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Netflix DVD of the night: "The Bye Bye Man".
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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 20 days ago

I'm rewatching "Cheers" for the I've lost count how many times and seriously Coach has to be one of my favorite characters ever on a television show. Just the silly reponses he has for others comments.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

Netflix DVD of the night: "Live by Night".
zombie_bro at 12:37 AM May 09

Just watched it today. Hopefully you enjoy it.

XSsoCX at 03:18 AM May 09

I liked it, though I did think it was a tad slow in parts. But overall good flick.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

I got my replacement phone today in the mail, which is great because it's a day earlier. But I was wondering how long does it usually take for a phone to restore, its already been in the process for about forty minutes to an hour. It said I have fiftyish apps. Thanks to anyone with any information.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

Maya Rudolph looks quite good in "Idiocracy".
XSsoCX at 07:19 AM May 06

And, there's something about that accent she used in the films to that does a number on me. Haha.

BATeMAN at 11:31 AM May 06

She sure does. That's why she got the Double Dose...

Love Idiocracy.

Bitto529 at 12:09 PM May 06

She does. Quite good.

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XSsoCX posted an IMAGE item: 24 days ago

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

It's time to give "Idiocracy" a long overdue rewatch.
Scotch at 04:59 AM May 06

Watching the local news again?

RandomK1NG at 05:02 AM May 06

Is Trump giving another speech?

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

Damn it, my phone gave out today. Well kind of, it still technically works, it's on but the screen is black though my green "you have a message" light is flashing. So I went to Verizon and thankfully I still have insurance and I'll have my new phone Monday or Tuesday.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

I finally bought "Idiocracy" on Vudu since I don't see it coming out on bluray anytime soon.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

I like the set, really hope there is a second, third, etc series though because there are definitely some characters I would like to see in Mini form. But, I love this since I started collecting POP!s late and could never catch up on them.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

May the Fourth be with you all, MFC.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

Well, since "It" isn't streaming on Netflix anymore I am finally going to jump into "13 Reasons Why".
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

I wonder if Scott Lang wore Sex Panther to help win over Hope Van Dyne(/Pym.).
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

Damn, James Gunn has already started writing "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3". That leads me to believe it must be one of the 'mystery MCU' films for May 1, August 7, or November 6, 2020, regardless of how well it performs this weekend and beyond(which I assume will do quite well.).
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

I don't know a thing about "The Dark Tower" books and I'm not even a big Idris Elba fan but I thought the trailer was pretty interesting. I'll check it out sometime down the road, maybe in the theater if my friend who loves the books wants to go see it.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

The relationship between Barry Allen and Joe West on "The Flash" is still one of my favorites on television.
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