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They got in THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2, awesome! I always thought this Coin-Op Game Room place could use something a li'l more horror-themed. Just in time...for Halloween.
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YoshioKun13 created a LIST: about 1 month ago


1. Jean-Claude Van Damme was the inspiration for the character of Johnny Cage and was sought out to play him in the movie, but he opted to do STREET FIGHTER instead.

What you may not know is that Cameron Diaz was originally cast in the role of Sonya, and even trained but broke her wrist right before shooting began and had to be replaced. Basically, she pulled a Sean Young in BATMAN. But she was an unknown up-and-coming young actress and was chosen simply from seeing dailies of her scenes in THE MASK which had yet to even be released.

Before going with Christopher Lambert as Raiden, they had another Highlander in mind for the part - Sean Connery! Who was apparently more interested in playing golf at the time. Before that, another name bandied about by the New Line brass to play the thunder God was.....Danny Glover?

Ultimately it was decided that he was too old for this shit.
2. If a lot of the fighting in the movie looks real, that's because a lot of it...actually was.

Punches, kicks, hits to the face and other parts of the body was no fakery.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson had a system to describe each fight as a "1-3 rib" fight, defining how many ribs got broken. The Liu Kang vs. Reptile fight was definitely a 3-rib fight, if not more. But Robin Shou declined to notify the filmmakers of his injuries and continued to shoot the rest of the fight sequence, fearing that a visit to the hospital would shut down production of the movie and that his dream of becoming a movie star in America would come crashing down! In his fight with Chris Cassamassa(Scorpion), Linden Ashby got kicked in the kidneys so hard he ended up peeing blood.
3. Although he'd been working in Hong Kong as an action star, Robin Shou is originally from the US and happened to be visiting the states when he auditioned for the part of Liu Kang at the behest of his friend from an agency. At first he thought the title MORTAL KOMBAT was "dumb", and he laughed at the idea of turning a video game into a movie.
4. The actors who auditioned had to meet with New Line studio heads, producers, director, etc. several times and back before they got the part. It was a really long casting process and seems like they were really taking it seriously.

While Bridgette Wilson was in talks to play Sonya, she went off to film BILLY MADISON and thought she had lost the part. On her last day of filming MADISON, Wilson got the call asking if she still wanted the part of Sonya Blade and they flew her out the next morning to start filming.
5. Goro was created by studio ADI using 3 different animatronic puppets to achieve certain effects on screen depending on the shot and scene. This was led by Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff who had worked on the Alien effects for ALIENS & ALIEN³.

Despite the articulation, there were still problems with lip-synching the puppet's mouth to some of the dialogue. Digital CGI FX were used on the puppet lips to help in these instances.
6. Because of the limited budget and the actor's high salary, the production couldn't afford to send Christopher Lambert to film in Thailand. So Paul W.S. Anderson devised a system of filming close-up shots of Chris in LA, use a body double in Thailand for wide shots and then edit them together seamlessly as he could.

However, when word got back to Christopher Lambert about this he said F that, and traveled to Thailand on his dime to shoot the scenes himself. He truly believed in the potential of the movie and thought this move could only improve upon it. When the shoot finished in Thailand, he also paid for the wrap party himself!
7. Producer Larry Kasanoff brought in kids familiar with the MK game for some focus testing on their adaptation.

Aside from bringing back Kano's metal head plate look, these kids were solely responsible for Johnny Cage's nut punch to Goro. After looking at the concept designs for Goro, they wondered what kind of balls this 4-armed monster might possess? After struggling with how to have Johnny defeat Goro and originally planning a pretty standard fight sequence between the two, Kasanoff thought about it and well...problem solved.

8. At that time New Line probably would not have allowed a hard R-Rated MK movie featuring all the deliciously grisly, violent fatalities from the game in all their gorey glory. So it wouldn't have mattered.

Nevertheless the filmmakers were adamant about not depicting many of the more colorful fatalities from the game, because they would have been too OTT for the type of film they were making. Citing other horror movies in which you could see the same kind of cheap slasher deaths 'n such, instead of splattering the screen with bloody guts galore they opted rather to convey the essence of the MORTAL KOMBAT game through innovative visual FX, impressive fight choreography and creating a real mood & atmosphere.

A mythological, dark fantasy kung-fu martial arts FX extravaganza that would entertain both video game fans and casual moviegoers alike.
9. Scorpion, Sub-Zero and human Reptile were all played by real martial artists. No coincidence that the fight sequences with all 3 ninjas are by far the best ones in the movie.

With the exception of Robin Shou, none of the other actors were expert martial artists and had to train to make it look as if they were.
10. Kasanoff always had the idea of electronic dance music to be the core of their soundtrack album.

He made this pitch to 2 big record companies, both of whom promptly kicked them out of a deal. Sony had made the suggestion of using Buckethead, who would become involved with the score, but Virgin Records wanted Janet Jackson on the album! With no record deal in place it meant no guaranteed money, but New Line backed the decision to release a soundtrack and so Kasanoff went with a little no-name record company. The soundtrack would become the first EDM record ablum to go platinum.

