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My (Attempted)Michael Myers Prop (HALLOWEEN 2011)

Since last year, or maybe a couple years now, I've wanted to create my own HALLOWEEN 'Michael Myers' prop to display as a decoration. And, instead of blow hundreds of dollars on the expensive store-bought animatronic one that looks all realistic and moves around and plays sound FX from the movie.....

I figured, I'd go the cheapo route and just recreate the one seen in HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS(seen here):

"Enough, of this Michael Myers.......bullSHIT!"

The store one's probably the new Rob Zombie version of Mikey anyway. This way seems a lot cooler to me for some reason.

Well, time and resources were not exactly on my side this year. I made the body and was easily able to find one of those 'expressionless' masks at the Halloween store. Finding the right kind of fake plastic butcher knife and being able to paint it, proved a little more problematic.

Here were my efforts:


...and after

Only kitchen style knife I was able to appropriate was a cheesy glow-in-the-dark one from the local 99 cent store, with a pirate-y skull thing on the handle. I was hoping to be able to paint the blade chrome silver, but alas........no time. Obviously, to complete the full-on ensemble Mike's cardboard body needed to be painted too.

Full decoration display:

It should be fully painted and completed for display by next Halloween(2012).

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IwishIwasBond at 03:55 AM Nov 04

Dude, that is AWESOME! Love it!

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 04:38 AM Nov 04

Hahaha I love the "before" cutout! But, he does look very menacing once he's a finished product, if you will. That's pretty damn crafty, dude.

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 06:25 AM Nov 04

This is fantastic dude!

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 11:45 PM Nov 04

Dude you are like the coolest!

YoshioKun13 at 01:33 AM Nov 05

@Kitty - Yes, I like to think I'm pretty crafty. In both the, literal and figurative sense...

I did find a knife that would've worked well, but it cost $7 frickin' dollars cause it had a sound box in the handle that when you hit the button on top it 'screamed'. No way I was paying that much for a fake knife!

Thanks all. (^_^)

timmyd at 04:48 PM Nov 05

You make me proud to be a fan of the Series ...sniff, sniff........ well done , My Man !!

YoshioKun13 at 03:33 AM Nov 07

^ Yes.

Albeit, from the movie in the series that most people despise. :/

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