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I can never get over the fact that the guy who was Malcolm in the Middle's dad plays these dark, psychologically complex characters. I've never watched Breaking Bad but when I see that commercial "I am the one who knocks!" it kinda freaks me out. But dude is a damn good actor, no doubt.
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themanstrikesagain posted an IMAGE item: over 6 years ago
I believe this is from a video game but looks to me like he'd be right at home in the Nolan universe.

mister easter
mister easter at 02:06 AM Sep 25

can't WAIT for arkham city!!!

drc5145 at 02:20 AM Sep 25

I can;t wait for it

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

As I sit and watch starwarsuncut, there's so much weird and random shit going on every few seconds I laugh till it hurts and feel like I'm on some really weird drugs. This is a really unique experience.
themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Blu Ray or no Blu ray, your not a complete Star Wars fan until you see this:
WP-DFA at 01:24 AM Sep 24

lol weird

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

12:19AM Is anyone awake on the east coast?
themanstrikesagain at 12:27 AM Sep 24

From Southern New Jersey and not too excited about it. Whatever they told you in Jersey Shore is a flagrant misrepresentation (not that I've ever seen ten full seconds of that show).

darknite125 at 12:35 AM Sep 24

I am

cerealkiller182 at 12:36 AM Sep 24


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themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Watching "HANNA" for the 2nd time. My favorite movie of the year after "Source Code".
RandomK1NG at 08:24 PM Sep 10

Nice. I just finished my 3rd viewing of it and for me its gotten better every time. I hated it the 1st time, liked it the 2nd time, and now I really like it.

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

"FRIGHT NIGHT 2011" is, quite unexpectedly, a really good film.
ironfist66 at 07:10 PM Sep 10

I was wondering about that remake. Specially with "Colin Farrell" being the vamp! I thought he was a good pick. Thanks for letting "those that wonder" know!

Dr.Frankenstein at 07:54 PM Sep 10

Saw it twice now (last night at Drive-In in fact) just alot of fun!

darknite125 at 09:31 PM Sep 10

i was suprised by how much I enjoyed it

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

I guess expected Cowboys & Aliens to open bigger, like north of 50 million. But there's still hope, right?
Johnboy16 at 09:24 PM Jul 31

It's driving me insane that it's so close to Smurfs, it should be killing that nightmare of a movie. I too am holding out hope, come on Craig and Ford, smash those blue little fuckers.

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

I supported Cowboys & Aliens at the box office this weekend, having no idea Smurfs would come anywhere near it, especially because I can't remember seeing Times Square in any Smurfs episodes when I was a kid.
themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Cowboys & Aliens is fully worth your 10$ at the box office. Favs has proven himself so far as I'm concerned. Go see it!
themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Captain America delivered. Chris Evans is perfect as Steve Rogers. Hugo Weaving is better then perfect as Red Skull. Reminded me a lot of Raiders. Off to see Cowboys & Aliens.
LegendarySuit at 11:31 AM Jul 29

Meh I can see why some people like it but for me personally it just didn't click.

VitamanMan8 at 12:19 PM Jul 29

You're just waiting for the right partner, LegendarySuit

PulpFictionFan1 at 04:43 PM Jul 29

Cowboys & Aliens was fantastic!

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themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

I'm all about seeing Captain America in the very near future. My boy Chris Evans will finally be established as a credible leading man. He totally stole the show in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World", if you have not seen it I don't know why your online right now.
VitamanMan8 at 11:43 AM Jul 22

Excellent point good sir

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

I figured out why I don't like the Spiderman teaser. It's because it looks like a worse version of the same film that was already made. The POV shot at the end really killed it.
drc5145 at 10:55 PM Jul 19

^In other words, everything from SM3

themanstrikesagain at 11:12 AM Jul 20

Actually I really like the effects sequences in SM3.

PulpFictionFan1 at 07:01 PM Jul 22

which is why everyone on here just realized you now know nothing about spiderman or effects. lol

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themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

I posted my first blog(!) Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises teaser. Check it out.
themanstrikesagain posted a BLOG item over 6 years ago

Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

I’ve seen comments on MFC over the weekend discussing how “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” may be breaking all the box office records now, but it is certainly expected by some while doubted by other the “The Dark knight Rises”(TDKR) will break those same records come next summer. For those in doubt I say, don’t underestimate the Batman fanbase. Don’t underestimate Christopher Nolan.

