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Brendan Fraser really is the king of fish-out-of-water stories isn't he? George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Blast from the Past.
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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Okay time to share Netflix recommendations. What are some really good horrors and thriller that should be watched but maybe flew under the radar?
WalkAway at 02:41 PM Nov 01

I'm gonna throw out Hush (if you liked You're Next), Deathgasm (if you like horror comedy), The House at the End of Time (if you don't mind subtitles), A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (if you like your horror more artsy), and Animal (if you want to see more WOC leading horror films)

Glinda at 04:03 PM Nov 01

Loved Hush and also The House at the End of Time. I watched that last year and really liked it a lot.

Wish I had my own recommendations but can't think of any right now.

razgriz21 at 08:17 PM Nov 01

Good call on Animal.

I'm going to throw out Kristy (Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene) if you like a good old "hunt or be hunted" movie with atmosphere.

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Is anyone else just like, exhausted from October? Maybe I am overdoing it for my Halloween festivities.....
unbinkable at 03:05 PM Nov 01

The wife and I have watched maybe 3 horror movies this month and that is the extent of our festivities. I don't know why, but this was the first year that we pretty much did nothing for Halloween. Christmas will be a different story lol

timmyd at 01:04 AM Nov 02

I'm definitely exhausted . but it's a gratifying exhaustion.

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

For my final film of the month there's only one option:
Glinda at 07:16 PM Oct 31

I've got it on right now!

cobb at 08:09 PM Oct 31

im watching it tonight

WalkAway posted a POLL item: 5 months ago

Favorite Halloween Icon:

Boogie Buddha
Boogie Buddha at 11:52 PM Oct 31

I know this isn't the popular choice. But as much as I like Mike Myers (not Austin Powers lol), I just really like Sam!

timmyd at 01:14 AM Nov 01

Sam's a great new iconic character , but it's hard to beat Michael at this time of year.

WalkAway posted an IMAGE item: 5 months ago
My main costume this year: Killer Cupid!

timmyd at 01:23 AM Nov 01

oh my . I love it .

writer19 at 04:04 AM Nov 02


Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:48 AM Nov 06

Great idea!

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WalkAway posted a BLOG item 5 months ago

Weekend Watch Update: Halloween!

Haunting/Supernatural Day: Trick r Treat

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Hush (2016)

This movie was SO GOOD! Mike Flannagan (director/writer) and Kate Siegel (writer/star) are a powerhouse couple. If you liked You're Next I highly suggest this one!

Mood: Chillin'
ericodarko at 02:59 PM Oct 31

Like Glinda, I'll be watching Hush today as well. THanks, WA!

timmyd at 01:28 AM Nov 01

excellent choices . I loved HUSH as well . Flannagan's become one of my fave directors

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:49 AM Nov 06

Everyone's watching "Hush" and mostly enjoying it. I'm gonna have to check it out soon.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Happy Halloween!
Glinda at 02:40 PM Oct 31

Happy Halloween to you too WalkAway!

BATeMAN at 07:47 PM Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

timmyd at 01:29 AM Nov 01

Happy Halloween . Great job , again , on the Extravaganza .

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WalkAway posted an IMAGE item: 5 months ago
My lady and I as a lion and lion tamer

timmyd at 12:40 AM Oct 31

awesome. love it.

jeo4 at 02:34 PM Nov 01

Love her makeup. You two are great together. :)

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 03:33 AM Nov 06

Very cool idea!

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Time for another round of "guess my costume"! My lady and I are going to a Circus themed costume contest/party at a club. Our costumes go together but aren't exactly the same. And for the record, I still hate circuses because of animal abuse and clowns.
Glinda at 10:00 PM Oct 27

I'm thinking maybe the circus Ringmaster as one, but I don't know on the other. Acrobat or tightrope walker?

Definitely ruling out clowns. :)

Scotch at 04:04 AM Oct 28

Lion tamer and a lion?

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Movie that scared you the most (as an adult)?
XSsoCX at 01:01 AM Oct 28

"The Strangers".

timmyd at 01:46 AM Oct 28

THE DESCENT blew me away with that claustrophobic tension . PARANORMAL ACTIVITY freaked me the hell out as well . The original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was the one that probably scared me the most .

Vampjezzc at 12:08 AM Oct 31

I honestly think movies scare me more now than they ever did as a kid, but I got to see The Exorcist in the theater a few years back and it still scared the crap out of me. That crab walk...noooooooope.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Possession/Satanic Day: Demons (1985)
sLaShEr84 at 08:30 PM Oct 27

Classic horror flick.

timmyd at 01:52 AM Oct 28

oh hell yes ! just caught 1 and 2 a couple of days ago . have fun.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 06:58 AM Oct 28

I have to have a first time watch. Acquired Blu-rays of the first and second film not too long ago so it will come sooner than later.

WalkAway posted a POLL item: 5 months ago

Which Vampire Hunter is Your Favorite?:

timmyd at 01:39 AM Oct 27

The best ? Blade . My favorite ? Buffy.

TheChanges23 at 04:13 AM Oct 27

Love Buffy but I got to go with Blade.

Thought I'm surprised there hasn't been a Blade/Buffy team up yet. Seems like Thatd be amazeballs.

Vampjezzc at 12:21 AM Oct 31

Such a difficult choice! Buffy, but it was a very close call.

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WalkAway posted an IMAGE item: 5 months ago
My lady and I as Spongebob and Patrick!

oscarxp25 at 09:26 PM Oct 27

You always come through with the costumes! Great job!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 06:39 AM Oct 28

Great pic!

HTX0811 at 08:54 PM Oct 28

Nice pic!

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Vampire Day: Lesbian Vampire Killers I also found this, which made me laugh:
Octoberson at 06:06 PM Oct 26

The Willow and Tara faux poster is hilarious.

I thought this movie was a blast. Super heavy CGI, but still, it was fun.

timmyd at 01:43 AM Oct 27

fun flick.

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 5 months ago

Random Hottie Tuesday: Cecily Strong

She's from Saturday Night Live, The Boss, Ghostbusters, and The Bronze.

Mood: Chillin'
HTX0811 at 08:56 PM Oct 28

She's funny and very attractive.

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