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The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2.
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So I decided to watch Mission Impossible 3 to start boning up for 5 this weekend, and someone decided to steal my MI3 disk out of my case. Yeeeah, I'm not pleased right now.
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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Happy Fathers Day to all the genuine Dads out there who cherish their children with support, love, and guidance through life.
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I find it incredibly ironic that the 3 highest grossing films of the year, so far, are all sequels.
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 06:31 PM Jun 19

I really enjoyed all 3 films and we can all agree you might as well change it to the Top 4 once December 18 hits.

JohnnyPHreak at 09:35 PM Jun 19

I would say change it five (does Spectre count as a sequel?).

brewsky99 at 01:55 AM Jun 20

if you look at worldwide box office for the last few years at least 7 and up too 10 sequels,reboots or remakes have been the in top 10 grossing films of the year.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Tonight's My night to enter the Park!!
HTX0811 at 08:12 AM Jun 17

Hope you enjoy.

Glinda at 05:39 AM Jun 18

Hope you enjoyed it!

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 06:31 PM Jun 19

I hope you like it, dude.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Wow. Fans are completely done with Game of, seriously done. Was there another rape or Red Wedding or something?
XSsoCX at 06:21 PM Jun 15

I'm going to ride or die until the end with "Game of Thrones". My mind may go on a rollercoaster of emotions, but I'll be there.

OldKingClancy at 06:53 PM Jun 15

I love seeing people freak out like this because I know it's all bullshit. But yes this last episode did fuck with people a good deal.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 06:45 AM Jun 16

To this day, I haven't watched a single episode of "GoT". Never read the books either. But every week of every season, I've enjoyed reading your thoughts, MFC! I have no idea why people are shocked, happy, frustrated or whatever but it amuses me!

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Found a bottle of Brandy/Whisky hybrid in our garage. Drinking has officially commenced......bitches...
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Going to drink tonight until I can't feel ways about stuff...
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Here's something I've been wondering - Does anyone actually watch SyFy original tv shows? These shows are always on for years but I never come across anyone who watches any of them...
JohnnyPHreak at 04:14 AM Jun 12

Z Nation was the only one I watched and I enjoyed it. But then I don't watch The Walking Dead like everyone else does.

TheChanges23 at 04:20 AM Jun 12

Ok then. I was just wondering. Glad to see I wasn't going crazy there. Lol

Cronos at 12:55 PM Jun 12

Eureka was decent (interesting idea largely wasted due to the shitty writing, especially in the later seasons), everything else I've seen from them has been garbage.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

If anyone still needs to catch-up or just binge it, Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD is on Netflix for your viewing pleasure!
grelber37 at 10:25 PM Jun 11

AoS Season 3 premieres Sept. 29th if anyone needs that info.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

So, whose up for legitimately giving JURASSIC WORLD a chance this weekend??
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 12:01 AM Jun 11

I'll give it a chance next week probably.

timmyd at 01:16 AM Jun 11


Glinda at 05:35 AM Jun 11


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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I wonder which series catches the most flack from fans and non-fans, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.
timmyd at 02:06 AM Jun 09


TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Going to try to get the taste of POWERS out of my mouth by diving into the first season of iZOMBIE. Let's do this!
cobb at 09:28 PM Jun 08

saw 1 episode.not sure what i thought

southofheaven at 10:00 PM Jun 08

its a really good show a little slow at first but it eventually picks up

brewsky99 at 09:34 AM Jun 09

all I can say it took a little time to find it's feet but the last 3 episodes have been great.Really likable cast specially Rose McIver who is great.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Is there a film you absolutely adore but has a character in it that you absolutely despise, and not in a fun way?
WalkAway at 05:37 AM Jun 07

Lord of the Rings; Denethor

Righteous_faustus at 07:59 AM Jun 07

yessir, Amon Goeth in Schindler's List

HTX0811 at 06:56 AM Jun 08

The factchecker in Almost Famous although the actress does a good job in it.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Don't forget the unsung rule of remakes schmoes - Doesn't matter whether the remake is good or god awful, it always...ALWAYS highlights the excellence of the original. Think about it.
Johnboy16 at 09:55 PM Jun 04

That's a very interesting thought and kudos to you for feeling that way but for me my feeling remains the same concerning remakes which is as follows

southofheaven at 10:09 PM Jun 04

i have gotten so numb to the idea of remakes it doesn't even really bother me ya i was a little annoyed when they announced there remaking big trouble in little china but im just kinda meh now Hollywood has beaten me down man lol

XSsoCX at 10:19 PM Jun 04

Remakes don't really bother me personally. They don't affect the originals that are near and dear to us, and if anything they hopefully bring attention from the younger generations to the original.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Sometimes I hate being a completist. No matter how bad a Film or TV season is, I need to finish it. Anyone else like that?
Cronos at 12:11 AM Jun 04

I was like that with DVDs (films, I rarely bother buying TV shows) but I'm trying to be far more selective with Blu-ray purchases.