The Hollywood debut of Paul W.S. Anderson, who got the gig after the producers had seen his previous indie UK film effort SHOPPING starring Jude Law and Sean Bean. His impressive art direction and fresh, visual style was thought an ideal choice to bring this kinetic fighting game to life.

During the film's theatrical NA release, fearing a huge BO failure Anderson decided to spend the weekend in Hawaii with his GF. When he read in the paper that MORTAL KOMBAT had opened in the No. 1 spot, Anderson instantly regretted not being in LA to bask in the success of his big Hollywood directorial debut. It remained in the top spot for 3 weeks straight.

Anderson declined to come back for the sequel, opting for something much different and chose to do EVENT HORIZON instead. He had since regretted not doing the 2nd MK movie and decided that if he ever got involved with another big franchise, he'd stick with it so as not to miss another opportunity to craft an expansive cinematic world. Thusly, he has given us 5 RESIDENT EVIL movie adaptations.....soon to be 6.
sLaShEr84 at 04:34 PM Sep 01

Nice blog.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 12:51 AM Sep 02

Nice blog, man!

movieman32 at 12:11 AM Sep 03

Awesome blog!

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Most of the 1995-era CGI effects in MORTAL KOMBAT, of course, look very obvious and cartoonish. Especially the FX for Reptile and the zooming camera shots of the black tower in Outworld. They were dated even at the time of the movie's release. However you might be surprised to find out some of the things they used CGI for that you probably wouldn't otherwise. Shang Tsung's mystical boat, wide shots of the island as they approach, plus Cage fighting Goro on that mountain cliff - all digitally created. Digital SFX used to depict some of the characters' supernatural powers, like Scorpion's spear creature and Raiden's lightning, they also aren't the greatest. The one effect I do think still holds up remarkably well is Sub-Zero's freezing abilities. Even if you did that same stuff with today's FX tech, I doubt it would look that much better.
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Although they were making a film adaptation of the video game, Kasanoff was insistent on the first MORTAL KOMBAT being a movie more inspired by other great films in the martial arts & fantasy genre. That this was the key to a successful adaptation and making it all actually work. Simply using the MK video game as a template for the story & characters, but an actual movie. Among others, one of the films he cites as a main influence in terms of filmmaking on the style, atmosphere & vibe they were going for - JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS.
YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Previously, executive producer Larry Kasanoff had worked on TERMINATOR 2. For MORTAL KOMBAT he originally didn't want Kano to have the metal head plate and glowing red eye since it bared too much resemblance to the damaged T-800 cyborg. After bringing in kids for some focus testing on their concept designs for the movie, they were so irate about Kano not sporting his signature look from the games that Kasanoff buckled and (wisely)decided to give him back the metal plate and red eye. Another T2 connection - Fear Factory's song "Zero Signal" is featured on the film's soundtrack album and used for the Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion fight in the movie. The beginning of this track uses an audio clip from the opening of TERMINATOR 2, slightly muffled but you can tell from the children laughing on the swing
YoshioKun13 created a LIST: about 1 month ago


Liu Kang = Luke Skywalker

Sonya Blade = Princess Leia

Johnny Cage = Han Solo

Shang Tsung = Darth Vader

Shao Kahn = Emperor Palpatine

Lord Raiden = Obi-Wan Kenobi

Kano = Boba Fett

Kitana = Yoda

Scorpion = C-3PO

Sub-Zero = R2-D2

Art Lean = Lando Calrissian

Goro = Jabba the Hutt

Reptile = Salacious Crumb

Outworld Warriors = Stormtroopers

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 07:08 AM Aug 30

Cool crossover list.

Bridgette Wilson was smokin hot Sonya Blade and i would love to see her in that gold bikini.

WalkAway at 11:33 PM Aug 30

great list!

YoshioKun13 posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

"Goodbye" (Demo) - GRAVITY KILLS


razgriz21 at 12:13 AM Aug 30

This track is better then the original release.

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

My God, the director of MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION is the same guy who did ANNABELLE. All the more reason not to watch that movie.
Cronos at 07:06 PM Aug 29

That explains a lot.

YoshioKun13 posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

"Halcyon On and On" - ORBITAL


southofheaven at 02:32 PM Aug 29

love this song i find it very soothing

YoshioKun13 posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

"Control" - TRACI LORDS (Juno Reactor Instrumental)


razgriz21 at 12:18 AM Aug 30

It sounds lethal and sexy at the same time.

YoshioKun13 at 12:33 AM Aug 30

^ The perfect embodiment of Lords herself

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

George S. Clinton's score for the first MORTAL KOMBAT film is highly underrated.
Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 12:47 PM Aug 29


YoshioKun13 at 01:31 PM Aug 29

A rather eclectic mix of techno, guitar rock and traditional instrumentals with a distinct Asian influence of flutes & taiko drums. A very unique and bold choice to approach composing a music score, makes it a special one.

They put some real care and thought into choosing what album tunes would fit into the film where, what would suit each fight best and when to use the Clinton score. Can't praise it enough.

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