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"Holy fuck!" doesn't even begin to describe the awesomeness of that final Days of Future Past trailer.
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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

wow Community got super dark last night
randychico at 01:24 PM Mar 23

It actually made it funnier.. and a lot more interesting

VitamanMan8 at 05:04 PM Mar 23


VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Phew! bluray buying spree is done until M:I-GP comes out on April 17th
ericodarko at 04:25 PM Mar 21

i got war horse before but yeah spree over

VitamanMan8 created a LIST: about 2 years ago

Food that I Eat Like a Crackhead When Purchased:

1. Swedish Fish
2. Sour Patch Watermelon
3. Ritz Bits Sandwiches with Cheese
4. Wheat Thins
5. Onion Rings
6. Chicken in a Biscuit Crackers
7. Pizza
8. Thin Mints
9. Oreos

Based on a list by horrorfan23

MJZ at 04:00 PM Mar 21

Fuk, I forgot about Swedish Fish. Man o man do I love that stuff

VitamanMan8 at 04:41 PM Mar 21

@Fabster I had to stop buying Doritos because I'd do the same thing. haha

Otis_Driftwood at 05:17 PM Mar 21

Frickin' Swedish Fish are an absolute sin. I love the damnable things, and I'm a diabetic!

As for Doritos...anyone try the new Taco Bell Dorito Taco?! This frickin' thing is another sinful food. Ridiculously good (even for Taco Bell)! I could eat 6-8 of these things. That being that, the only thing better would be a taco shell made out of a BBQ Grippo Potato Chip (and if you don't know what a Grippo is, then imagine the best BBQ chip you've eaten that is smothered with the best BBQ seasoning ever). T'would be shear Nirvana.

Until then...try the Dorito Taco and then have some Swedish Fish for dessert! Super delicious!

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VitamanMan8 added a DVD to his collection: about 2 years ago
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Invidtus at 07:09 PM Mar 20


Mr.Blizzo at 07:41 PM Mar 20

Great film.

VitamanMan8 added a DVD to his collection: about 2 years ago
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

If it weren't Michael Bay, people wouldn't give a shit that the Turtles were from space.
elmariachi01 at 03:26 PM Mar 20

with Pirate.
I love the Turtles. Always have and I don't see how putting them in space is going to add anything to the fucking story anyways. Name it something else if you want.
Michael Bay or whoever else might think of doing something like this...if you're taking a beloved property have some respect for the fans and show some fucking respect by not just scrapping and completely retooling what people love about it.
I know they could give a fuck. it's all about money but I gotta say it feels like a Lucas-level "what the fuck? Really" kind of decision in that it's unnecessary and looks like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Terminal_83 at 05:05 PM Mar 20

I call bullshit. There'd be plenty of fan outcry it's just Bay is so smug about it that there's more than usual.

JohnLocke2342 at 05:30 PM Mar 20

Hmm..I dunno man.. it could be Steven fucking Spielberg and I wouldn't be happy about the change... there's no need for it.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Carol, Carl, and Lori need to go.
Tyson J.
Tyson J. at 09:11 AM Mar 19

Couldn't agree more with this statement.

nerd85 at 11:30 AM Mar 19

Carl HAS to stay. Without him, Rick has no reason to live.

VitamanMan8 at 01:31 PM Mar 19

Rick can live for the group.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Perfect casting for Kenny Powers' mom
klinteastwood at 09:15 AM Mar 19

hell fucking yea

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

I hope the Walking Dead finale is awesome tonight.
Anakin at 05:04 PM Mar 18

Have to wait till Friday :(

snoopmish at 05:51 PM Mar 18

I have a feeling it will be....

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

"Well, great, flowers look good in a pot. There are people dying in Uganda." -Britta
mister easter
mister easter at 12:43 PM Mar 16

"troy and abed being normal." -troy and abed

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Welcome back, South Park. You're just as ridiculous as ever hahaha
klinteastwood at 06:02 PM Mar 15

i totally forgot about south park coming back

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 06:42 PM Mar 15

Always tackling the important issues.

HTX0811 at 11:20 PM Mar 15

I don't think I'm the only one who's thought of sitting on the toilet the other way.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

I love when I'm walking around and the Inception soundtrack starts playing on shuffle. It starts feeling like everything's a dream and I start looking at people like they're projections and then they get confused.
Anakin at 05:22 PM Mar 14

Just don't try and manipulate the world around, like walking in front of traffic or somthing expecting the road to turn into a bridge 'cause that could get messy

TeamZissou at 05:29 PM Mar 14

Perhaps it is you that is the projection

VitamanMan8 at 06:04 PM Mar 14


VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

While everyone's buying The Muppets and Tintin next week, I'll be picking up Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
writer19 at 05:13 PM Mar 14

exactly as i will, bro. guess great minds think alike

randychico at 05:16 PM Mar 14

I'd buy all four of them if I had the cash

jimmydevito at 07:07 PM Mar 14

I'm really looking forward to Tinker Tailor

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Can't get into The Wire.
Anakin at 05:26 PM Mar 14

Having seen and enjoyed the entire series I can see where your coming from. It's proper slow. Once each series gets going though it is great.

VitamanMan8 at 06:03 PM Mar 14

Maybe I'll try to get into it again when I have more free time. As it were, I got the first 3 seasons for $5 each so I feel like I should enjoy the value and watch them eventually

xwing16 at 01:00 PM Mar 15

For me, episode 7 is when I started to understand people liking it and halfway through season 3 is when I understood why people said it was the best show on tv.

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VitamanMan8 posted an IMAGE item: about 2 years ago

OldKingClancy at 01:00 PM Mar 14

A Lannister always looks pissed.

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