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dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
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writer19 updated his STATUS: about 13 hours ago

dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
XSsoCX at 05:03 AM Apr 23

I love Bray. Haha.

writer19 updated his STATUS: about 13 hours ago

Righteous_faustus at 10:27 PM Apr 22

I hadn't seen Salo until I read your review and I know you wouldn't recommend it to anyone but damn it got me curious haha. Brutal movie but review what you feel the need to regardless of emotions.

Laksmikanti at 05:23 AM Apr 23

Hun your reviews are gold. I am one that have been rooting for your to make reviews, because they are good, regardless of the type of the movie. Kuddos for having the stomach to go through that movie, so (as draven said) we don't have to.

WalkAway at 08:00 AM Apr 23

You just do you, writer. Have fun doing it too.

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writer19 posted a BLOG item about 13 hours ago

MINI REVIEW- Serbian Film

contains spoilers and is very explicit
alright.......let's do this.
a retired pornstar with a comedically giant penis agrees to do a series of experimental porn films. each film gradually becomes more and more extreme so the main character then wants to quit but is held at gunpoint and forced to continue.

where oh where to begin with this one?
okay, i'll just do a goddamn rundown of some atrociously revolting scenes because if you haven't seen this film here will be all the reasons not to. there's several scenes of women getting viciously beaten, brutalized, raped, and killed which were incredibly explicit. an infant is born and is promptly raped which the birth mother enjoys. the main character is drugged and raped. the main character's wife is raped. the main character mistakenly rapes his own son. all culminating to a justifiably bleak end. there's a few other explicit fucked up scenes, but i think i said quite enough.
as for the positives this film had, the performances were very realistic and believable, i guess.
the true horror of this film is thinking about all the sick assholes around the world who enjoy this shit.
i'm finished
0 OUTTA 10

Mood: Pissed!
Tags: mini
draven_ftw at 09:21 PM Apr 22

Now go watch Looney Tunes or something, for the sake of your own mental wellness.

Glinda at 09:59 PM Apr 22

Oh man… yeah, Looney Tunes is a good idea. Something happy to cleanse your head from what you just watched.

WalkAway at 08:01 AM Apr 23

Infant rape, probably the worst thing in a film I've ever heard of lol

writer19 updated his STATUS: about 14 hours ago

Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:35 PM Apr 22

Frost is gonna be pissed.

Righteous_faustus at 10:28 PM Apr 22

Haha nice!

writer19 updated his STATUS: about 15 hours ago

Glinda at 08:18 PM Apr 22

What a great picture.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:36 PM Apr 22

I don't care how gangsta you are in life, that movie WILL hit you with The Feels™.

Derek237 at 09:13 PM Apr 22


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writer19 updated his STATUS: about 16 hours ago

I never shy away from fucked up cinema, I embrace it
YoshioKun13 at 06:33 PM Apr 22

You're brave fucking soul sir.

TheChanges23 at 07:27 PM Apr 22

You kind of have to at times. It can often become a test a wills and fortitude. And its always empowerung when you get through those films.

grelber37 at 03:57 AM Apr 23

Certain souls embrace the controversial and disturbing material for all sorts of reasons.

writer19 updated his STATUS: about 19 hours ago

Seriously uber gorgeous Jessica Chastain as Marilyn Monroe could be a sure thing Oscar nom
JohnLocke2342 at 03:09 PM Apr 22

She's pound for pound one of the best actresses alive right now so I can definitely see that coming.

Righteous_faustus at 03:44 PM Apr 22

And Andrew Dominik could seriously do that for her.

writer19 updated his STATUS: about 20 hours ago

HOLY SHIT Chastain might play Marilyn Monroe??
JohnLocke2342 at 03:05 PM Apr 22

fuuuuuck man I would die.

timmyd at 03:11 PM Apr 22


OldKingClancy at 03:13 PM Apr 22

Hell I'm down for that, sure she'd kill it.

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writer19 updated his STATUS: about 21 hours ago

How fucking incredible would a Bond theme by Muse be
JohnLocke2342 at 03:06 PM Apr 22

fuck yeah man

timmyd at 03:16 PM Apr 22

I'm down.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 04:35 PM Apr 22

They could definitely kick music ass.

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writer19 posted a BLOG item about 22 hours ago



the reason it took me so long to do reviews here on the mfc is because i didn't know exactly how my distinct style of one would be.
until now.
i will do short reviews in my own distinct style on mostly obscure and sometimes infamous films. Films which haven't been done before.
i've seen many diverse films and it's time i shared my unabashed opinion on them. i won't solely do film, i'll do tv shows and comics too.
hope this turns out cool and i hope you all like em.

Mood: Shy
Tags: mini
movieman32 at 03:08 PM Apr 22

Nice! I'm looking forward to them!

timmyd at 03:24 PM Apr 22

atta boy, have at it.

HTX0811 at 04:33 PM Apr 22

Great! This should be fun.

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writer19 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Think I'll be doing a Mini review of Serbian Film tonight
YoshioKun13 at 11:51 AM Apr 22

You're a brave soul.

