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Why the fuck am I still watching this Leftovers show? There's not really a point to it, it just depresses the fuck out of me every week.
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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Another 15 pages down in my screenplay. I'm thinking this one is going to be a bit long...
Derek237 at 05:45 PM Jun 03

congrats man

VitamanMan8 at 05:51 PM Jun 03

hahahahahaha thanks man

Anakin at 01:19 AM Jun 04

Good luck! Keep at it matey!

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Everyone keeps telling me not to expect "Alien" when I go see Prometheus. I was never expecting "Alien." One thing nobody's doing is telling me what I SHOULD expect. Just "not Alien."
VitamanMan8 at 03:41 PM Jun 03

Okay. Cool. Now I know what to expect. Thanks!!

Anakin at 03:43 PM Jun 03

I did a review for it which sums it up but I promise there's NO spoilers at all in it. I don't even hint at anything to do with the key story or anything like that.

VitamanMan8 at 05:41 PM Jun 03

Just read it. That was a great spoiler-free review. I don't think I'm going to mind much about the look of the threat or the lack of certain characters' development. However a weak third act may disappoint me. I'm obviously still going to see it but my expectations have been suitably adjusted. Which is sad because this was my most anticipated movie of the year :'(

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Mad Men is seriously fantastic. I'm so mad I didn't watch this show sooner. I don't know where I got the idea that I had seen an episode and didn't like it... apparently I dreamed up a fake episode or something and thought it was real.
Electroeels25 at 11:24 AM Jun 03

I dunno, man. I've been struggling through the first few but I'm on episode six of Season One now and I'm starting to see what everyone's talking about. I think it just took a few episodes to hit its stride. I'm sure Breaking Bad will end up being the same way once I get around to watching that.

VitamanMan8 at 12:11 PM Jun 03

Breaking Bad kicks in a LOT faster than Mad Men. The pilot is just SO good. And it only gets better and better.

I wasn't hooked on Mad Men until episode 5. I just finished up Season 1 and episode 12 is where it got REALLY good.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Oh I just realized there's a presidential election in 5 months.
grelber37 at 10:37 AM Jun 03

We Americans might have a certain case of ennui. Perhaps, research third-party candidates. A person might find someone worth remembering and worth some excitement. Good luck.

VitamanMan8 at 10:51 AM Jun 03

Ennui is the perfect word.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

If the horrorfan23 Schmoe tributes were all bound together in a book, I would buy it.
sLaShEr84 at 07:35 PM Jun 02

Count me in too.

Anakin at 03:05 AM Jun 03

He is MFC. Really.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

All of this Piranha 3DD hate is making me want to watch it more, just to see how in the hell they fucked it up so badly.
Electroeels25 at 05:14 PM Jun 02

I would say don't waste your time, but that's only going to make you want to watch it more; and that would be a mistake. So my advice is to watch it as soon as possible.

horrorfan23 at 05:33 PM Jun 02

Enter at your own risk.

hunter zolomon
hunter zolomon at 05:38 PM Jun 02

its a dl

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Wrote another 10 pages in my screenplay. I think it's really coming along nicely at this point :)
HTX0811 at 05:19 PM Jun 02

My first draft, which was a completely different story than it is now, was about 90 pages. It was pretty bad and I started finding major plotholes, but now it's back to 6. It's a semi-autobiographical story of when my parents got divorced and how it affected me as a child. The difference in this story is that they're brothers and I'm an only child. I've decided to write a fictional younger brother character in order to reflect how my younger self dealt with this.

VitamanMan8 at 05:45 PM Jun 02

Yeah having another character there to bounce ideas off of is a good strategy in screenplays. It lets the character talk about what he's feeling and lets the viewer see what the character is thinking without having to use voiceover, so I think that was a good decision.

