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This is a pretty cool flick with a pretty cool cast . The acting's solid all around , don't buy into those who say it ain't , the story's intriguing , but I'm mainly watching for sexy Chastain and I haven't seen this one in a while . Tonight's viewing selection is John Hillcoat's LAWLESS . '' You can make moonshine whiskey from just about anything . Turnips , pumpkins , blackberries , cornmeal , tree bark . Anything . ''

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Scotch at 09:35 PM Jul 09

Awesome fucking film! Helluva cast all around.

Moviefreak2010 at 07:52 AM Jul 10


BATeMAN at 05:10 PM Jul 10

Great Film! Shia LaBeouf is awesome in it too. You don't get to say that often.

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