It is the popular opinion that the “Spiderman” trilogy went down in flames after Sam Raimi delivered two well-loved films in a row. Sure there is concern that this may happen to TDKR but to ease those fears I say let us not forget Nolan’s “Inception”. One of last year’s biggest hits, “Inception” serves as proof that Nolan hasn’t lost his head in the wake of his success. He has a reputation for being a very grounded, level headed person and I think this film proved that he continues to be such an individual.

The thing about a film like this, with such ridiculously high expectations attached to it, is that it’s already been built up to mythological proportions. It’s nearly impossible to deliver on all fronts, in a manner that will be satisfactory to everyone, critics and fans alike. The problem with a film like this is that people spend so much time imagining what they think it should be like that by the film actually comes along, they’ve made a completely different film in their heads and are disappointed when what they see on screen doesn’t match what they’ve imagined.

After seeing the teaser trailer, it occurred to me for the first time that Bane poses a physical threat to Batman that has not been dealt with in the previous films. Ra’s Al Ghoul, Scarecrow, Two- Face, and the Joker may have been a threat to Batman on a mental, emotional or psychological level but none were a threat physically. Bane represents a challenge of physical endurance we’ve not seen Batman deal with in these films. Now I thinking this may have been one of the major reasons the Nolan brothers selected him instead of other potential villains.

Another thing about Bane is that the general public (myself included), doesn’t know anything about him. I don’t even know what I think he’s supposed to act like. I’ve been a life-long fan of Batman, just the idea of the Caped Crusader is cool to me but I’m certainly no hardcore comic book reader. I know Batman from TV and movies. My only impression of Bane is from the travesty that was “Batman & Robin”. I really have no idea how he’ll be portrayed in TDKR but I know it won’t be anything like that. I can’t even remember him having any speaking lines in that movie.

I don’t know what Bane is supposed to be like, how he’ll talk, act, move, is all a mystery to me. I barely even know his backstory. I know what the general public might know, that he broke Batman’s back in the comic and that he’s got some kind of steroid thing going on. Those two basic points leave a lot of room for a character to be interpreted. People like me won’t be that difficult to satisfy. It’s the overly passionate fanboys who pick everything apart.

Mood: Chillin'

Derek237 at 09:15 PM Jul 19

Honestly......honestly, honestly, honestly- I think Bane is going to surprise a lot of people. This movie is going to make him as popular as The Joker, mark my words.

I have expectations, sure. But if they follow his general backstory it will be okay. Already it's obvious they've taken some liberties, with his character design- just like they did with other villains anyway- and I'm pretty sure he most likely won't be speaking in a spanish accent.

But if they just nail the general idea of the character, what he stands for, and just why exactly he is such a huge threat and equal opponent for Batman then they'll have gotten it right.

At this point I'm actually more concerned about how they'll be working in Catwoman.

filmguy450 at 10:25 PM Jul 19

A few things-

A) When discussing "Spider-Man 3", I feel it is quite important to include the behind-the-scenes crap that forced Raimi to add a character he despised (Venom). It had nothing to do with Raimi "loosing his head".

B) TDKR will not be able to reach TDK's numbers, even if it is a better film. Ledger's untimely death pushed that movie from the outskirts of mainstream consciousness (Batman is very well known, and BB did decently) to the dead center of it. Everyone had to see Ledger's final (completed) performance, even if they had no interest n Batman.

C) Your title is inaccurate. You do not discuss the teaser trailer, aside from a brief mention. This is much more a rumination on how good this third film is going to be, how big a threat the new villain will be, and how you desperately hope it'll be a massive hit. None of that is a problem, I just think it's false advertising.

Fenrir at 09:34 PM Jul 20

The thing people usually don't know about Bane is that he isn't just a steroid-charged terrifying beating machine... he's also a great military strategist and very, very cunning. This being said, I have the feeling the Bane we'll see will be even something else. And I too believe his popularity is going to rise big time when the third film comes out, especially in the hands of Nolan and Hardy.

themanstrikesagain updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

NEW SPIDERMAN: Not feelin' it.
timmyd at 08:04 PM Jul 19


Derek237 at 08:56 PM Jul 19

also not feeling it but naturally im gonna see it anyway

themanstrikesagain at 09:01 PM Jul 19

I may or may not see it. Time will tell.

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