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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Curse you local supermarkets for doing away with plastic bags! Now I've gotta carry all my purchased items out by hand, like a schmuck...
RetroMovieCritic at 11:08 AM Jul 15

Here they charge us .5 cents for each plastic bag...its f-ing annoying!

WalkAway at 02:54 PM Jul 15

Plastic bags are one of the worst things to happen to our environment; creating ridiculous amounts of litter, clogging storm drains and increasing flooding, killing sea creatures by the thousands, using fossil fuels to produce and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Getting rid of them is one of the best things we can do for our planet. Go buy a canvas bag.

YoshioKun13 at 01:03 AM Jul 16

@RetroMovieCritic - They still offer paper bags for us, at a 10 cents charge.

I'll take a bag made of human skin, IDC just wish I didn't have to pay for it one now...

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I got to try out a demo of the Playstation VR recently, I had heard and read much about what it was like beforehand so thought I'd see if this thing is as good as it sounds. Must say, it delivers. I've tried the Oculus Rift too, that demo I feel was a better showcase with the more diverse array of worlds presented ending with a short interactive game. For PS VR I was only allowed one singular demo, I chose the deep sea underwater world which was a non-interactive one but thought would be a more impressive visual experience. Both it and the Rift are fairly similar in terms of pure immersion. Offering a full 360 degree spatial view, I was surprised the images actually have real layering of 3D depth. Smooth synchronization with head motions and I didn't get sick at all! I'll need to see more to be sure but from what I can tell this is no fluke or gimmick. VR tech shows great promise for the future of interactive media entertainment, and the now.
Zacharia at 01:51 AM Jul 15

Eve: Valkyrie that's what the space battle one was. Yeah when I was there they had the PS Move controllers but weren't using them.

YoshioKun13 at 02:16 AM Jul 15

I believe the game that utilizes the PS Move is the London: Heist scenario from Playstation VR Worlds

Guy there in charge of the demo told me it was off-limits due to the bad language and violent content not being appropriate for all ages.....bummer.

Be sure to check out the underwater one, it's pretty dope.

Zacharia at 03:42 AM Jul 15

Yeah they were pretty strict when it came to age. They wouldn't let an 11 year old try it out since the sign said you had to be 12. I didn't want to do the underwater one because everyone else in front of me was already doing it. Whenever they have the demo back I'll most likely try it unless they add new demoes.

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Giancarlo Stanton destroyed that contest
YoshioKun13 at 07:38 AM Jul 12

Wish we still had Duvall

Should have never traded him for Mike Leake

JohnLocke2342 at 02:33 PM Jul 12

What a monster

Otis_Driftwood at 08:54 PM Jul 12

Duvall will do fine in Cincy...I wish I could say that for the current bullpen. :(

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Heading out to try the Playstation VR demo at Best Buy Hope I don't get too freaked out by the realness
Zacharia at 08:16 PM Jul 10

I tried it last week. It's kinda fun. They only had five demos when I went though.

YoshioKun13 at 11:51 AM Jul 11

I didn't know exactly what games they had to demo, just some aerial cockpit shooter the guy in front of me was playing and that deep sea underwater tour. I wasn't interested in some generic action shooter so I went with the latter, although it was non-interactive I thought it would be more visually interesting and immersive an experience for the demo.

Didn't disappoint, it delivered exactly what I expected and it's pretty rad. VR tech sure has come a long ways.

I'll probably go back in a couple weeks when they demo again to try some of the other games at hand, one in which I can actually use a controller this time. Unfortunately the only game demo they had utilizing the PS Move motion controls was not all-ages appropriate so the guy could not allowing access to it. Was really hoping they'd have the RE7 demo to sample but guess that'll be out of the question.

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Happy "Blow off your fingers" Day
jubei4000 at 03:49 PM Jul 04

Happy 4th! Just make sure you keep YOUR fingers...

jubei4000 at 03:49 PM Jul 04

Happy 4th! Just make sure you keep YOUR fingers...

jubei4000 at 03:49 PM Jul 04

Happy 4th! Just make sure you keep YOUR fingers...

