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Weapon X
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Hmm. The possibility of an advance M:I Rogue Nation screening for tomorrow night has appeared on my radar.
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Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 9 hours ago

Hmm. The possibility of an advance M:I Rogue Nation screening for tomorrow night has appeared on my radar.
JohnLocke2342 at 09:49 PM Jul 28


Scotch at 09:49 PM Jul 28

You need to lock that target

TheChanges23 at 10:52 PM Jul 28

Accept the mission.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 9 hours ago

The Strain is really started to play with my patience, largely thanks to that fucking kid. I can only assume they chose this new actor so that Zach Goodweather out-douches his own father and makes Eph look sympathetic by comparison. Every look on this kid's face is like he's screaming, "I don't wanna and you can't make me, NYAH!"
Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 10 hours ago

Channing Tatum has split on the Gambit movie and I say GOOD. Sorry, I know Tatum's got his fanbase and I got nothing against the guy, but I was never on board with this casting. Bring back Taylor Kitsch.
JohnLocke2342 at 09:51 PM Jul 28

but in all seriousness this is a big loss for Fox if it comes true. He's pretty much on top of the world right now and say what you will about the guy but he's a hell of an actor (Foxcatcher being a damn good turn).

IHRTNJ at 10:06 PM Jul 28

@johnlocke2342 And A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints too. Lol Great film.

YoshioKun13 at 10:08 PM Jul 28

If it's an older Gambit they're going with I say Sawyer

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Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 12 hours ago

Scott Lang's daughter Cassie in Ant-Man may be my favorite child character in recent memory. She's the only one outside of Hank Pym or the three stooges willing to cut Scott any breaks, and clearly Scott knows Cassie better than either his ex or her meathead fiancee, as he confidently brings her the world's most hideous stuffed rabbit knowing she'll adore it, but more importantly she's just excited to see him. You can't fake that kind of aaaawwww.
JohnLocke2342 at 08:41 PM Jul 28

150% agreed

emmyd at 11:44 PM Jul 28

200% agree with all of that! ^

OldKingClancy at 05:46 AM Jul 29

Damn her for being so adorable all the time.

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Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 15 hours ago

Round two with Ant-Man in threeeee-deeeee! I may not have gotten one movie I wanted today, but I can certainly another that I do!
timmyd at 08:02 PM Jul 28


Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 18 hours ago

Basically Target's response to my order snafu was, "Yeah, looks like this is our bad. Return the wrong item, then re-order what you wanted after we make sure the item listing on the website is corrected so this doesn't happen again, then call us for a discount." I guess for an item exclusive to the website, that's the best I could hope for.
cerealkiller182 at 01:38 PM Jul 28

I'd say an apology, a fix, and a discount are about as good as it gets in any retail problem.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 19 hours ago

I found a package in my mailbox just now from Target. It thought it was my Mondo steelbook of The Thing. It felt suspiciously light for a steelbook. I opened the package to discover instead of a copy of the Dreamworks movie Home. Needless to say, I am not amused. My local Target damn well better have some copies of that steelbook for an exchange.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:58 AM Jul 28

Not cool!

Johnboy16 at 06:29 PM Jul 28

That is so infuriating, fucking target

timmyd at 08:28 PM Jul 28

whaaaat ? ASSHATS !!

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Weapon X updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

That orgy-house sequence alone was worth this whole season of True Detective. The music, the lighting, the tension, the sudden crippling flashbacks, and McAdams finally getting to cut loose (pun intended). Also, Vince, you're just not very good at this whole "criminal mastermind" thing, are ya?
JohnLocke2342 at 05:41 PM Jul 27

YUP - loved that ending. The classic soundtrack choice was aces

timmyd at 07:58 PM Jul 27

wonderful episode , the orgy sequence was gold.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

I think my life expectancy is dropping just watching Colin Farrell's mega-binge.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

The T-800 is apparently going to be a preorder bonus character with WWE 2K16. They even recreated the biker bar scene from T2 with Arnold and assorted wrestlers, including Daniel Bryan and writer19's love goddess Paige.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Dammit, IGN, why you gotta ruin the good vibes from Ant-Man's ending by quoting science and shit? (MAJOR SPOILERS, obviously.)
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

A month working with Amazon and I'm still surprised at some of the weird random stuff I find in stock. Like a Frozen (yes, as in the movie) Magic 8-Ball - I can only imagine responses include "Let it go" and "Build a snowman". Also, I've discovered the existence of a mitten-shaped brand of baby wipes named "Shittens". Yes, that's seriously what they're called. You're welcome for this beneficial knowledge.
Glinda at 12:16 AM Jul 28

LOL at Shittens!

That magic 8-ball would have been something I would have wanted as a kid. I loved those and a Frozen one would have been the tops.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

It may have been by just a smidgeon but thank GAWD Ant-Man beat Pixels for the weekend.
timmyd at 07:03 PM Jul 26

a buddy saw PIXELS . Then he gouged his eyes out with a fork. nah , but he said it was pretty fucking bad. not even Dinklage could save it.

emmyd at 11:24 PM Jul 26

Atta be Ant-Man! Thank god. A friend wanted to see Pixels with me and I said HELL NO. I'll gladly watch Ant-Man twice before paying to see Pixels.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Met my dad for lunch today (first time I've seen him since I started the new job); we talked briefly about True Detective, and he made an interesting observation: "If last season was Twin Peaks, this season is Mulholland Drive." To which I responded, "Except they haven't opened the blue box yet."
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Anyone ever read that "Abandoned By Disney" urban legend? I just read it for the first time; that would make for one FUCKED UP horror movie.
Derek237 at 08:09 PM Jul 25

Just googled it and read it, not bad.

Glinda at 11:03 PM Jul 25

Wow. I'm almost afraid to look this up.

emmyd at 12:08 AM Jul 27

I just read it. Holy shit that's terrifying! I'm gonna have nightmares about that tonight.

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