XSsoCX updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Netflix DVD of the night: "Blair Witch".

XSsoCX at 11:08 PM Jan 05

Well, I have to say I didn't realize this was a found footage movie. For some reason I thought it was more like "Book of Shadows".

Scotch at 11:40 PM Jan 05

I'm giving this one a watch later on tonight.

timmyd at 01:02 AM Jan 06

I dug this a lot more the second time around . The theatrical viewing may have been spoiled by my lofty expectations , but I found it far more effective the second time around. Hope you dig it.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 02:23 AM Jan 06

Missed this in theater. I will catch it sooner than later now that it's on DVD/Blu-Ray.