Glinda at 12:15 AM Jun 04

I used to be but no longer. If it's an obligation I need to finish I will of course, but when it comes to entertainment? No way. It all started with Moby Dick. That damn book. I hated it so much my life was one guilt fest for a year trying to finish it, dreading it each day. Finally a friend of mine, much older, reminded me of that tired old phrase: Life is too short to spend it doing what you don't like doing, and there are far too many GOOD books you'll never have time for so what are you doing wasting it on shit you don't like??? I listened.

That said, I get it. It's a hard habit to break.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:11 PM Jun 04

From memory, I've never stopped watching a movie because it was bad.

I gave up on "The Dome" TV series after one season though because I didn't care to see what happened next.

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TheChanges23 posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

POWERS the series - Season 1 - Review.

 photo Powers_zpsie0bsojf.jpg
Plot - In a world where beings with special abilities (designated POWERS) exist with modern society, Two foul-mouthed homicide detectives investigate powers-related crimes. Based on the Marvel/Icon comic of the same name. Unfortunately.

Review - I've been reading the brilliant and phenomenal POWERS, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming, for about a decade now, and I dare say its one of, if not THE greatest work of fiction ever conceived. Bold statement I'm sure but nevertheless there it is. SO, I knew that once this new "series" was being produced on the....what was it...the Playstation Network (?), I surmised that this...let's call, wouldn't even begin to capture the excellence of the comic book. Yet, when it comes to these sort of things you have to walk into it with a certain levity, an open-mindedness as to what you're about to witness. If not, its a sure thing you're not going to enjoy whatever may come from it, whether its great or not. That's the name of the game, and the game is enjoyment.

And for what it's worth, I was prepared. While premiering a lackluster trailer that didn't even hype me up in the slightest, I still wanted to give this series a proper, unbiased chance. The kind of chance that I gave Arrow, The Flash, or even Agents of SHIELD. And it paid off as all three of those shows along with other adaptations are like the majority of what I watch now. Which is really saying something. BUT, needless to say I was beyond foolish to do so in this regard. To borrow a famous line from Comic Book Guy off "The Simpsons...."

Worst. Adaptation. Ever.

Worse than anything you can think of - "Batman and Robin?" Surprisingly. "Elektra?" Sure. "The Spirit?" Uh-huh. Both "Ghost Riders?" Definitely. Later seasons of "Smallville?" Yep. "Gotham?" Yes on all counts. Shocking doesn't even begin to describe how much this just dropped the ball. Better yet, how it didn't even pick it up in the first place. So, yeah bad.

Most of you don't remember what it was like back in the 90s. Any time a comic book was turned into a show or movie, it was beyond hit or miss. When it hit, it became a classic, but when it was a miss, you definitely felt it hardcore. Back then, only the animated shows consistently produced worthwhile renditions of our favorite comics from Batman to Spider-man to X-men.

But now we've reached a flourishing renaissance of properties being taken seriously as an art-form, and because of that, we've seen productions that have staggered our imagination and brought back that youngster within all of us. I won't get into the beyond critical masses sinking their teeth into any imperfect rendition as that would extend this review to insurmountable lengths. But I will emphatically state that this show deserves all the nerd hate, internet trolls, and criticism it can possibly get. With Gusto.

Nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING was essentially captured from the source material in any sort of decent manner. No characters were done properly to the extent of nausea. Not the leads, supporting characters, or even the small bit parts. It was all just wrong wrong fucking wrong.

No story-lines or arcs were done correctly. If you know the comic at all, this show loosely bases its first season on the first 3 volumes of the comic; "Who Killed Retro Girl?,""Roleplay," and "Little Deaths." Which, you can tell was a bad move because there's too much going on, with none of it remotely conveying any of these stories gravitas or structure. Hell, this even had ideas and elements from other volumes of the comic while completely disregarding so many strong points from all of them. If you're going to adapt a entire storyarc, why loosely? Why not completely? Or, ya know, better?

