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The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
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The Hangover
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Indiana Jones Trilogy
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The Princess Bride
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Rufus Sewell
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Amy Adams
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Gemma Arterton
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I just watched the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 finale and damn that was a good episode. I really hope they renew this show for another season.
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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 28 days ago

Tonight's Feature: Captain America!
WalkAway created a LIST: 28 days ago

My Favorite "Fish Out of Water" Characters

1. Giselle (Enchanted)
2. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
3. Steve Rogers (Marvel Universe)
4. Adam (Blast From the Past)
5. Thor (Marvel Universe)
6. Claire (Outlander)
7. Marty McFly (Back To The Future)
8. Edit Add: Killian Jones/Hook (Once Upon a Time)
queen bee
queen bee at 08:36 AM Feb 01

Cappy! "And of course the internet is soooo helpful."

Glinda at 09:40 PM Feb 01

Love this list! Especially Giselle, Marty and I have to say Claire, although I'm only reading the book and haven't seen the series yet.

YoshioKun13 at 03:19 PM Feb 02

Good list

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 28 days ago

Suggestions for movies to watch on or around Valentine's Day?
razgriz21 at 07:34 PM Jan 31

Got to agree with Laksmikanti and Glinda with Return to Me. Shows that David Duchovney can act in other genres.

My choices:

"The Crow"
"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"
"Back to the Future"

go_t_burnz at 08:39 PM Jan 31

Before Sunrise
Eternal Sunshine
While You Were Sleeping

YoshioKun13 at 03:03 PM Feb 02

My Bloody Valentine

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WalkAway posted a BLOG item 28 days ago

Character Crush: Legolas

From the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series/Played by Orlando Bloom

Mood: Chillin'
Invidtus at 05:02 PM Jan 31

Galadriel also enchanted his hair with the power of Herbal Essences-

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 29 days ago

Who I Would Cast as Barbie in the Upcoming Live-Action Comedy

Amber Heard

Blake Lively

Dianna Agron

Teresa Palmer

Deborah Ann Woll

Maggie Grace

Tamsin Egerton

Gigi Hadid

Candice Swanepoel

I wanted to think of others besides blonde white girls but you know they won't do that.

Mood: Chillin'
Tags: barbie, fancast
Invidtus at 05:00 AM Jan 31

That Amber photo is sublime-

go_t_burnz at 05:01 AM Jan 31

I love Teresa Palmer for this.

Great picks.

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 29 days ago

Model Friday: Kiko Mizuhara

She's an actress as well and has appeared in Norwegian Wood and the upcoming Attack on Titan.

Mood: Chillin'
Glinda at 11:17 PM Jan 30

Adorable smile!

Invidtus at 03:14 AM Jan 31


Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:23 AM Jan 31

She's pretty!

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 29 days ago

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:31 AM Jan 31


WalkAway posted a BLOG item 30 days ago

Jamie Chung Thursdays: (1/29)

Mood: Chillin'
Tags: jamie chung
go_t_burnz at 05:42 AM Jan 30


Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 12:14 PM Jan 30


WalkAway updated her STATUS: 30 days ago

Tonight's movie is a FTW:
Scotch at 04:56 AM Jan 30

Such an awesome movie. Never gets old!

Anakin at 10:56 AM Jan 30


Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 06:31 PM Jan 30

one of Elisabeth Shue's best work.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: 30 days ago

Can't wait!
girlcreeture at 12:47 AM Jan 30

I watch this show as one of my "daytime" shows (can't believe I just friggin said that) and I was kind of full of "UGH NO" when these three showed up, especially Cruella. I sincerely hope this story arc works out.

XSsoCX at 12:47 AM Jan 30

Nice! March 1st seems so far away. haha.

queen bee
queen bee at 11:45 AM Jan 30

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

WalkAway updated her STATUS: 30 days ago

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 06:43 AM Feb 02

I saw a trailer for "The Throwaways" a few days ago on the Crackle app I downloaded on my PS4 (the app is also available on PS3). The movie is completely free to watch on those 2 consoles because Crackle belongs to Sony. It looks like it could be good!

If you don't have a console, they also have a website. It actually looks like you can also watch the movie right now, for free! No need for a console. The movie seems to be playing like it was on TV with about eight commercials stoppages here and there.

WalkAway at 12:17 PM Feb 02

OMG Thank you so much!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:36 PM Feb 02

No problem!

WalkAway posted a BLOG item 30 days ago

Johnlocke2342 Hottie Drop!

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends!

Mood: Chillin'
WalkAway at 09:40 PM Jan 29

@queen bee- Alice Eve!

Glinda at 01:00 AM Jan 30

Every single one gorgeous! Wowza.

timmyd at 01:00 AM Jan 30

whole lotta sexy goin' on .

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: about 1 month ago

Happy Birthday to Johnlocke2342! He's a swashbuckling movie adventurer and a great friend to all of us so kick back, have fun, and celebrate your birthday because you're awesome!
JohnLocke2342 at 09:47 PM Jan 29

This is truly awesome and thoughtful and I love you on top of it all. You mean a lot to me man and I appreciate the shout out with my 3 favorite things in glorious gif form. Thank you!!

WalkAway created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Top 50 Most Beautiful Women to Ever Exist (IMO)

1. Audrey Hepburn
2. Katie McGrath
3. Keira Knightley
4. Dianna Agron
5. Martha Vickers
6. Gemma Arterton
7. Antonia Thomas
8. Liu Yifei
9. Sienna Guillory
10. Shanina Shaik
11. Doutzen Kroes
12. Julia Jones
13. Priyanka Chopra
14. Emily DiDonato
15. Natassia Malthe
16. Gene Tierney
17. Liu Wen
18. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
19. Rachel Weisz
20. Amber Heard
21. Julie Adams
22. Jurnee Smollet-Bell
23. Rachael Taylor
24. Olivia Wilde
25. Gugu Mbatha-Raw
26. Jaimie Alexander
27. Angelina Jolie
28. Lana Turner
29. Marion Cotillard
30. Kerry Washington
31. Kasia Struss
32. Diane Kruger
33. Frieda Pinto
34. Leighton Meester
35. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
36. Grace Kelly
37. Imogen Poots
38. Gong Li
39. Sophia Bush
40. Deborah Ann Woll
41. Ursula Andress
42. Simone Simon
43. Joan Smalls
44. Rose Byrne
45. Bridget Regan
46. Mila Kunis
47. Jourdan Dunn
48. Tonantzin Carmelo
49. Jessica Chastain
50. Lucy Liu

Based on a list by goNADSgo69

go_t_burnz at 07:15 AM Jan 29

Cherry list.

Mr.Blizzo at 08:31 PM Jan 29

Can't go wrong with Audrey. Great list!

timmyd at 01:21 AM Jan 30

Very cool , excellent choices , can't argue a one.

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WalkAway updated her STATUS: about 1 month ago

My favorite group friendships are both called The Scooby Gang:
Invidtus at 10:31 PM Jan 28

and we would have got away with it if it wasn't for you damn kids !!! -

go_t_burnz at 11:03 PM Jan 28

Good ones.

Glinda at 11:42 PM Jan 28

I've got to watch Buffy. I missed most everything in the 90s but I know how good it was.

Love Scooby Doo!

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