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Weapon X
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Didn't Milo Ventimiglia want to be Nightwing years ago? If they're serious about a Nightwing movie, maybe now's finally the guy's chance.
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Weapon X updated his STATUS: about 23 hours ago

Didn't Milo Ventimiglia want to be Nightwing years ago? If they're serious about a Nightwing movie, maybe now's finally the guy's chance.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Wait, WHAT? Matt Reeves is back on The Batman!? Hot damn, that's good news. Now maybe he can give Affleck a reason to stay in the role.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Read some more of Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology tonight. The chapter "Freya's Unusual Wedding" alone was worth the purchase. I'd offer limbs to see Hemsworth and Hiddleston act it out in full costume. (Not necessarily my own, though. That's the loophole.)
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I watched Grosse Point Blank this afternoon. I liked it. It was funny.
Bitto529 at 11:14 PM Feb 22

Good flick!

Electroeels25 at 12:00 AM Feb 23

It's one of my desert island movies for sure. I love it.

timmyd at 01:55 AM Feb 23

great film . glad you dug it.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

That was the most whiplash-inducing episode of Agents of SHIELD yet. I was practically saying "That's messed up" to the screen every five minutes.
grelber37 at 05:08 AM Feb 22

Good. Someone else is reacting to the episode as well. I loved and hated tonight's story. On one hand, the LMD arc continues to provide excellent suspense and action. I love how tonight's episode developed several characters greatly in a mere sixty minutes.
However, on the other hand, the LMD story is now draaaaaging, and it has become so convoluted as to be corny. Also, I have been joking that the LMD storyline would return a certain character. And, sure as fuck, ABC never learns, and the network beats a dead horse once more.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Kyle Chandler joins Godzilla 2, Alfie Allen joins The Predator... somehow I feel like that should be the other way around.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Trying to find a screen-printer for my next art show piece. It's harder than it sounds.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

Apparently there was a test screening of Wonder Woman last night. Zack Snyder and Patty Jenkins were in attendance. Any reactions to be combed for online could be suspect, but mostly I'm hoping the screening coming four months ahead of release is a huge sign of confidence.
grelber37 at 01:21 PM Feb 19

I would not mind a good Wonder Woman movie. Most Schmoes hope with you.

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

A sad loss for the music world today: Clyde Stubblefield, better known as James Brown's "Funky Drummer", passed away at 73. A 20-second drum beat he originated literally launched a thousand songs in the decades after, a contribution for which he never saw a dime. Before I knew any of that, however, Clyde was a smiling friend of my father's that I met a handful of times when I saw my dad play. My sister knew him as Funky Uncle Clyde, while Dad introduced him onstage as "the other half of my own beating heart." He and my dad worked together for years, at least as far back as the early 90s. When I designed the cover for my dad's first album in 2002, I was a little delighted to include Clyde's name in the band credits, solely on the ground of, "Hey, that's a guy I've met!" After leaning of his musical history, I felt a little prouder of that connection, even though I only met him a handful of times when I too young to really know him or appreciate those meetings.
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 01:10 AM Feb 20

Sad news.

klinteastwood at 04:40 PM Feb 20

wow thats a great story man..i read about him

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

In other news, Donald Glover is Simba in Jon Favreau's The Lion King. Just.... WOW. Hey, can we start petitioning for David Oyelowo as Mufasa?
Weapon X
Weapon X at 02:34 AM Feb 18

Oh, never mind, looks like James Earl Jones is back as Mufasa. Even better!

Weapon X updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

Ivan Reitman has discovered in his possession several reels of never-before-released deleted scenes from the original Ghostbusters, including the infamous full version of the "BJ ghost" moment from Ray's dream. Read more here:
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

Here's a wild thought, WB: Find a director for The Batman, and then... STEP BACK. MAKE NO ADDITIONAL DEMANDS. DO NOTHING. LET THEM FILMMAKERS DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

I started into Neil Gaiman's new book "Norse Mythology" this evening, and thus far in his retelling - purported to be as myth-accurate as possible - I've noticed familiar elements in other religious and literary lore, such as the first humans having the vaguely familiar names of Ash and Embla, or the makeup of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds including three sisters representing past, present, and future, a trio possibly stumbled upon by a certain legendary Scottish king.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

The original series ended on something of an infuriating note, but also kind of a perfect one. After the nightmarish Black Lodge sequence, not to mention all the other scenes establishing and end-of-chapter to their respective story threads (which I suspect were intentionally added to give the finale all-around closure in the event of cancellation), where else was there to immediately go? There's some weird, appropriate cosmic fate at work that arranged for the revival series to pick up 26 years later, almost per Cooper's original dream; even if it was only incidental, letting that quarter-century gap come to pass may just be the move Lynch and company could have made.
Weapon X updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

I'd forgotten how comically melodramatic the Twin Peaks finale was, but really, that's what this series is - a supernatural soap opera.
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