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Dead Silence


This is the James Wan flick that gets crapped on the most , but I actually dig it quite a bit . A couple of really creepy scenes , a great villain in Mary Shaw , and Donnie Wahlberg rockin' an electric razor through the whole damn film. Fun stuff . Tonight's viewing selection is DEAD SILENCE . '' Beware the stare of Mary Shaw / She had no children only dolls / And if you see her in your dreams / Be sure to never ever scream . ''

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sLaShEr84 at 02:39 AM Apr 20

Good movie.

Scotch at 03:12 AM Apr 20

Creepy lil flick

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 05:19 AM Apr 20

(based on the poster) looks like Beetlejuice's mother!

writer19 at 05:57 AM Apr 20


LelekPL at 01:13 PM Apr 20

I've never seen it. Should I?

timmyd at 01:49 AM Apr 21

@LelekPL , It's kinda goofy , but there are some creepy moments and it really doesn't take itself too seriously . it's worth a watch for sure.

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