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Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl , one of the lights in my life , the one and only emmyd !!
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timmyd created a LIST: 3 days ago


1. HALLOWEEN - Saw it at a drive-in at the tender age of 12 . I was never the same.
2. JAWS - If you weren't around back in the day , it may be hard to believe people stayed out of the water after seeing this . I'm telling you straight up : they did .
3. BLACK CHRISTMAS - I caught this one on a late-night horror show while sleeping over at a buddy's house . no sleep that night . or for about a week afterwards .
4. THE WIZARD OF OZ - Hey , as a wee lad , the first time I saw those flying monkeys , I lost my shit.
5. DEMENTIA 13 - Weird assed , freaky , mayhem . really got under my skin.
6. THE EXORCIST - WTF ?? Seeing that head spin , hearing that voice , reading that message scrawled from the inside of Regan's body ...brrrrrrr !
7. SUSPIRIA - I can't express in words what this film did to my young mind.
8. THE SHINING - Lost all hope of surviving a watch of this film , right after seeing all of Jack's thoughts put on paper .
9. BURNT OFFERINGS - Fucking creepy shit .
10. NOSFERATU - Saw this at a library screening with my pop . ''Why would you do that to me ?'' I asked afterwards .

Based on a list by writer19

Glinda at 12:29 AM Aug 01

Nice list!! I can attest to staying out of the water myself after Jaws. I would not go in at the lake for two months and my parents were actually mad at me but I held my ground. I went to a slumber part with a bunch of girlfriends that summer and we were all swimming and one of the girls got spooked thinking of Jaws and she screamed she thinks there's a shark in the water and we were all screaming trying to get out so fast it was mayhem. This was a backyard pool! The mind goes there.

The Exorcist terrified me as a kid too, and yep, so did The Wizard of Oz in my younger years. Scariest part for me was the witch chasing Dorothy in the castle.

Laksmikanti at 04:19 AM Aug 01

OMG! It is hard to believe for me that you can be scared at all by horror flicks, being you a connoisseur (and lover), of the genre. However, I have to recognize that these were the classics that can destroy a childhood innocent mind.

grelber37 at 05:13 AM Aug 03

I have often wondered what horror MFC's biggest horrorhounds watched as kids.

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timmyd posted a BLOG item 3 days ago

They Live


I've just decided to pass on PULP FICTION tonight , after hearing of the passing of a true sports entertainment legend , the wonderful Rowdy One , Roddy Piper . Tonight's viewing selection goes out to you big guy ..... THEY LIVE . '' You , you're okay . This one : real fucking ugly . ''

Mood: High

Invidtus at 08:21 PM Jul 31

Well they ain't from Cleveland~

timmyd posted a BLOG item 4 days ago



With wide-release horror films being a hit and miss thing these days , mostly miss , imagine my surprise when my visit to the theater paid off with this badboy , iffy premise and all. Tonight's viewing selection is one of my faves from last year , OCULUS . '' I've met my demons , and they are many . I've seen the devil , and he is me ''

Mood: High

Invidtus at 09:29 PM Jul 30

Loved it~

Glinda at 01:00 AM Jul 31

I loved it too.

the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 02:14 PM Jul 31

I've had this sitting on my shelf unopened for quite some time, just haven't had the time to see it, but it'll definitely be the next film I watch on my day off.

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timmyd created a LIST: 4 days ago

Top 12 TV Shows + Favorite Character.

1. SEINFELD - Kramer
2. THE SOPRANOS - Tony Soprano
3. TRUE DETECTIVE - Rust Cohle / Ray Velcoro
4. THE WALKING DEAD - Rick Grimes
5. THE X-FILES - Dana Scully
6. BREAKING BAD - Walter White
7. FAWLTY TOWERS - Basil Fawlty
8. THE SIMPSONS - Homer Simpson
9. MILLENIUM - Frank Black
10. FRIENDS - Chandler Bing
11. THE BLACK DONNELLYS(pictured) - Tommy Donnelly/ Jenny Reilly
12. E.R. - Dr. John Carter

Based on a list by unbinkable

Weapon X
Weapon X at 04:46 PM Jul 30

Nice to see some Black Donnellys love.

