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My life as of late


Hey MFC,

So far be it from me to go deeply personal on the social networks to end all social networks, but here I am.

Over a month ago, I was fired from my job as a junior kindergarten teacher. While I won't go into details as to why it happened, some aspects of my former employment did not bode well with me anyway, and I see this "kicked to the curb" recent event as a blessing in a fucked up disguise. While I miss the children and staff every day without fail, I know that I must pursue better work in this field.

Sadly, there's like...no open jobs. With a state overrun by Governor Chris Christie (see WalkAway's latest status to understand what kind of person he is), he is trying to overturn everything in the educational system of New Jersey, and with tenure still in effect, every teacher is holding on for dear life in their career.

And I know the following statement is slightly emo, but whatever; this is not fucking fair. I graduated in 2007 with a Master's degree and found no work upon exit. I substitute taught, nabbing only three interviews, being told I had to go back to school to get another degree. 6 years spent in school only to be told to go back? Spend more money, waste more time? No. I wouldn't do it. I wanted to work, dammnit.

I worked at a daycare center for about year following, and then got a job at a Prep School, which removed me recently. I am back subbing again, but frustrated, beyond frustrated. This is ALL I ever wanted to do with my life, WHY can't someone see beyond the paper and give me a shot? Why is it so hard to get a job in a field that...well, not for nothing, is not something that every person in the world is cut out for? There are teachers I've encountered in recent sub jobs that said, and I quote, to their special needs children "I get paid to be here whether you learn or not." WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE FUCKING WORKING WITH CHILDREN?

I don't know. This is all bullshit, and it's not right that something that I've worked so hard at is not making room for me where I need to be. I have considered going back to school to earn a degree in Special Ed just so I might have a crack at a job, but even then...

Nothing is for certain.

I am scared.
I feel useless.
I feel pessimistic.
I feel heartbroken.

Mood: Sad

WalkAway at 01:30 AM Feb 18

It breaks my heart to read this. I've never seen you teach but I can confidently say you are an amazing teacher and person as well. I know a lot of people struggling to find a job even with higher degrees. The only advice I can offer you is to stay strong and keep fighting. Take it day by day. And remember, you always have MFC.

The Bodyguard
The Bodyguard at 01:31 AM Feb 18

Honestly, if you want to move, Mississippi and Alabama are looking for teachers and I know the schools I work in are going to be seeking teachers by the summer

JenGirl824 at 01:33 AM Feb 18

i dont know man, if its just your state or what. there are a lot of teaching jobs here, but i know that dosnt help you. it also dosnt help that you got let go toward the end of the year. they will probably start hiring people again in may-ish for the upcoming year. teachers retire or have babies and spots open. you might not have anything now, but you will soon. I know this job isnt what you want now, be happy its something. there are a ton of people who have no job at all right now, and they are struggling just to feed their kids. people who have graduate degrees and are in your same place. its just the way things are right now. Just be glad you're not one of those guys living out of your car. Something will open up eventually.

@ Bodyguard- same in Florida. my BFF works there and because the just rezones all of naples in addition to the lower classroom limits for the entire state, naples is hiring several HUNDRED teachers for next year. its all goes by where you are willing to teach. if you want to teach in a middle class neighboorhood, its unlikely you'll get a job now. if you want to teach in a urban or very rural extremely poor area of the country, they are begging for teachers.

Derek237 at 01:52 AM Feb 18

You can always come to Canada, man. We're in desperate need of educators. I mean just look how i truned oot.

Invidtus at 02:01 AM Feb 18

yes come up here bro help Derek while an Anne Murray song plays overhead-

beatrixkiddo at 02:30 AM Feb 18

I'm so sorry to hear of your recent troubles. You are a wonderful teacher and any school would be happy to have you. I hope that you find something spectacular. I'm sure you will, you awesome creature you. :) Keep your head up!

brewsky99 at 03:39 AM Feb 18

shit sorry to hear about your situation.

horrorfan23 at 04:11 AM Feb 18

Job hunting isn't as easy as it used to be. Even overly qualified people seem to be facing hard times looking for a job which shouldn't be the case. No matter, just keep on trying to look for a job Never give up. Good things come to those who don't quit.

TheChanges23 at 04:20 AM Feb 18

This is pretty sucky WallCrawler. And I know how you must feel, but you have to look at this in another way. For one, you do have a masters degree, which is more than most do have, and you can at least get yourself a job with that. It may not be the job you want, but you can get one. And I would say that like the other suggested, you may need to think about moving to a different location where educators are needed. But don't lose hope. I know it fucking sucks worst than anything, But this isnt over and you will turn it all around. Something will open up for you and an opportunity will present itself. I promise. Just stay strong and remember you have people who care and will help you if they can.

ericodarko at 05:04 AM Feb 18

I'm in the same boat you are wallcrawler. I lost my job 6 months ago, just as I was getting damn good at it, because I didn't have the experience required. AND THAT'S AFTER WORKING THERE FOR 8 MONTHS! oh and just to make it worse, i was in a meeting the day before they fired me where they announced to everyone that they would be looking for someone for a position just like mine. Just like you, I didn't bust my ass for 5 years to get my bachelors in civil engineering just to end up without a job. And to make things even worse, there's a huge crisis in Quebec regarding corruption in engineering firms, specifically in the civil engineering sector. S0 companies aren't hiring any recent graduate only engineers with 5 or more years. And when i do get job interviews, I get told that I don't have the experience required for the position. Well, how am i suppose to get experience if no one is hiring? All I want to do is work, get some experience, build a career. After my two internships, I absolutely fell in love with my field of work. I couldn't be more excited to graduate and get to work but a few months before i graduated, All the scandals regarding the firms broke out so all the job disapeared and the work place hasn't recovered yet. So it looks like I'm going to be stuck in this situation for a long time. And i'll be damned if i go back to school. I paid my dues, did my time, blood, sweat and tears to get my diploma, I deserve to be given a chance to show what i have to offer.

The one thing that makes me sad more than anything else: my girlfriend was planning on moving in with me at the beginning of the year, but since I don't have a job, I can't afford to support us so she can't move in right now. It broke our hearts when we realized it wasn't happening.

In conclusion, hang in there Wallcrawler. I'm right there with you. we'll make it through this stronger and better than ever. We'll show them how much they fucked up by letting us go. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need to vent! Hang in there buddy

JakeLikesMovies at 01:43 AM Feb 19

I feel for you man, I have a history degree and have considered going into a masters program for education ... the system is fucked and it really tears at a persons soul.

Stay strong and true to yourself and your principles and something will come up ... pretty sure Chris Christie's job will be open after this term.

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