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The Raid 2 was not what everyone said it was. It's almost like these Raid movies are the only martial arts movies that anyone has seen. That being said, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Some of those action scenes were extremely well done, even if the plot of the movie was pretty ridiculously stupid.
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VitamanMan8 posted a BLOG item about 2 years ago

March Movies

Galaxy Quest 8/10 (4)
Stranger Than Fiction 8.5/10 (7)
Safe House 7/10 (1)
Hugo 9/10 (2)
Pleasantville 9/10 (5)
Robin Hood (2010) Director’s Cut 8/10 (1)
The Descendants 9/10 (2)
X-Men: First Class 8/10 (3)
Alien 9/10 (3)
The Hunger Games 8/10 (1)

Mood: Chillin'

goNADSgo69 at 08:02 PM Apr 01

Stranger than Fiction is completely underrated! Love that film!

PeJota at 09:01 PM Apr 01

I love Galaxy Quest!

"Whoever wrote this episode should just die!"

YoshioKun13 at 09:47 PM Apr 01

GALAXY QUEST was actually on TV today. I didn't watch it though.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

GAME OF THRONES. So awesome.
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Fringe.... Where is this season GOING?!
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

If anyone tries to tell you today is their birthday... they're lying.
xwing16 at 08:01 AM Apr 01

One of my friends from Grade School was born today. The Doctor came into his mom's delivery room dressed as a clown.

Venom3344 at 11:59 AM Apr 01

..Or that they got married. I was fooled once, wont be again.

YoshioKun13 at 12:37 PM Apr 01

Nobody's ever been born on April 1st?

Man, would that ever suck if you were.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Am I the only person enraged by the fact that corporations are taking human form?
Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:19 AM Mar 30

Depends. Does it mean Texas really can execute one?

VitamanMan8 at 07:41 AM Mar 30

I hope old Subway comes back. That was fantastic haha.

@WeaponX that picture is hilarious.

xwing16 at 09:11 AM Mar 30

The moment the Subway reps face changed was priceless! "We as a corporation can't stand in the way of love - oh god what is this"

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

MJZ at 08:22 PM Mar 28

MJZ at 08:35 PM Mar 28

	<div class=

RustyRazor at 05:39 AM Mar 29


VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Ugh. Katy Perry wouldn't survive one day in the Marines. And a boyfriend being stupid isn't a very good reason to join... that music video just pissed me off
Anakin at 08:05 AM Mar 28

Said the same thing to my friend last night. Love the song but video is stupid

VitamanMan8 created a LIST: about 2 years ago

Favorite Musicians of the Alphabet

1. Against Me!
2. Bullet For My Valentine
3. Cold War Kids
4. Disturbed
5. Eve 6
6. Five Finger Death Punch
7. Green Day
8. The Hives
9. Infected Mushroom
10. JustBink ;)
11. Kaiser Chiefs
12. Lostprophets
13. Muse
14. Nonpoint
15. Offspring
16. Pendulum
17. Queen
18. Rise Against
19. Seether
20. Theory of a Deadman
21. Uberzone
22. Vitalic
23. Wolfmother
24. X?
25. Young the Giant
26. Zombie Nation

Based on a list by frenzy227

Laksmikanti at 07:09 AM Mar 28

7, 10. and 15 are awesome!

horrorfan23 at 08:37 AM Mar 28

Zombie Nation. Are we talking about THAT Zombie Nation?

CriticalAcclaim at 09:36 AM Mar 28

Major kudos for nonpoint!

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

The JoBlo main page isn't working today... I can't look at any articles
The Arrow
The Arrow at 06:29 AM Mar 28

It works on my end, which URL and what happens?

VitamanMan8 at 06:40 AM Mar 28

every article I click on takes me back to the MAIN main page

VitamanMan8 at 06:41 AM Mar 28

No it's working now

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Saw the Hunger Games today. Thought it was a lot better than the book. If you haven't read the book... still worth seeing. 8/10
Derek237 at 07:37 PM Mar 27

Whether it's better or not than the book is debatable. But if I was listening to the book on tape as read by Donald Sutherland then no contest, the book.

cobb at 07:40 PM Mar 27

loved both

VitamanMan8 at 08:32 PM Mar 27

hahaha well anything on tape read by Donald Sutherland is better than anything else NOT read by Donald Sutherland... unless it was read by Morgan Freeman or Liam Neeson

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

God damn these teasers for trailers!!
Munson, Roy E.
Munson, Roy E. at 11:42 AM Mar 27

yea what is that? a trailer for a trailer? for a remake?

Anakin at 02:26 PM Mar 27

I can't stand 'em

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Had my first "holy shit I'm old" moment when I realized I'm 3 years older than Kate Upton. I realize that I'm not actually that old, and this is going to continue happening for the rest of my life, but this was the first time.
Fab-007 at 02:24 PM Mar 26

I am younger than both George Clooney and Tom Cruise. So I have that going for me.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:21 PM Mar 26

Turns out I'm a mere 360 days older than my lust fixation Olivia Wilde.

Laksmikanti at 01:50 AM Mar 27

I am 14 years older than Vitaman!

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

So fucking excited for Prometheus that I decided to rewatch the Alien trilogy. Yup, trilogy.
grelber37 at 10:24 AM Mar 26

You have a great idea. Certainly, you will spot things in Prometheus that others miss. Be sure to post them after viewing this June.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

wow Community got super dark last night
randychico at 10:24 AM Mar 23

It actually made it funnier.. and a lot more interesting

VitamanMan8 at 02:04 PM Mar 23


VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Phew! bluray buying spree is done until M:I-GP comes out on April 17th
ericodarko at 01:25 PM Mar 21

i got war horse before but yeah spree over

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