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Been a long time since I have been on here but heard the new today, sad day for nerdom. It's been fun my fellow movie nerds.
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Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: about 1 month ago

Been a long time since I have been on here but heard the new today, sad day for nerdom. It's been fun my fellow movie nerds.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 4 months ago

I seriously cannot decide if I want to see IT or not. I hate clowns, seriously hate them, but it looks like a damn fun scary movie.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 5 months ago

Sure there were several timing and logic flaws this season, but fuck was it a great and fucking satisfying season. This episode alone was worth it, next season is going to be even more anxiety inducing.
LelekPL at 08:12 AM Aug 29

Yeah, the timing issues, the "rush" and some fan pandering brings it down in my scores but it was a solid season. It's still better than 5.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 6 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Spiderman: Homecoming, heart, punch and a nice dose of some real life consequences. Also, gold stars to AMC for great damage control after they spilled a drink all over my legs.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 7 months ago

Gotta say, I did not enjoy watching Okja, I wanted to but that was when I thought it would be a far less unsettling movie. Watched it once, never again.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 7 months ago

Apparently Broadchurch is back tonight, I don't think my heart can take it, that show is so damn stressful.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 7 months ago

Rest in Peace Vir Cotto, you moon faced assassin of joy :(
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 7 months ago

Just realizing that in almost all Keanu Reeves action movies he has a fight in the rain.
BATeMAN at 03:13 PM Jun 17

I would like to see that list.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Came across Death Proof halfway through and damn I am still crushing hard on Zoe Bell, had to finish the movie just to watch her stunts.
sLaShEr84 at 10:42 PM May 27

Good movie.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

I get a sick joy out of watching shitty movies, it is hard to explain, but it helps to somehow balance a bad work day. Tonight it's the Twilight movies, so bad I can't stop laughing, it's almost cathartic.
timmyd at 07:51 PM May 25

sometimes , bad is good.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Saw Alien Covenant today, I didn't hate it, it had some good moments, Katherine Waterston was a HUGE improvement, and Danny McBride was surprisingly believable in a serious role. But I just have a hard time with prequels that have technology way too advanced for their timeline. Ash vs David, vastly different tech.
Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Okay, it is official Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2, together as one, is my favorite Marvel movie. I laughed, oohed/awwwed and even teared up a little.
Vampjezzc at 09:57 PM May 08

PS you can totally argue that it is 2 parts of the same film, the character story resolutions and development, as well as some major overall plot archs start in one and end in the second.

Vampjezzc posted an IMAGE item: 9 months ago
Today I got to meet one of my idols, probably my first crush, and a pretty fucking amazing dude. Today this child raised by Trekkers got to meet Will Wheaton, and he was one of the nicest celebrities I have ever encountered.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:41 PM Apr 22

The squee is strong with this photo.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 9 months ago

Every time I watch Suicide Squad I just get angrier at the waste of potential.
LelekPL at 01:19 PM Apr 16

I watched it once, it was meh (better than BvS at least) but I never bothered with it again.

Vampjezzc updated her STATUS: 10 months ago

I tried watching both of the Dave Chapelle comedy specials, but as they progressed I became angrier and angrier. The amount of humor based in transphobia, homophobia and misogyny make them completely unwatchable for me. I love a good standup special don't get me wrong, and maybe my own views are what is changing and not the content of these specials, but if this is where comedy is headed that is just sad.
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