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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

So I watched Deep Impact and it was good enough (Morgan Freeman!) but I just kept thinking I wanted to watch Armageddon instead.
JohnnyPHreak at 06:19 PM Jul 08


JohnLocke2342 at 07:37 PM Jul 08

I watched it once because it was like an alternate LOTR universe where Frodo has to carry Leelee Sobieski to a Mountain instead of a ring.

emmyd at 02:54 AM Jul 09

Yah I felt the same way when I watched it too. It's not a bad movie, it's actually pretty good. But in comparison to Armageddon, it's just better to watch Armageddon.

JohnLocke2342: LOL that's awesome!

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

Old pals Orlando and Kate hanging out at Wimbledon
Cochise at 03:39 PM Jul 08

big Djokovic fan, sucks that Genie couldn't pull it off though. Next time!

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

Continuing our Disney marathon
emmyd at 02:56 AM Jul 09

With one of the best. This is such a classic beautiful movie, I just love it so much. Disney marathons are the best, I'll have to do mine soon.

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

Since my main man has already has his turn as SMA and my other main man has no shot I want to submit, for your consideration for Sexiest Man Alive: Henry Cavill!
WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

Weapon X
Weapon X at 10:05 AM Jul 08

I'll take 'em both. And throw in a second of the one of the right.

JohnLocke2342 at 10:31 AM Jul 08

Goddamn this is one of my all-time favorite pics.. love them

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 21 days ago

Random Hottie Tuesday: Vanessa Kirby

She's from About Time, Great Expectations, The Hour, Jupiter Ascending, Labyrnith (TV), and Charlie Countryman.

Mood: Chillin'
WalkAway posted a BLOG item 21 days ago

My Disney Personality

Glad to see so many people participating in Disney Doppelganger day. While doppelganger does mean someone who is physically the same, I like that people have extended this challenge to personality so I'm going to do the same.

My personality is similar to:

Tiana because I believe in working hard to accomplish your goals and can sometimes be too much of a worrier and oftentimes need to lighten up.

Aurora because my two favorite things to do are sleep and play with animals.

Belle because I'm sassy and I love reading and want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

Pocahontas because of my passion for environmentalism and wildlife conservation.

Mood: Chillin'
Tags: Disney
WalkAway updated her STATUS: 21 days ago

Watching our favorite Olsen twin movie, Holiday in the Sun, featuring Megan Fox in her first film role.
emmyd at 10:56 PM Jul 07


I didn't think anyone else shared my love for their movies and especially this one. I freaking LOVE this movie, it's my favourite one aside from "It Takes Two" and "To Grandmother's House We Go"

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 22 days ago

Katie McGrath Mondays (7/7)

Mood: Chillin'
timmyd at 09:43 PM Jul 07

sooooo fine.

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 22 days ago

Who's your Disney Doppelganger? Make a post of it or if you don't know, post your photo and ask Schmoes their opinion! You don't even have to post a photo of yourself if you don't want, a photo of your Disney doppelganger itself is fine too! However you'd like to participate, go for it! Anna from Frozen is mine. and a bit of Giselle too I think
JohnLocke2342 at 04:56 PM Jul 07

Spot on, plus you're both fiesty and hilarious and independent and pretty cool I guess

aturn4theworst at 09:15 PM Jul 07

Probably the best comparison of everyone's thus far!

emmyd at 09:50 PM Jul 07

You and Anna are IDENTICAL! It's almost creepy how much you look like her.

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WalkAway created a LIST: 23 days ago

Summer Movie Marathon

1. Now and Then
2. Into the Blue
3. Aloha Scooby Doo
4. Surf's Up
5. Blue Hawaii
6. Holiday in the Sun
7. Blue Crush
8. Soul Surfer
9. Jaws
10. Dirty Dancing
11. The Parent Trap
12. Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
13. The Babysitter's Club
14. Disturbia
15. The Sandlot
YoshioKun13 at 01:17 AM Jul 07

I could have gone to see No. 10 in the theater a couple weeks ago...

Ah well, maybe another time.

JohnLocke2342 at 04:57 PM Jul 07

This is a great fucking list. I truly believe a viewing of Jaws and The Sandlot make every summer complete.

goNADSgo69 at 06:18 PM Jul 07

What did you think of Soul Surfer? I never saw the entire film.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Damn, is anyone going to be left at the end of True Blood? I hope at least one of my favorites survives.
WalkAway updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Next up is one of thatswhatshesaid and my favorite films
emmyd at 05:32 PM Jul 06

I love this movie so much! Enjoy.

Glinda at 10:44 PM Jul 06

HOW I LOVE THIS MOVIE! The only movie I can think of (not counting those made during the 70s), that depicts my childhood the way I remember it. Not the plot of the movie but the daily life stuff- Living in the suburbs, the clothing and styling, bikes with banana seats and baskets, etc. Such a fun movie. Also love all 8 actresses in this.

goNADSgo69 at 06:18 PM Jul 07

LOVE this movie :D

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Invidtus at 05:52 PM Jul 06

Is it any coincidence there are NINE of them in this photo ???-

Moviefreak2010 at 07:00 PM Jul 06


Glinda at 10:47 PM Jul 06

Wow, cool pic.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Watching Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire
Moviefreak2010 at 07:01 PM Jul 06

love Scooby-doo have not seen this one

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