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Man Tangled is a great movie. Glad I decided to rewatch it!
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xwing16 posted a VIDEO item: over 4 years ago

'Video Review' on Animaniacs


xwing16 at 10:31 PM Jul 09

This is just damn amazing. Starts at 1:22

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Went to a sports bar for lunch and they had She's All That playing off the Oxygen network (And yes, that is an actual sentance) then I remembered how hot Tamara Mello was. She had like 10 teen movies in 3 years an then nothing.
JenGirl824 at 07:47 PM Feb 08

i love 90s teen movies!! Esp. that one. Yeah, Im a dork, I know it.

xwing16 at 08:11 PM Feb 08

They are great! I knew it from a scene without FPjr or Rachel Leigh Cook on screen.

YoshioKun13 at 04:50 AM Feb 09

Why would a sports bar be playing the Oxygen network on one of its TVs? Must have been a really slow sports day!

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

For those with an iPad check out the Ghostbusters game. It is one of those 'free' games that make you pay for powerups but if you take your time you don't need to pay. They NAILED the feel of a the game; the music, story, charecters are all top notch. It could be a little repetative but it is good time and I enjoy playing it for 10 minutes and put it down for an hour while you 'recharge'
YoshioKun13 at 11:21 PM Feb 05


Glinda at 12:01 AM Feb 06

Hey thanks! I will check it out too.

Derek237 at 01:40 AM Feb 06

Will do, thanks for the heads up

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Undeclared is replaying on IFC every morning at 5 am (4 central) - one of the best one season shows ever. Howard from Big Band, Tom Welling and Jenna Fischer had small parts in the first episode (Never noticed it) and apparently one of the stars apparently grew up to be Jax from Sons of Anarchy. (Everyone else is Apatow staples - Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel)
HTX0811 at 07:55 PM Feb 05

I watched this a few years ago on IFC and it's too bad it lasted such a short time because it had such a promising first season. It was on FOX though so that probably shouldn't be surprising it got cancelled so soon. lol

xwing16 at 08:03 PM Feb 05

Totally agree! You know it's a good show when I own the DVD's and still am DVR'ing it.

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

I know it is a little thing but I miss John Williams music for Man of Steel and think the lack of the most iconic movie score is why I'm not excited for the movie yet.
Cochise at 08:24 PM Feb 04

I think it would just be plain wrong to use Williams and his score. It's supposed to be new and different and separate... keeping any connective tissue to the old series is a big no no in my mind so I give props to Snyder for not bringing Williams or his theme back... there mustve been pressure

xwing16 at 08:37 PM Feb 04

Totally understand your point and agree with you in my head but I grew up where 'Da da da da da' means Superman to me as much as the cape and S do. It just reminds me of Jordan during the flu game and listening to it in the car. I love the project in theory but something hasn't connected me yet through the trailers and I think that could be it. I know it's small and stupid but just how I feel.

YoshioKun13 at 11:01 AM Feb 05

As great as that theme is, naw I don't think they should use it for the new movie. It should only be associated with that Christopher Reeve Superman, wouldn't feel any more right than using Elfman's Batman theme in the Nolan films.

Unfortunately though, there is no fuckin' way Zimmer's gonna have anything close to being that good or memorable. It's not just the music, visually too something just, about it.

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Spent the night in the hospital watching over my dad but did get to watch the first two episodes of 'The Following' and 'The Americans'. The Following was really good and I look forward to see how it progresses and the Americans was great but I have trepidations about the series.
Anakin at 04:39 PM Feb 04

I'm hopeing The Following stays strong

HTX0811 at 07:08 AM Feb 05

The Americans started off strong but I sort of agree with you. Hope your dad is feeling better.

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Anyone else hear of the Tommy Westphall Hypothesis? Basically, he is the autistic kid at the series finale of St. Elsewhere that dreamed up the entire series in his head. Someone came up with the idea that if that was a dream, Cheers is a dream in his head because there was a cross over and because of crossovers 282 shows are all dreams in his head (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Buffy, The Office, LOST, The Cosby Show, The Drew Carey Show, etc). I'll post a good article about it, an AMAZING chart and the key - a rabbit hole that will waste a few hours of your life!
HTX0811 at 10:53 AM Feb 02

Wow. Whoever did those lists had a lot of time on their hands. lol Very fascinating though.