Laksmikanti at 05:04 PM Jul 30

Tony Soprano, nothing but love. Nice list.

WalkAway at 07:30 PM Jul 30

I loved The Black Donnellys!

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timmyd updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl , one of the lights in my life , the one and only emmyd !!
emmyd at 11:25 AM Jul 30

Thanks guys. And thanks Laks! He's always been my birthday buddy but what you said makes my day! :)

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 12:13 PM Jul 30

Happy Birthday Emmyd!

TheChanges23 at 05:05 PM Jul 30

Happy Birthday Emmy!!!!!!!

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timmyd created a LIST: 5 days ago

Top 12 Road Trip Movies

1. THE HITCHER - CThomas Howell makes the mistake of picking up Rutger Hauer , and then things go to hell in a hurry . Intense , chilling stuff .
2. PLANES , TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES - One of my favorite John Hughes films , with the greats Martin and Candy . A classic comedy with as much heart as humor.
3. JOY RIDE - A couple of bonehead brothers play a prank on the wrong trucker . One of the most pleasant surprises I've seen.
4. ZOMBIELAND - A stellar cast highlights this tale of a socially awkward young man trying to get home , a wackadoodle searching for the last twinkie in America , and two sisters heading to a beloved amusement park , all set in a post zombie-apocalypse United States .
5. THE BLUES BROTHERS - Jake and Elwood Blues head out to save the Orphanage they were raised in , in John Landis' classic cult fave .
6. JEEPERS CREEPERS - A brother and sister run across a creature that emerges every 23 years to feed for 23 days , while heading home for a school break. Fun times , reminiscent of a classic 50's B Film.
7. DUEL - A buisnessman travelling through the desert pisses off a tanker-truck driver , and becomes the object of his rage. Spielberg's 1971 TV flick(based on a story by Richard Matheson) is a fun thrill ride.
8. DEAD END - A family heading to their relatives home on Christmas Eve take the worst shotcut ever , where they encounter ghostly apparitions , a menacing car , and an endless road that seems to go on forever .
9. THE HILLS HAVE EYES(2006) - Alexandre Aja's update of Wes Craven's 1977 cult classic tells the tale of a family on vacation who take an ill-advised detour straight into the feeding grounds of cannibalistic mountain dwelling mutants . oh shit.
10. WRONG TURN - A group of young adults fall prey to a clan of cannibalistic mountain folk in West Virginia . they should mark cannibal territory on maps for christ's sake.
11. RACE WITH THE DEVIL - Two couple heading off for some dirt biking vacation fun , witness a satanic sacrificial ritual while camped for the night , then become targets of the cult members .
12. HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES - A group of college students researching a paper on American oddities run afoul of the Firefly clan , a family of mass murderers .

Based on a list by Kevin Smith fan

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:35 AM Jul 30

Nice list! A few I've never seen though (2,7,8,11).

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 12:19 PM Jul 30

Bad-Ass list dude!

Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers?

TheChanges23 at 05:08 PM Jul 30

Fantastic list Timmy!

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timmyd posted a BLOG item 5 days ago

Escape From New York


One of my favorite Carpenter flicks (behind HALLOWEEN , THE THING and THE FOG) , caught it in theaters with my pops back in the day(1981) , and even though it really was outside the box for him , he had a blast with it . Tonight's viewing selection features Kurt Russell as the great Snake Plissken in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK . '' I thought you were dead ''

Mood: High

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 08:50 PM Jul 29

wooah what a great cult classic movie.

