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"The Last Jedi"? Yeah, I love it.
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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I've noticed Xander really wears some terrible outfits.
WalkAway at 05:11 AM Aug 16

that whole show is full of fashion don'ts, I love it

XSsoCX at 02:32 PM Aug 16

This is true, but Xander is the king of most of it. I was in high school during this time-frame and I do not remember any of his fashion statements being "in".

But then again maybe that's the point of his character.

Laksmikanti at 01:29 PM Aug 17

It actually is the point of his character, according to the trivia of Buffy on IMDB the producers asked him to stop working out, it will alterate the look of him. I personally hated Tara's outfit, but I loved all Buffy's outfit.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

My dog is so afraid of thunderstorms, It's kind of funny, he won't leave my side.
WalkAway at 05:38 AM Aug 15

aww poor puppy

XSsoCX at 06:08 AM Aug 15

Yeah, he's a bit of a baby. And to think his name is Sid, he should be badass.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I am not going to lie I really like the John Ritter movie "Stay Tuned", and I would like to see it released on Bluray soon.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Stuart Scott is annoying.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I just saw the trailer for this movie "Compliance" for the first time, and I am in awe that this movie is based on true events.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Season two of Buffy
XSsoCX at 06:36 AM Aug 11

I just can not believe I have never seen this show until now. Especially since Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie is one of my "secret favorites".

WalkAway at 06:47 PM Aug 11

Have fun! 2 and 3 are the best

XSsoCX at 05:48 AM Aug 13

Thanks W.A., it's been really good so far. I have tomorrow off, so I'll probably watch a few more episodes tonight.

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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

My new favorite site(?):
Cochise at 05:29 AM Aug 09

hell yes lol one of the best sites out there

Laksmikanti at 12:13 PM Aug 11

is THAT interesting? ;-)

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I really want to check out ParaNorman.
WalkAway at 03:59 AM Aug 09

Me too.

XSsoCX at 04:16 AM Aug 09

I am glad I am not the only adult who wants to see that film.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

"I am Andrew Ryan, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No,' says the man in Washington, 'it belongs to the poor.' 'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.' 'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality, where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city, as well." ―Andrew Ryan I think I am going to go back and replay BioShock. I love that game.
Cochise at 01:12 AM Aug 07

nice, I loved it as well... well, most of it. By the final quarter or maybe even third of the game I thought it got pretty tedious and I lost interest unfortunately... instead of finishing it myself I actually watched a youtube video and watched the completion of that story that way lol still a very cool world though, but it just fell apart for me in it's later parts.

Bioshock Infinite looks fantastic though, very excited for that one

XSsoCX at 04:29 AM Aug 07

Infinite does look aces indeed. It will be a first day buy for me, for sure.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I think I just found my new most anticipated movie of this year: :)
XSsoCX at 06:55 PM Aug 03

Sarcasm can be difficult on the internet.

Cochise at 07:00 PM Aug 03

hahaha I was kind of thinking you were joking but didn't want to be rude in case you weren't lol

XSsoCX at 07:02 PM Aug 03

I won't lie though, I'll probably watch it on HBO sometime in the future. lol.

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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I watched the Star Wars Spoof disc in the Star Wars Complete Saga last night, and I have to say that it was pretty damn funny. The only thing missing was the MC Chris "Fett's Vette" song.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I am so "movie sad", meaning I don't really have a movie to be amped for, for like nine months? I think the movie I am really (really.) looking forward to is Iron Man 3. Unless I am forgetting about something.........?
Cochise at 10:34 PM Aug 01

that's too bad man, I got a bunch that I'm excited for! Maybe you haven't heard of some of them?

XSsoCX at 11:01 PM Aug 01

I am not a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit guy. I am not a Bond fan either. I've never seen a Bourne movie. Yeah....not much really for me coming up until 2013. Lawless, The Watch, Argo and Looper look good, but nothing I am "super excited" for like I was for The Avengers, Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises.

YoshioKun13 at 09:34 AM Aug 02

I have one still yet to come this year,'s only releasing in Japan.

Though I am certain it will find its way stateside, somehow.

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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I would LOVE a He Man movie or two, but only if it's set on Eternia.
tbondrage99 at 07:00 PM Jul 31

Yes Eternia is a must.

randychico at 07:32 PM Aug 01

Give me Greyskull and I'm happy

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I can't believe I want to see a movie about a bike messenger. Matt Skiba would be proud.
jcov54 at 03:40 AM Jul 31

Having Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Shannon in it certainly helps

Cochise at 03:42 AM Jul 31

it's already getting a lot of hate but I've been on board since the first trailer, I think it looks really really fun

XSsoCX at 03:50 AM Jul 31

@jcov54 - Absolutely agree, JGL is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, actually he's been pretty aces since Third Rock from the Sun. As for Shannon, I really like what I have seen from him, I still have to check out Take Shelter.

@Cochise - I agree, I think the trailer looks exactly that, fun.

XSsoCX created a LIST: over 4 years ago

Christopher Nolan List.

1. Inception.
2. The Dark Knight.
3. The Prestige.
4. Batman Begins.
5. The Dark Knight Rises.
6. Memento.
7. Insomnia.
8. The Following. (I have yet to watch.)
Rawzombie at 06:32 AM Aug 11

Awesome list!! I would have almost made the same list.

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