As a result of that ridiculousness, The narrative was sloppy, the pace was horribly disjointed, and the script is a waste of time as well as an excuse for characters to curse up a storm in the most nonsensical and incoherent ways....I mean, Fuck that Fuckily fuck in the fucking fuck you fucking fuck. Seriously, that's how some of this "script" sounded at times. Pathetic.

Also despite this series having reasonable production values and sets, NOTHING was done with them in order to recreate the TONE of the source material. Again, the comic is a darkly hued noir-tale with plenty of hard bleak colors and settings that always extenuated the dialogue, hugely flawed yet well-written characters, and an abysmally graphic content that was as mature as it could possibly get. And this show didn't even attempt to bring that to light, so to speak. Hell, ARROW actually looks like this show should've looked and Green Arrow isn't even that dark of a character.

Everything about this show was just downright miniscule and amateur hour. Say what you want about the medium of comic books but in the right hands it can craft one grandstanding ongoing story. In a way you'd think that bringing this particular work to the small-screen would give it a bit of a jolt. The kind of jolt that encompasses its already established roots yet also adds to the overall scope and presentation. This is a story of cops, law enforcement, heroes, villains, social commentary and the depiction of a world constantly on the brink while showcasing the intricacies of procedural investigations and the grandeur of beings trying to save or destroy the world, in more ways than one. The small-screen should've been able to convey both sides of that. Sort of like Law and Order (All versions) meets The Avengers or Justice League, yet in the vain of Spawn, Constantine, or Walking Dead in terms of overall storytelling. This, doesn't even come close...and it's not only disappointing but insulting to anyone whose a fan.

I've never been slapped in the face this hard for being a fan since George Lucas, but at least George tried to lie to me first. This doesn't even give me that luxury as its apparent from the start that this is fucking despicable.

To add insult to injury, I'm deathly surprised this was able to bring together the talent it did when it comes to the producers (Bendis and Oeming themselves) as well as the cast. Actors the likes of Sharlto Copley, Michelle Forbes, Noah Taylor, Adam Godley, and Eddie Izzard were not only completely misplaced when it came to character selection, but given nothing to make these roles the least bit memorable or even consistent. I mean, throughout this season, each one of them never gains any kind of steam, performance-wise. Its all just through the motions, basic and unenthusiastic. Like I said earlier, amateur.

I can not express this enough. I watched the entire 10 episode season and the only reason why I finished it was because I just wanted to make sure I finished it. I waited for better, but that never came. You could make the argument that this being Playstation Network's premiere series was the wrong project, yet considering what WAS on the screen, I know that this had the capacity to be infinitely greater than what it was. Also you could make the argument that since I'm just a huge fan of the comic, that I'm just being negative due to fanboy loyalty but no, that's not the case. When The Walking Dead was first announced, I was hugely skeptical then too but that show went far beyond everything I could've hoped for in bringing its content to the small screen. Its not on the level of the comic sure, but it uses its source material as a legitimate blueprint while crafting its own interpretation. Some of it doesn't work, but MOST of it gets everything right from characters, events, arcs, and of course, violence.

I dare say this show is nowhere near that ambitious. And even while looking at it casually, it still doesn't make a blip of sense as just....a series with no connection to its own source. Everything is jumbled, hackneyed, and stilted.

So yeah, no redeemable qualities whatsover. I hate this. I truly do, and now every bad adaptation that's come before it just a bit better because of it. So yeah, POWERS the TV series...or Playstation Network series.. blows.....Makes me wonder how this would've done on Netflix or one of the premium channels. Ah the missed opportunities.

Rating - 0/10.

Mood: Angry
Cronos at 12:12 AM Jun 04

I've watched the first couple episodes and am really enjoying it so far but I never read the comics so that might be why.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:45 PM Jun 04

Sorry to hear about your disappointment.

I've never read the comics so, like Cronos, I might enjoy it more than you did. I thought the trailer looked good when I saw it. I have been planning to watch the series but I can't fucking find it on the Playstation Store!

UPDATE: I just found out it has been renewed for a second season...

movieman32 at 11:12 PM Jun 04

So you didn't like it? ;)

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