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Mural - Alien Life Cycle? (PROMETHEUS)

This isn't really a SPOILER...

Here is a photo of the mural painted on the wall of the ampule temple chamber room with the giant head.

Upon closer inspection, they seem to have incorporated H.R. Giger's artwork into the mural itself. His original concept illustration of a bulkier Facehugger can be found in the lower-right corner...

...and an earlier design with thinner tendril appendages wrapped around the victims neck, mirrored on the opposite left side of the mural.

The entire mural seems to be a psuedo re-imagining of this Giger piece depicting the Alien life cycle for the original 1979 film.

Clear set photo of mural wall

Could this mural wall painting be an early rendition of the Alien life cycle? The proverbial xenomorph 'Tree of Life', as it were? Why did it start changing?

Could it also be a large door?

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Weapon X
Weapon X at 10:55 PM Jun 15

The depiction of the "primitive facehugger" may have been some sort of warning about the misuse of the black mutagen - or the use of that particular batch of it that was sealed in the vault, which is something I'll address is a blog I'm composing.

jimmydevito at 11:18 PM Jun 15

way cool

YoshioKun13 at 11:31 PM Jun 15

Yes, that SOS the Nostromo crew intercepted in the 1st movie actually turned out to be a warning signal. Curious, I wonder what would happen if you combined this stuff with a turtle?

Guess we won't get the answer until next year, when Michael Bay is at the helm

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