HTX0811 at 04:13 PM Apr 22

Good luck with that one. I hear unpleasant things about it.

TheChanges23 at 07:41 PM Apr 22

I think youll do better with that film than Salo. Its still one of the most controversial films ever, but its a few shades down fron Salo.

Prepare yourself though

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writer19 posted a BLOG item 1 day ago

MINI REVIEW- Salo 120 Days of Sodom

Four disgustingly sadistic assholes along with a small band of armed guard abduct a group of young men and women. The four men then go on to fulfill whatever sick sexual desire or crude debasement they happen to think of.

2 guesses to what she's forced to eat
there's male and female full frontal nudity. there's rape. there's scat. there's sickening depravity. there's just about everything you wish to never see. to top everything off there's a truly disturbing and grisly finale that will almost certainly stick with you for days and give you nightmares.
this is true horror that was both unflinching and boldly made that is justly infamous.
this is a nihilistic film about hopelessness and the darkness of man.
i recommend this film to no one.
0 OUTTA 10

Mood: Pissed!
Tags: mini
HTX0811 at 04:24 PM Apr 22

I'm not planning on seeing this but I like to never say never. Nevertheless, your review was very well written.

writer19 at 05:23 PM Apr 22

Thanks y'all for the kind words. It really means a lot

grelber37 at 04:25 AM Apr 23

I have but two comments.

First, your mini-reviews are quite good, and they are quite appreciated. Anyone can appreciate a long thorough analysis of a film. However, pith and efficiency are also merits, especially on the net.

Second, Salo is infamous, as you note. It is arguably more infamous than Cannibal Holocaust, which included animal cruelty. In Salo, we have actual human torture. Supposedly, the actors really went through the events/atrocities depicted: eating nails, eating feces, rape, all matters of abuse. I have not seen Salo. However, I have read other commentaries upon it. One on-line critic asserted that Salo exemplifies cinema gone too far. The film presents the question "How far can a film-maker possibly take his cast for the sake of art?" And, keep in mind, this movie was not meant to be ultra-kinky XXX porn. It was supposed to be arthouse fare. These actors are not supposed to be desperate prostitutes at rock bottom who will agree to any humiliation and abuse such as the roughest and sickest pornographic fare. No human being is meant to be treated as the human beings in Salo and those underground porns.

Apparently, one actor was aware of this. He murdered the director later for his treatment during Salo's filming. Unlike Cannibal Holocaust, infamous Salo has a real human death associated with it. As asked above, how far can a film-maker take art legitimately? For example, some performance artists hurt and humiliate themselves for art's sake. Can we claim that the same simply occurred in this film? Or, does one ask more questions and thereby problematize this cinematic text? For example, what can we ask about the power of authority figures? Possibly, a movie director can get a cast to agree to all sorts of things. However, Salo might exemplify an abuse of this power. Also, how far much can any employer abuse and exploit a worker in order to create product (in this case, a movie)? For example, a person need not necessarily see Salo as arthouse fare that does not care whether it is a commercial success or not. Rather, Salo could be called Eurotrash meant for grindhouses. In this context, the director and producer know that they make a film merely for controversial financial gain; therefore, someone can raise the issue of workers' rights. Afterall, established American actors have a union for a reason. They cannot work under dangerous or uncomfortable conditions, unless they waive those rights. Certainly, Salo performers could have used such rules. American actors do not even do nudity unless additionally compensated for doing so. They are not even supposed to be "tortured" by keeping long hours.

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writer19 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

GODDAMNIT the Wild are a bunch of goon assholes and my Avs let em do whatever. I'm very angry right now
XSsoCX at 08:05 PM Apr 21

Well at least we're still a game up, I guess.

ericodarko at 08:07 PM Apr 21

just saw the cook hit on barrie. that is just dirty as hell .news just came out that barrie is out 4-6 with mcl injury. damn ,that really, really sucks

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 10:04 PM Apr 21

Dirty hit indeed!

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writer19 updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Anyone else love Tron Legacy? I think it's far and away better than the horribly boring original
Derek237 at 05:12 PM Apr 21

Love the shit out of it

ericodarko at 07:57 PM Apr 21

love this movie (the original...not so much). LOVE the soundtrack and really like the Tron: Uprising prequel animated series

VitamanMan8 at 10:30 PM Apr 21

It's weird because I have literally no idea WHY the movie mesmerizes me so much. I mean obviously there's the amazing visuals and the cool-as-fuck action sequences but the plot is so ridiculous but I can't get enough.

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writer19 updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Elizabeth Perkins was so goddamn hot in Big
VitamanMan8 at 01:48 PM Apr 21

The whole movie is pretty statutory

VitamanMan8 at 01:49 PM Apr 21

Switch the genders of the characters and the world is up in arms.

Glinda at 02:41 PM Apr 21

Yeah I try not to think too much about it since she didn't know, lol. The body of an adult man but the mind of a child. I love this movie though, looking past that it's fun.

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