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

If your episode of Wheel of Fortune never airs, you do not receive your prizes or money - why you never see one person win everything. #ThingsIKnowButWishIDidnt
Glinda at 01:41 AM Feb 01

What? That's insane. Is that written in the contract you had to sign prior to the taping? That's truly messed up and I agree with RandomK1NG it doesn't sound legal to me.

xwing16 at 01:58 AM Feb 01

It is in the contract. Those contracts are crazy. One of my best friends was going to be on a show that was 'Search for the next HER Energy Drink spokesman' but had the rights to change the shows name. They flew him to Vegas and had him sequestered in a room for 3 days before the show started. They 'changed the name' to Tool Academy and said he could leave but would have to pay for his own transportation, room and the meals he had (Over $10,000) because it was in the contract. Like I said - those things are insane.

Glinda at 02:35 AM Feb 01

Unbelievable. Insane is right. :(

Well I am so sorry this has happened to you with Wheel of Fortune. I would be so furious, "contract" or not.

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xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

There are 6 people still on Face off that are just not that talented and would have been the first to go in previous seasons. Well, watching today's episode and assuming there will be 5 tonight.
Zo! at 03:37 PM Jan 30

Good to see the four I predicted for the finals ares till in it.

xwing16 at 07:50 AM Jan 31

Zo! - who were your 4? Anthony and House are pretty good and although I haven't liked Erik Fox yet he is talented and ambitious.

Zo! at 02:52 PM Jan 31

Anthony, Wayne, Eric F and possibly Jenna. But I think I should drop her because of the hand thing. That was based off the first episode.

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xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

I'm sick of people saying Star Wars was a dying franchise till JJ took over. The Clone Wars is the most popular boys show on Cartoon Network (It gets higher ratings than Ben Ten and Regular Show) and was poised to have a huge comeback in 2016 when these kids start to hit the premium target market for movies. In sports terms Star Wars has been a perennial playoff contender with the best minor league system so saying it hasn't 'won a championship' in a few years is far different than saying they are cellar dweller. (Sorry, just had to vent as someone who has a marketing degree from a great school and understands the upcoming value of the brand)
Anakin at 01:03 PM Jan 29


JohnLocke2342 at 04:30 PM Jan 29

People are morons man.. never forget that.

When I was in Disney this weekend I happened to go during May (right before peak time so the parks aren't as busy) and during one of 3 "Star Wars Weekends" at Hollywood Studios, AND I COULDN'T FUCKING MOVE. Almost every single person in the park from adults to parents were rocking Star Wars gear and the entire theme park was transformed into a utopia with meet and greets for the characters that had 2 hour long lines. I remember my girlfriend and I distinctly talking about how the Star Wars brand has never been more popular, so I find it hilarious that people are stating that about it.

xwing16 at 07:28 AM Jan 30

Disney weekends are awesome! Went to one a few years ago, got to the park 2 hours before they opened and the line for Billy D was already full!

Star Wars is now on it's 3rd Generations of fans (The original, which I'm the tail end, the prequel kids and now the Clone Wars) and next to Marvel is the most stable brand in Hollywood.

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xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Due to the ice storm left the hospital early so finally get to watch Brave. Bought the Blu Ray the day it came out and still haven't seen it!
WalkAway at 02:31 AM Jan 28

Soooo good!

Glinda at 02:39 AM Jan 28

I love it too, so much!

xwing16 at 03:31 AM Jan 28

I really really liked it! I'm glad I didn't know the story (I assumed part of it, but for the wrong person) and thought it is the mother/daughter version of The Lion King.

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Star Wars: Episode 7; Lightsabers and Lensflares.
xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

So the dude who changed network story structure with LOST, made a fantastic action flick in MI3 and already revitalized a franchise in Star Trek is jumping on board with Star Wars. I'm down.
xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

The Hobbit was still really enjoyable the second time around (I'd almost say better, but this time it wasn't in IMAX 3D). The 2nd ending didn't drag because I knew it was coming and I refilled my soda during the dishes scene which helped.
VitamanMan8 at 11:40 AM Jan 19

refilled your soda during the dishes scene and your bladder didn't explode before the end of the movie??

xwing16 updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Going to a charity event tonight for the Chicago St Patricks Day parade (as seen in the movie The Fugitive). Was excitted but since I'm the only one at the table without a date Nora Dunn (yes, from SNL and 3 Kings) is at our table.
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