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I haven't caught this since it's theatrical run , it's been sitting inside it's factory sealed packaging since the day I bought it . I remember it being a decent flick , and I do recall Jessica Chastain looking pretty damn good as a raven haired lass . Anyway , tonight's viewing selection is Andres Muschietti's MAMA . '' Daddy ! There's a woman outside ... she's not touching the floor ! ''

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Scotch at 02:23 AM Apr 19

Chastain FTW

grelber37 at 03:38 AM Apr 19

Mama takes a few risks that other horror movies do not, and risk-taking can be what good horror is all about.

BATeMAN at 01:21 AM Apr 20


Caught the opening to this and does look good. And managed to get a copy on Bluray really cheap because they thought it was a non english version. I took the gamble and it paid off. Got it for £1.20

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