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Breaking Bond: A View to a Kill


A View to a Kill


*Number in the series: 14

*Release Year: 1985

*Opening : "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran

*Bond: Moore

*Location: France, San Francisco

*Villain: Max Zorin - leading French industrialist, Chris Walken! Races horses, ex KGB, created from a Nazi steroid experiment, sociopath

- Evil Plan: form an international cartel to control production and distribution of silicone microchips, Silicone Valley - end its dominance and leave him in control of the market, Project Main Strike, pump sea water instead of oil into a pipeline and blast the lakes to create a double earthquake at the top of the spring tide, flood fault lines

- How he bites it: Fights Bond on bridge, falls

*Henchman: MayDay- Grace Jones!!; Scarpine- his right hand man, other lady assassins; Dr. Graul - created Zorin

- What makes them special: MayDay is a giant and scary; Scarpine has a scar, get it!; Dr. has a monocle

- How they bite it: May Day is betrayed by Zorin, takes the big bomb out of the mine and explodes with it; the good doctor lights dynamite on the blimp and kills both himself and Scarpine

*Bond Girl(s): Stacey Sutton (Tanya Roberts) - studied geology, used to run her grandfather's oil business, the definition of damsel in distress, definitely the dumbest bond girl ever; May Day (Grace Jones) - assassin; Paulino Ivanova? KGB agent, sleeps with him then leaves

*Coolest Gadgets: Microchip impervious to magnetic pulse damage; shaver bug finder; X-ray glasses; ring camera; electronic card to open a window; blimp house

*Most Inventive Kills: Butterfly to the neck; death in a car wash, death by blimp, propeller of death head first, now that's ruthless; (Attempted) death by Golden Gate Bridge

* Fun/Interesting Scenes: Another snowy opening but with the worst song usage ever!!!; Grace on the Eifel Tower then jumping off; car chase with Bond in a halved car; elevator stables into laboratory; Grace in a leotard practicing fighting; Bond horse jumping then raised hedges with horse fighting; taking air from the tire while underwater; Bond vs the boat propeller; Bond in the elevator on fire escape; fire truck chase and ladder loose; cop cars on opening bridge; mining fight/escape; Blimp over San Fran and tied to Bridge

* Other interesting tidbits:

- John freaking Steed people!

- Lady lay counter: 4

- Although I don't like the main song, I think this may be one of my favorite Bond scores

- Bond's shot has gotten far worse

- And the tradition of ridiculous American cops continues

- Bond receives metal from KGB, first time a non russian has gotten one

- Chris Walken was not the first choice for Zorin, it was actually supposed to be David Bowie

- Walken plays Max and is blonde, in Batman Returns he is blonde and named Max...hmmm

* First Viewing?: Yes

* My thoughts: I don't want to even think about it. No. No. At least Moonraker was funny. 3/10

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xwing16 at 09:09 AM Dec 02

I really need to rewatch this movie!

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