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Star Wars original trilogy‎.
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The Dark Knight.
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Monsters Inc.
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It's a Wonderful Life.
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
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Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Charlize Theron.
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Christopher Nolan.
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I'm only five episodes into "Glitch", and I like it, I usually don't get into foreign movies/shows but this one has reeled me in so far. And, it's good to know that season two will be on Netflix November 28th.
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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

"End of Watch" was soooooooooooooo good. I may have to purchase it next time I'm in Walmart. Some parts that really stood out to me: Jake and Michaels chemistry was really great, which brought some surprisingly really funny. It really felt like they were best friends/brothers, it truly reminded me of my friends and myself. Especially the busting each others chops. Those little kids duct taped in the closet was rather messed up to see. Michaels Best Man speech was short and sweet, it felt real. The scene where they were filling out paper work. Michaels hiding under the in-laws bed experience was excellent. Anna Kendrick = afuckingdorable.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 03:31 AM Feb 27

I agree to everything you say!

XSsoCX at 03:41 AM Feb 27

I'm glad someone agrees with me for once. :)

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

One the main reasons I am enjoying "Twins Peaks". ♥ Miss Horne.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

This "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel is a really entertaining with a mix kind of gross addicting show.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I received "End of Watch" from Netflix today. I really don't remember hearing many negative things about it, so I'm pretty excited to finally check this one out later.
Cochise at 01:22 PM Feb 26

it was a real nice surprise for me, hope it is for you too!

XSsoCX at 01:30 PM Feb 26

Excellent to read, gentlemen. I'll be checking it out right after dinner.

sLaShEr84 at 03:03 PM Feb 26

Enjoy it.

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XSsoCX created a LIST: over 4 years ago

March Bluray Purchases.

1. Wreck-It Ralph.
2. Waiting For Lightning.
3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
4. Willow.
5. The Blob.
6. Zero Dark Thirty.
7. This is 40.
8. Lincoln.
9. Jurassic Park.
10. The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
11. Jurassic Park III.
12. Veep Season one.
XSsoCX at 12:53 AM Feb 26

I hear you, I need more too. haha.

What is Badlands? While making this list it actually caught my eye?

RandomK1NG at 01:03 AM Feb 26

It is Terrence Malick's first movie. About a young couple that go on a crime spree across the Midwest. The couple is played by Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.

XSsoCX at 01:18 AM Feb 26

I just read up on it quickly and it definitely sounds interesting. But admittedly I have only seen "The Thin Red Line" when it comes to Malick movies.

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XSsoCX added a DVD to his collection: over 4 years ago

zombie_bro at 07:15 AM Feb 26


XSsoCX at 11:17 AM Feb 26

I figured you would approve, Nick.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Finally The Walking Dead time. :)
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Afflecks speech was great.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Someone from SUNY Potsdam, nice! That's fifteen minutes from me, here in Upstate New York.
Zo! at 09:33 PM Feb 24

My local news here in Austin teased that right before the commercial break ended.

JenGirl824 at 09:39 PM Feb 24

i used to take classes at Emerson in Boston.

WalkAway at 10:36 PM Feb 24


XSsoCX posted an IMAGE item: over 4 years ago

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:33 PM Feb 24

She looooooooooooks greeeeeeeeeeat!!!

XSsoCX at 07:34 PM Feb 24

That she does, Pat.

cerealkiller182 at 07:40 PM Feb 24

looking fucking awesome

XSsoCX created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Truth Serum

1. I cannot stand Wes Anderson movies.
2. I am a sucker for Ginnifer Goodwin rom-com's(Something Borrowed. He's Just Not That Into You.). I think she is so fucking adorable I just want her to "find love". haha.
3. I do not understand why people are head over heels for Mumford and Sons and Black Keys.
4. I can not get into foreign language films.
5. I LOVE eyes. If a lady has pretty eyes, I'm done.
6. I hate huge breast. (A "handful" is perfect.)
7. In my early twenties I broke up with a girlfriend because I didn't like her taste in music.
8. I still wish I had Wolverines healing factor.
9. I still wish I had Bruce Waynes money.
10. Speaking of him, I'm obsessed with Batman.
11. I am a sucker for TV Land/Nick@Nite/MeTV.
12. I still think Barbara Eden is gorgeous.
13. One time when I was flying I was hoping we'd crash on "the island". ;)
14. When a friend and I get drunk we speak a gibberish language that is a mix of Spanish, German and Russian. We can it Gerspanussian. It works for us.
15. I LOVE the movie "Ghost of Girlfriends Past", one of the first movies I bought when I got a bluray player.
16. I hate when a guy waits in the car while his better half shops for a significant amount of time.

Based on a list by OldKingClancy

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I'm watching "Twin Peaks" now and I just realized Dale Cooper and The Captain are the same actor. :)
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I'm about to watch "Monsters Inc." on bluray for the first time. :)
XSsoCX at 09:37 PM Feb 23

This movie looks great on bluray!

tbondrage99 at 09:43 PM Feb 23

That was one of the first movies I ever picked up on blu-ray.

XSsoCX at 09:58 PM Feb 23

I love this movie, one of my favorites. But I didn't get it on bluray until it was rereleased on Tuesday.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Sweet, there is a Looney Tunes version of "Casablanca" on the bluray called "Carrotblanca". :)
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