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The Spider-Fan Blog: Thank you.


If you haven't read the blog....


So when the MFC Award nominations came to fruition, I was beyond shocked at how many categories I got nominated in including- Schmoe of the Year? No way. That was mind boggling. Others nominated have put their heart and soul into this site, ramping it up with creative ideas, or putting fellow schmoes into the spotlight.

However, there is one category that made me honestly get misty eyed in being nominated, and that was the blog section. Upon seeing that, I saw my Spider-Man story piece was mentioned. While I know it would impact some people out there, I had no idea that it would build up so much cred that it would earn a nomination.

This nod really means the world to me, even more so than the Schmoe of the Year, because it's just not words, people, it's my life, which I poured out for you and you took it and rocketed it to a place where I couldn't have imagined it would go-to your hearts, to your minds, and to your fingertips when you typed in your nominations.

Whether I win or not, just know how much it means to me that you thought this blog deserved a chance. Much, much, much love.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler383

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DropDeadFred at 01:57 PM Feb 20

I'm still fairly new around these parts, but you got my vote. Your Spider-Fan blog was very touching and was clearly the one that stuck in my head the most out of the nominated.
Good Luck!

horrorfan23 at 02:00 PM Feb 20

That blog came from the heart. A very personal look into your life. That's what won people over. You being open to us is what makes you stand out amongst everyone.

Laksmikanti at 02:51 PM Feb 20

Yes it takes courage to be so open about your own life and we greatly appreciate that and finally love you.

Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey at 03:32 PM Feb 20


Mr.Blizzo at 05:27 PM Feb 20

A very heartfelt, sincere, and touching blog. I'm very happy that you prevailed and that you were able to find consolation in the world of Peter Parker.

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