WalkAway updated her STATUS: about 5 years ago

I seriously hate dating. I think I'll just start early on becoming a crazy cat lady. I can see it now, thatswhatshesaid and I and our 2974 pets living in an apartment in Salem, Mass celebrating Halloween 365 days a year.

DeputyDeweyBoy at 10:25 PM Feb 28

That sounds Awesome!

JenGirl824 at 10:29 PM Feb 28

ill be visiting you as thats right near me. i warn you, salem isnt as fun as it seems. its all of 3 blocks and full of stuck up rich kids.

horrorfan23 at 10:35 PM Feb 28

You two can go on witch hunts.

thatswhatshesaid at 10:35 PM Feb 28

I got the apartment picked out already!

The Bodyguard
The Bodyguard at 10:37 PM Feb 28

just don't get white cats. They are awful

Mr.Blizzo at 10:56 PM Feb 28

Don't get this crazy!

goNADSgo69 at 11:19 PM Feb 28

I can I become a "Cat Lad" with you?

My dating life is quite sucky...and I do love animals ^__^

drc5145 at 11:19 PM Feb 28

Dating indeed sucks. I feel you on that one.

And I assume you have this already? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l7dhloYyRv1qdq8vfo1_500.jpg

randychico at 01:24 AM Feb 29

I've only had 2 relationships in over 10 years and I've practically never dated, I call myself somewhat fortunate that those ladies came to me because I think I would have become the world's worst dater.

SuperMarcey at 02:22 AM Feb 29

Crazy cat lady, has cats. How is that not an epic win?

G-Funk at 06:09 AM Feb 29

I apologize to all ladies feeling frustrated with dating. I don't make things easy by being off the market.

ArtFactoryRadio at 09:12 AM Feb 29

The best thing about being married is not having to worry about dating nonsense. But you might become a cat lady married or not. My wife sure did.

darthpaul64 at 01:11 PM Feb 29

I hear ya...not on the cat part though. Sorry, but too many cats in a small apartment would probably freak me out.

I have a date this Friday...and it's a "first date." Let's hope it's not super awkward and I make it out alive lol