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I just realized while going through Netflix that I still have not seen the final season of "Parks and Rec" But it's been so long since I have seen season six I may just start from the beginning of the series and have a proper watch through.
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XSsoCX posted a VIDEO item: 10 days ago

Sifl & Olly - "United States of Whatever".


XSsoCX at 11:45 PM Sep 12

So a 'jerk' friend randomly texted me this video earlier today and I can't get the damn 'song' out of my head.

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 12:42 AM Sep 13

havent heard this in awhile

Weapon X
Weapon X at 12:57 AM Sep 13

I'm rather fond of this version:

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

I had, of course, heard of "Hogan's Heroes" before but only recently on MeTV have I actually had a chance to watch it, and luckily from the beginning. And, I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it, I find it to be actually pretty funny and quite interesting. I mean the premise alone, how did they get the idea to create a comedy about a WWII German prisoner-of-war camp, and damn it, it actually worked. Hell, Werner Klemperer even won a couple Emmys for his role, which he certainly deserved.
XSsoCX at 02:13 AM Sep 13

It's a damn good show in my opinion, Zacharia.

Zacharia at 02:36 AM Sep 13

There's a movie that came out I think around 2004 with Greg Kinnear about the star of the show. No idea what it's called. My dad owns the series I might give it a watch in the winter when I'm looking for a new show to watch during other shows breaks.

XSsoCX at 03:57 AM Sep 13

A movie about Bob Crane? Interesting, I do know that he was murdered and it still remains unsolved. But, yeah I definitely think you should give it a proper watch if you are looking for a new watch.

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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

I fucking love Kevin Owens.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

What the Hell are they doing with Ziggler? I honestly wouldn't be so bored with this if Ziggler came out as different personas and then wrestled with their signature moves.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

I just caught the trailer for "Downsizing" on YouTube, and I'm not really a big Alexander Payne guy(other than "Election" and "Sideways".) but that looks pretty damn interesting.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Netflix DVD of the night: "The Blackcoats Daughter".
OldKingClancy at 06:22 PM Sep 11

I've had that on the docket for so long I really should just get on with it.

XSsoCX at 06:41 PM Sep 11

I have a feeling its going to be a wicked slow burn which isn't always a good thing with me..

And, it's really annoying as a person who lives in Upstate New York when movies call anything above New York City "Upstate", it really grinds my gears..

timmyd at 09:34 PM Sep 12

it's definitely a slow burn , but it's a very well made film .

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

The Los Angeles Rams head coach is 31, man, that just blows my mind.
HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 08:11 PM Sep 10

XSsoCX at 08:54 PM Sep 10

Yeah, that's kind of how I am feeling when it clicked with me that he was my younger sisters age. Haha.

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 09:59 PM Sep 10

just a bit depressing

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

"IT" time, folks, and it's packed house.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

Going shopping, out to dinner then to the theater to see "IT".
Zacharia at 01:44 PM Sep 09

Have fun. Hope it's good.

XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 15 days ago

Well I'm out of work and officially on vacation again so I'm heading to Utica.
cobb at 02:52 PM Sep 08

have a beutiful time

XSsoCX at 05:59 PM Sep 08

Thanks guys.

sLaShEr84 at 09:57 PM Sep 08

Enjoy the vacation.

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XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

Even though my Bucs now (understandably.) have a bye week one, I cannot wait for real NFL football tonight and this weekend! I would love for the Chiefs to pull this opener out somehow tonight.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

That first episode wasn't too bad, better than I thought it was going to be at least, the show doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and that's okay. I think I'll watch another episode tonight. And, man, Kellita Smith is purrrrty even in the Apocalypse.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

Checking out the first episode or two of "Z Nation" on Netflix.
XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Netflix DVD of the night: "The Drowning".
XSsoCX at 06:21 PM Sep 05

I really thought back in the day Julia Stiles was going to be a bigger star..

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