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Why the fuck am I still watching this Leftovers show? There's not really a point to it, it just depresses the fuck out of me every week.
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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: about 17 hours ago

Why the fuck am I still watching this Leftovers show? There's not really a point to it, it just depresses the fuck out of me every week.
HTX0811 at 11:53 AM Jul 29

I think the point to it is that there's no point to it. lol Especially being in the world that they're in. Sometimes it frustrates me, especially the Guilty Remnant, because they don't talk and they just stand around. I worry how that can sustain a premise for a TV show but maybe they have that figured out. I really am fascinated by it every time I watch it though and the characters interest me but it's definitely not a feel good show by any means.

VitamanMan8 at 01:26 PM Jul 29

Yeah. At least in this most recent episode a couple of the GR start talking. So that was something. But it was SO gruesome and every episode is just like "LIFE SUCKS!!!" and then everyone cries and then the episodes ends. But at the same time, you're right, I'm definitely fascinated by it the entire time I'm watching. So WHO THE HELL KNOWS!? lol

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Every single moment in that Dame to Kill For trailer reminded me why I hated the first movie so much, and why I will be avoiding this one at all costs.
TheChanges23 at 01:13 PM Jul 29

Well what makes you hate the film Vitamin?

VitamanMan8 at 01:28 PM Jul 29

The overly-stylized cheesiness. The weird characters. The annoying way that everyone talks like Batman. The fact that they're trying so hard to make it look and feel like a comic book, while simultaneously removing everything that I enjoy about comic books. And the way that literally every storyline is just "GANGS AND VIOLENCE AND STRIPPERS AND EVIL!!!!!" It's just... ugh. I don't know. I can't stand it. And at the same time, I get that all of those things are the EXACT reasons that most people love the movie. It just drives me crazy.

TheChanges23 at 04:16 PM Jul 29

Hmmm. You are correct. What you despise about the film is the reason why so many love it. BUT, even though I think its one of the best adaptations out there, I can definitely understand those who don't care for it.

Though you open my eyes toward the Batman speak. Lol

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Too much awesome in the Hobbit trailer.
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Fucking love Comic Con week.
Dodong27 at 04:30 PM Jul 26


JohnnyPHreak at 06:41 PM Jul 26


VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

OH and "You're the Worst" on FX is freaking amazing.
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

FINALLY got around to watching all the awesome Sunday night shows, since the cable went out on Sunday, which made it difficult and annoying to find any of the shows, even online, since the cable and internet are linked... -_- BUT I enjoyed them all. Bring on this Sunday!
VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

Masters of Sex, Halt and Catch Fire, and The Strain. Sunday night TV is back!!
JohnLocke2342 at 03:54 PM Jul 20


cerealkiller182 at 04:56 PM Jul 20

Monday morning TV is back! :P

HTX0811 at 06:14 PM Jul 20

Can't wait!

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VitamanMan8 posted a VIDEO item: 10 days ago

Blind Date


oscarxp25 at 01:36 PM Jul 20

Nice work there

VitamanMan8 at 03:03 PM Jul 20


Glinda at 09:15 PM Jul 20

I'm laughing so hard already at Cynthia's first 30 seconds of this date…

I love that there are dinosaurs in "Vitaman's" world!

I loved this ep, all of the stories so funny.

Okay hold on, have there always been "after credits" scenes? I never knew until now!

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

You guys I'm so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy I can't even contain myself
JohnnyPHreak at 03:48 PM Jul 19

If all these early screenings are any indication. It's going to be pretty awesome.

Glinda at 08:11 PM Jul 19

I cannot wait.

oscarxp25 at 10:57 PM Jul 19

I think it is going to be the movie of the summer. I think it is going to be a perfect mix or action and comedy. It will have the same feel as Indiana Jones. Pratt is going to destroy the everyone else will too

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 15 days ago

I've only listened to 2 of the songs, but "Mandatory Fun" is already 1000x better than Alpocalypse was. Go, Weird Al! Congrats on making a fantastic final album on your label!
cobb at 09:37 AM Jul 15


dsloy at 02:03 PM Jul 15

this is the year of AL

VitamanMan8 posted a VIDEO item: 16 days ago

The Prepper


Glinda at 12:17 AM Jul 15

Loved it!

If you send me the information on your faceplate, I'll have him twat you. LMAO!

Yay for James Franco! He's a survivor. :)

VitamanMan8 at 12:39 AM Jul 15

Thanks, as always, for watching, Glinda! You're practically our #1 fan!!

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

The more I think about it, the more I realize... I HATED "Enemy"
VitamanMan8 at 10:58 AM Jul 14

It's only 90 minutes. Although you'll probably spend at least 20 minutes after it ends searching the internet for an explanation

Dodong27 at 11:12 AM Jul 14

Really!?! Ha.. wow.

Cochise at 11:19 AM Jul 14

^ haha I love those types of movies... well, sometimes. I f'ing hate them if it feels super cheap or if you have to look it up and it still makes no sense or the theories on how it makes sense are so far out there and stretched... I still wanna give this one a go though, I love psychological thrillers. I was planning a double feature of Enemy and The Double lol.

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VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

Masters of Sex premiere was good. The Strain premiere was fucked up in all the best ways. Loved it. Still need to watch the new Halt and Catch Fire and the new Leftovers.
HTX0811 at 04:15 AM Jul 14

I'm still catching up on season 1 of Masters of Sex and I look forward to seeing season 2. I also really enjoyed The Strain.

Beauski at 07:13 AM Jul 14

Yes to all these shows, and I'll add in Ray Donovan as well.

VitamanMan8 at 10:53 AM Jul 14

Oh man if I have time I'll try to squeeze in Ray Donovan but I still haven't seen a single episode...

VitamanMan8 updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

There are a bunch of news articles stating that the full-length director's cut of Snowpiercer is the one that's in theaters right now. BUT the director said the length of his movie is 2 hours and 30 minutes and the version of Snowpiercer that's playing across the street from me is 2 hours and 5 minutes. So now I just don't know what to believe.
Cronos at 03:56 PM Jul 13

There's only the 125 minute cut (the same cut that was released internationally). I've never seen mention of a 150 minute cut, I'd assume that was a mistake on the part of a writer that was never corrected.

The Weinsteins wanted to cut it to 100.

EDIT: In this interview he says it's his director's cut:

Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:20 PM Jul 13

All the sources I've seen have said the 125-minute cut is THE one and only cut.

VitamanMan8 at 11:48 PM Jul 13

goddamn reporters. Fucking things up.

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VitamanMan8 posted a VIDEO item: 17 days ago

The Prepper


Glinda at 12:01 PM Jul 14

Awesome! I'll definitely catch this later today.

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