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You're Next


This is a flick that I always have a good time with , every time out . Adam Wingard is money in my book , having dug everything I've seen from him so far , including BLAIR WITCH (granted , I initially hated it) and one of his earlier efforts POP SKULL , which certainly ain't everyone's cup of tea . But the real reason I love this flick so much is the work of Sharni Vinson as Erin , who is instantly one of horror's most memorable Final Girls . Tonight's viewing selection is YOU'RE NEXT . '' Fuck me next to your dead mom . ''

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Scotch at 05:31 PM Oct 09

Fucking awesome movie! Excellent choice for the night

jimmydevito at 05:39 PM Oct 09

Very nice bro I actually picked this up today. Can't wait to give it a rewatch

sLaShEr84 at 06:04 PM Oct 09

Good movie.

LelekPL at 02:16 AM Oct 10

solid film.

Laksmikanti at 03:10 AM Oct 10

she carries the entire movie on her shoulders with easy, true, one of the best final girls.

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