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

A little something I just whipped up in Photoshop... Voting ends tonight
YoshioKun13 at 11:55 PM Jun 30
YoshioKun13 posted a VIDEO item: 3 months ago



grelber37 at 11:13 PM Jun 30

Thanks for posting this Ghostbusters music video. Scuttlebutt had been saying that it was a lot of fun (like the first movie), and it is.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:57 PM Jul 02

Much, much, much better than that other song we heard last week.

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I have a theory as to what the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie actually is. Though based on an outline floating around out there from someone who's allegedly seen the movie, this may prove to hold more than a little validity of truth so steer clear if ya don't wanna know anything... Okay, here it goes. This is not an actual Ghostbusters movie, rather it's a prequel to one. The group is just starting out and not yet in full Ghostbusting mode yet. That's why the uniforms are different, the equipment looks experimental, and their Ecto car is low-grade. They're amateurs, proto-Ghostbusters in this first movie. So that when, or pending the box office returns I should say if, they do the sequel only then we'll have seen them become real Ghostbusters. Everything will be upgraded to the look and style of the originals, their operation will shift from the Chinese restaurant to the firehouse HQ, etc. All part of Sony's grand master plan to try and sell us on their re-branding of ...
YoshioKun13 at 03:31 AM Jun 30

In the original movie we never got that, no testing or training it just skipped over that stuff and they just were full-fledged Ghostbusters by the time of their first bust of Slimer.

For this new iteration of Ghostbusters the entire movie will be dedicated to them training and by the end of it they are, setting themselves up to be the "real" professionals for the sequel. That's the way Sony wants to sell this concept.

I'ts kinda like CASINO ROYALE, which I haven't seen but from what I hear it's pretty much a Bond origin story for the new Daniel Craig era and how he became 007? Or that last Ridley Scott ROBIN HOOD movie that was more about him becoming Robin Hood. Likewise, this whole movie will be an origin story for this new group of GHOSTBUSTERS.

Moviefreak2010 at 05:08 AM Jun 30

cool theory you might be on to something

Moviefreak2010 at 05:08 AM Jun 30

cool theory you might be on to something

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YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I got my art table confirmed for the next Sac-Con!
unbinkable at 01:40 PM Jun 29

congrats dude!!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 06:43 PM Jun 29


Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 06:53 PM Jun 29


YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

STEAM summer sale going on right now Just too bad, like AMNESIA before it seems I missed out on a free copy of LIMBO
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 02:45 AM Jun 26

Oh, that sucks. Limbo is great!

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

So it's official, Michael Jackson was a fucking weirdo. Shocking right? I mean, who coulda seen that one coming...
grelber37 at 10:02 AM Jun 23

I vaguely remember a newspaper article from around 2003. It covered the raid upon Michael Jackson's estate. Buried in the article, the text reported that police had found child porn in his home. However, the discovery was inadmissible in court. Something about the police not having a warrant for that particular material.
After that article, any discussion of the discovered child porn disappeared from the press. I had always wondered what had become of anything. Perhaps, the recent documents cover the same topic of which I read thirteen years ago. Now, people know that I am not crazy. Police really did find such stuff at Jackson's house. Others had doubted me for a long time.

oscarxp25 at 12:08 PM Jun 23

I was always iffy about the child porn accusations. I loved the guy, admire his music, but the guy was damn weird and strange.

YoshioKun13 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

FIGHT CLUB and BATMAN back on the big screen
YoshioKun13 posted a VIDEO item: 3 months ago

CINEMARK Classic Series Summer 2016 (July - August)


Zacharia at 04:29 AM Jun 23

Try to catch a few of these. Only ever seen Batman.

draven_ftw at 04:56 AM Jun 23

About time they released this list.

YoshioKun13 at 07:38 AM Jun 23

^ IKR?

I've been waiting

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