Glinda at 10:23 PM Jul 29

Fantastic. I love this movie! I wish I'd seen it in the theater.

timmyd updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

After Dark Films is bringing back the ' 8 Films To Die For ' series . Color me fucking ecstatic !! Some very cool films in this series over the years including THE FINAL , THE HAMILTONS , P2 , FRONTIERS and THE REEDS to namev but a few.
MonsterZeroNJ at 10:18 AM Jul 29

I'm pretty stoked too! Can't wait to see what they're offering!

timmyd posted an IMAGE item: 6 days ago
Jessica Bowman as the unfortunate Charlotte in '' JOY RIDE '' . The first time I saw this flick , I was floored by how gorgeous she was . probably still is . seriously hott.

Glinda at 01:18 AM Jul 29

I love that movie and yes, she was just gorgeous.

timmyd posted a BLOG item 6 days ago

Joy Ride


The recent ' top 10 road trip films ' lists that appeared on this very site , put me in mind of this classic road trip thriller (and last night's actually) . Tonight's viewing selection features Paul Walker , Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski in John Dahl's JOY RIDE . '' I'm not going anywhere unless someone tells me why I should be scared of a radio ''

Mood: High

emmyd at 12:35 AM Jul 29

This was a very surprising movie. It definitely gave me chills. Great movie.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:18 AM Jul 29

Love this movie! Ted Levine is so fucking creepy as Rusty Nail.

unbinkable at 08:50 AM Jul 29

Written by J.J. Abrams too! Such an awesome and intense flick.

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timmyd updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

I just can't wrap my mind around all the shit being thrown at Season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE . You're obviously not going to capture the exact magic of season 1 , but this year features some stellar acting , great dialogue , a slow-burn freefall of our lead characters , and some very weird shit , a trademark of Season1 . I'm actually loving it , and look forward to Sunday night each week.
JohnnyPHreak at 11:17 PM Jul 27

Same here man. I love this season for what it is. A LA noir cop thriller with a touch of Michael Mann.

Anakin at 04:16 AM Jul 28

Couldn't have said it better myself. Loving it this year and don't get the hate at all.

jimmydevito at 10:30 AM Jul 28

Yep yep loving the season

timmyd posted a BLOG item 7 days ago

Race With The Devil


I still vividly recall seeing this at a drive-in as a wee lad with a buddy and his pops , and it left the two of us stunned for days . The first real flick I'd seen where there wasn't a 'happy' ending , and it blew my freakin' mind at the time. Tonight's viewing selection features Peter Fonda , Warren Oates and Loretta Swit in 1975's RACE WITH THE DEVIL.

Mood: High

Glinda at 10:48 PM Jul 27

I don't think I've seen this. I love that cast!

Bitto529 at 09:59 AM Jul 28

Good flick! The creepiness really sneaks up on you.

MonsterZeroNJ at 10:18 AM Jul 29

Love this movie!

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timmyd posted an IMAGE item: 7 days ago
Happy MUNN-day

JohnLocke2342 at 10:12 PM Jul 27

GODDAMN I love these Munn-days

Glinda at 10:49 PM Jul 27


Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 11:41 AM Jul 28


timmyd updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

Man , I'm SyFy'd out . This weekend I've seen 3 HEADED SHARK ATTACK , LAVALANTULA , and SHARKNADO 3 . If I never see another green screen again , I'll be a happy camper.
southofheaven at 08:00 PM Jul 26

i only watched lavalantula and that was enough green screen for me

emmyd at 12:19 AM Jul 27

That's a lot of green screen madness.

timmyd posted a BLOG item 8 days ago

The Descent


This evening , it's TRUE DETECTIVE , then one of the greatest horror films ever made . The creepy , claustrophobic , creature feature , Neil Marshall's THE DESCENT is Tonight's viewing selection.

Mood: High

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 11:58 AM Jul 27

one of the best ever made!

Glinda at 01:28 AM Jul 28

So good, so creepy!

MonsterZeroNJ at 10:19 AM Jul 29

One of my modern horror favorites!

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