First drafts are always pretty crappy. This is my third draft of this screenplay, and it's only just now coming together. Apparently Oliver Stone wrote like 16 drafts of Platoon before he made the thing. So don't feel bad when you start to notice flaws in your work. The best thing to do is finish it, and then go back and write another draft. Finishing it is the best way to get all your ideas out there, to just throw everything you have at a canvas and then see what sticks.

Anakin at 02:40 AM Jun 03

It's awesome that there's so many writers on here. Just keep at it 'cause if your idea is good enough and you have somthing to say it's gonna be able to open doors for you. You may already know about it but check out 'Scriptshadow' if you don't. Great site.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

I want to see Moonrise Kingdom, dammit!!
lordtyler912 at 03:00 PM Jun 02

omg me 2 me 2

Invidtus at 08:20 PM Jun 02

tuesday for my birthday neighborhood old school theatre is showing it-

Mr.Blizzo at 10:57 PM Jun 02

Can't wait to see it. I hope it gets released near me very soon.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

I'm really worried the actress who plays Yara Greyjoy on Game of Thrones isn't going to be able to believably portray everything she's supposed to in later seasons of the show.
VitamanMan8 at 01:20 PM Jun 02

aka Asha Greyjoy

Anakin at 01:37 PM Jun 02

I'm not the biggest fan either mate. I'm not down with her look (that's not me being a dick saying she's not attractive enough). I don't know...we'll see I guess. She's got some attitude on her and that's good.

VitamanMan8 at 02:05 PM Jun 02

I don't care if she isn't attractive (even though she's supposed to be in the books), but her look is definitely off for the character. And I don't think the actress quite has the chops for her. She's a really strong female character and that actress isn't doing it for me :/

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Damn this Mad Men show... I've only watched 5 episodes but I don't think I can stop. Gonna take a quick lunch break and try reading Feast for Crows and Dance With Dragons to take my mind off it.
LegendarySuit at 09:45 AM Jun 02

Mad Men is indeed great.

xwing16 at 11:19 AM Jun 02

It only gets better (IMO)

PulpFictionFan1 at 12:04 PM Jun 02

correction it gets better and then falls flat in season five until last weeks episode.

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

I think the best word to describe Theron's performance in Snow White and the Huntsman is "campy."
VitamanMan8 at 04:56 PM Jun 01

@lordtyler everyone keeps saying that! I don't know what I'm missing...

randychico at 05:06 PM Jun 01

^maybe you watched Mirror Mirror.. that was Julia Roberts dude, it's understandable :p

WalkAway at 11:01 AM Jun 02

I heard that too. But I feel like evil queens = campy

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Just watched the first episode of Mad Men. Verdict: It was fantastic. Damn it, I really don't need another obsession right now!!
Anakin at 03:58 PM Jun 01

Oh right. So it's just a few months and not a full year so? That's not THAT bad.

VitamanMan8 at 04:02 PM Jun 01

I think it's ALMOST a full year. They didn't say when the second half of the season would start, just that it would be next summer. If it starts in early may, that will be a 7(ish) month wait. But then they could always do it in late July and make us wait almost a full year.

Laksmikanti at 09:03 PM Jun 01

Too late VitamanMan8, once you saw Mad Men once, you are caught for life... or for the last of the seasons.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Charlize Theron's "evil queen" and her brother remind me a lot of the Lannisters.
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Snow White and the Huntsman was a pretty average movie was some really awesome visuals. It's sad that Charlize Theron gives the worst performance in the movie. 6.5/10
MonsterZeroNJ at 01:44 PM Jun 01

Even I am not crazy enough to compare it to his performance in Silence Of The Lambs. This was just a good actress having fun. I like her.

VitamanMan8 at 01:50 PM Jun 01

I like her too. I loved her in Young Adult, in Monster, in The Devil's Advocate, even Mighty Joe Young. I just don't think she was good in "Snow White and the Huntsman."

PulpFictionFan1 at 02:15 PM Jun 01

See I agree the movie was rather dull in parts but I loved Theron in it. She was the best part about it in my opinion

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

Alright everybody, I'm going to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I'll let you know what I think.
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