick visual nod, is not play so much into the Avengers stuff and is very much its own standalone feature. It's obviously all there and ever present in each one of these new origin stories, but thank goodness it doesn't try so blatantly to forcefeed the MCU connections and set up of future installments onto us the audience(*cough* IRON MAN 2 *cough*) With that said, loved the obligatory cameo in the first post-credits sequence. And that it essentially tells us what the basic plot of the next THOR movie is.
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

RIP Robert Vaughn I'll never forget the time you tried to defeat Superman with the power of super computers...
Moviefreak2010 at 05:32 AM Nov 12

that sucks

grelber37 at 09:48 AM Nov 12

Robert Vaughn definitely had a good mix of roles, from the serious to the hokey.

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

The Harry Potter of Marvel Making a late night appointment at the IMAX theater with DOCTOR STRANGE Prescription - heavy dose of entertainment and a side of eye-popping 3D visual stimuli
Moviefreak2010 at 06:52 AM Nov 09


Cronos at 09:01 AM Nov 09

Based on that gif, the Wonder Woman of Marvel. :p

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Never thought I could make the correlation between a presidential election and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, but - Whoever wins...we lose.
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Instead of being naked ScarJo's Motoko Kusanagi is gonna wear some kind of skin-colored tights for the camouflage body suit
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Feels like it's been 9pm for 4 hours now...
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

writer19 and I are poised to be bitter enemies tonight Hold onto your butts
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Remember, remember My resin cast failure...
HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 06:44 AM Nov 06

still looks cool

Moviefreak2010 at 06:46 AM Nov 06


Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:13 AM Nov 06

Might make a good conceptual piece... "Meltdown of the Revolution."

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