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MFC's Life's a Happy Song


-zoom in on Randychico who is playing the piano-

Wallcrawler383: Everything is great, everything is grand
Speederice: My new default picture is of Iron Man
Horrorfan23: Student loans are paid, I'm gonna crack a beer in this place
VitaminMan8: Yes Indeed I have a Bradly Cooper Face
Everyone: Life's a happy song, when you're browsing MFC all day long
Laksmi: Helped make a caldendar, all the guys look tough
ElderPredator: And the girls, I wanna kiss em all
Johnny Moreno: Man this commentary came out rough
Writer19: Had too much to drink, ran into a wall
JohnLocke2342: Holy fucking shit, I became a meme
Nite Owl: I'm gonna post a status about my wet dream
MrsData: Gonna gonna show off a picture of my girl crush Maggie Q
Rebellion_Reborn: Should I watch Evil Dead 1 or 2?
Everyone: Life's a Happy Song, when you're browsing MFC all day long

Yoshikun: I've got all the images I need to post a blog about Silent Hill
Derek237: Nothing's stopping me from drinking till I get my fill.
DeadAnchoress: A new Ink and Pixel has been posted on the dorm!
OptimusPrime: Jesus Christ I hate the strikebackers in the forum

Invidtus: Gonna post a tune
MJZ: Should I replace my Hulk pic soon?
TeamZissou: Jurassic Park All Day
ArrowintheHead: Look at that ass, hey hey!

Lachister: Gonna bake a cake
RandyChico: Can I have some now for heaven's Sake?
Walkaway: RDJ's so fine
Servo: Back off gurl he's mine

TerrorAustralis: Morgan Freeman Impression!
SuperMarcey: I'm having a Fassboner session!
JustBink: There's a hot star wars chick!
Jim Law: This new commentary is sick!

Terminal_83: Walking Dead was sweet, mate!
Random: Not enough zombies!
Terminal_83: (sarcastically)...great

Everyone: Life's a happy song, when you're browsing on MFC all day long

Ghostman: I've got everything that I need now that I bought a Wii
KittyGreen: Catching up on Dr. Who and then maybe watching Buffy!
JenGirl24: I'm gonna talk about Disney World
LeeseMarie: Jenny, you're scaring me girl

JakeLikesMovies: Making funny faces
Righteous_Faustus: Watching Trading Spaces!
tbondrage: Finding awesome pics
Legendary Suit: Will he meet her mother in Season 26?
Joblo: Is the hockey game on yet?
Jekupka: Got my bowl I'm set!

Cochise: Up really sucked!
Everyone...er...shut the fuck up


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OldKingClancy at 12:30 PM Mar 02

Words cannot describe how heartwarmingly amazing this is. This is why we come to MFC.

TeamZissou at 12:35 PM Mar 02

Wow man. You are a mad MFC genius. You've put out some wonderfully creative blogs and musings in the past but this may be the most clever one yet. MFC just isn't complete without wallcrawler.

Righteous_faustus at 12:39 PM Mar 02

haha this was fantastic dude, major props!

Mr.Blizzo at 12:50 PM Mar 02

Dude, this is incredible. Excellent job!

WalkAway at 01:28 PM Mar 02


MrsData at 01:57 PM Mar 02

LOL I love it! It's so true and funny.

rriddle at 02:00 PM Mar 02

This is incredible.

JakeLikesMovies at 04:16 PM Mar 02

I do tend to make funny faces ... :P

randychico at 06:56 PM Mar 02

I've kinda felt a dimmer wallcrawler presence these last few days... I think this ends up being your triumphant return. Pshhh... and you wonder why you were nominated for Schmoe of the year. ALL of this just to say this is fantastically fantastic!!! I love it man! I love my part in it especially since I do technically start the whole thing.. I am in love with this seriously.

lachister at 07:26 PM Mar 02

This is the cutest, coolest thing I've read today!!! And believe me, I work in advertising :P

I LOVED my line!!! hahahahaha

Thanks SO SO much, kiddo! :D This is awesome!!!

Derek237 at 07:58 PM Mar 02

Maybe it's the liquor talking but I love you man

ghostman123 at 08:09 PM Mar 02

Haha love it!

MJZ at 08:28 PM Mar 02

LOLing forever. Good on ya, bro!

Terminal_83 at 08:44 PM Mar 02

I especially loved the part about the Walking Dead. Hysterical. Well done!!

VitamanMan8 at 09:02 PM Mar 02

I'm so in love with this.

Laksmikanti at 09:02 PM Mar 02

I love this so much, it made me smile and laugh a lot. I totally picture you directing us as a children MFC chorus. !!!! Thank you pelirrojo.

horrorfan23 at 09:03 PM Mar 02

Was it a coincidence that the song came up when I was reading this? I think not. Excellent job dude.

speederice at 09:15 PM Mar 02

Nailed it! Awesome stuff dude.

SuperMarcey at 05:36 AM Mar 03

I have no idea how I missed it, I haven't been on here, but that is so insanely sweet and touching (like touching his Fassbonder), thanks BIFF!

tbondrage99 at 02:48 PM Mar 03

Wow this is incredible. Major kudos good sir!

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 03:45 PM Mar 03

Great stuff, wallcrawler.

JohnLocke2342 at 03:50 PM Mar 03


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