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this is something i been wanting to post but haven't gotten around to it. UNTIL NOW! i just threw my thoughts all together real quick like because i wanted to get this rant out of my system.

Tons of people read all the bad news and reviews from good movie/comic sites and hack bullshit rumor sites before they ever watch the flick and judge it for themselves.

So most folks go into the movie, if they go to it at all, with all the negative shit and critiques in mind so you're already down and soured on the flick before it even starts. Another thing is people adopt other people's opinions about flicks. 20 random critics on Rotten Tomatoes say the flick sucks so hey I guess the flick sucks because they said it sucked.

Or hey the movie might just be bad because it's genuinely bad.

Now here's something I thought of which is kinda cool-
THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD MOVIE IF YOU ENJOY IT! who gives a fuck if it got a red tomato or a green squished tomato. If you enjoy it that's all that really matters.

Did I do this random blog just because I'm butthurt Batman vs Superman continues to get shat on? Maybe

and goddamn i think i done good with the gifs

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HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 03:07 AM Mar 12

i didn't dig Batman vs Superman or Suicide Squad i gave them a shot but they just didn't tickle my pickle but i get what you are saying

Weapon X
Weapon X at 03:35 AM Mar 12

You aren't wrong. There is, subconsciously at least, a tendency among filmgoers to pre-sour themselves on a movie, no matter their claims of "rooting for it". The mood of a given news site's reports has a lot to do with that, especially when EVERY DAMN TIME they open the article with a reminder of how "divisive" the last movie was.

As far as BvS goes... look, you've all heard me preach its merits till I'm blue in the mouth. Just from a basic filmgoing standpoint, I don't begrudge anyone who didn't like it. But I have some serious beef with this rampant string of dime-store film school wank-pieces that have sprung up in the months since trying to paint Zack Snyder as some cinematic antichrist with an authoritarian/Objectivist agenda, even when many a specific example from any one of his movies refutes such a notion right off the bat. It's the sort of shit Brad Jones lampoons when he plays the Cinema Snob, and it makes me want to punch my computer screen whenever it pops up on my feed.

grelber37 at 07:46 AM Mar 12

Great American literary critic Henry James once wrote that the ultimate critical question is "Is this any good?" We viewers/readers remove many other factors when we simply ask "Is this any good?"

timmyd at 08:41 PM Mar 14

I agree . It's too bad so many people have their minds made up pre-viewing.

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