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The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2.
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Aaaaaaand of course today is a new WALKING DEAD, WWE TLC, and hopefully a new Star Wars Rebels. Yes Sir, give it!
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KING Of All Schmoes
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Also glad Regina King won her second Emmy for American Crime last night. Still need to watch that show (its on the list) because she's killing it. Much deserved too since she's still consistently working. Love that woman.
JohnLocke2342 at 08:50 AM Sep 20

She's always been so solid in everything she's in. She killed it in the Leftovers last season

TheChanges23 at 06:58 PM Sep 20

Ahhh! Thanks for the reminder JL! Need to add Leftovers Season 2 on the list!

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I never would've guessed in a million years since The Emmys are so elitist but I'm happy that Malek won last night. His performance in Mr Robot truly is fantastic. Hopefully this'll mean a 3rd season for the show
timmyd at 06:57 PM Sep 19

Delighted to hear both Malek and Tatiana Maslany took home some hardware . nice to see.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Been a productive weekend...Just chillin' and drinkin'.
Glinda at 03:41 PM Sep 19

Nice on both counts!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:21 PM Sep 19

Great weekend!

timmyd at 07:40 PM Sep 19


TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

OldKingClancy at 07:21 PM Sep 17

As he stood there, the rain pouring across his face, Batman realised Joker had stolen his Bat-Brella.

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 08:49 PM Sep 17

Brella Brella hey hey

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I swear, people get WAY too caught up in Rotten Tomatoes and Critics.
grelber37 at 05:46 PM Sep 15

Quality is in the eye of the beholder.

TheChanges23 at 06:16 PM Sep 15

Just seems to me that people are so focused on what everyone else says or Rotten Tomatoes that they can't come to their own conclusions. Or ya know, watching a film for themselves. RT is not gospel. At least not to me.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

One more day. :-)
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Blindspot premiere tonight! So happy this show got a 2nd season. Really really enjoy it! Just hope it doesn't hit a sophomore slump. Lol
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I'm equally excited and scared to check out BLAIR WITCH this weekend. I still recall how the project legitimately terrified me. But then again I thought that film was 100% real. Should be interesting when I sit down in the multiplex, inebriation is required. Nearly time to be scared of the woods again.
grelber37 at 04:47 AM Sep 13

Horror movies are wonderful phenomena when they speak to your sub-conscious and greatest fears. They can be such a rush.

JohnLocke2342 at 01:01 PM Sep 13

Hell yes!!

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Just looked at the first two episodes of ATLANTA and I'm heavily intrigued. Donald Glover is transfixingly great here and Darius may be my new favorite stoner character. Looks like I'm adding another show to my ever-growing list of tv watches.
Derek237 at 09:36 PM Sep 11

I need to check this out

TheChanges23 created a LIST: 3 months ago

Top 10 Best MCU moments!

1. Nick Fury's introduction...and the beginning of ALL things.  photo 3965223_zpsndki13lu.gif
2. Thanos' reveal - A Titan waiting in the Cosmos. photo tumblr_o2afbemRKi1sc0ffqo1_500_zpsrd9drksg.gif
3. The Airport Battle. photo tumblr_o6qhscfNMf1sb4ajqo8_500_zpskdw900x2.gif
4. The Battle of New York. photo giphy-1_zpseo9vt8qy.gif
5. Black Panther's glorious hunt. photo cdvpwdkfmutmnpexm0rc_zpspsziaies.gif
6. The Highway Battle; Winter Soldier lays Siege photo tumblr_n3oz3fEQil1qlawkgo1_500_zpsga5etk0s.gif
7. "We. Are..." photo We-are-Groot_zps3lkrhsyi.gif
8. Star Lord's First Dance.. photo dy2rayzhxlzhckim4fhs_zpsew0kxlax.gif
9. Avengers Assemble Again and Assault on Hydra photo giphy_zpsq3dsxtb8.gif
10. "You're all puppets" Ultron reveals the metallic flesh.. photo avengers-age-of-ultron-06b_zpsg3fmosj0.gif
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

So Horror night with my friends was a disappointment. Mostly because I took it like 10x more seriously than my friends did. I mean I know it was a casual thing but I rounded up like 15 movies, bough like 50 bucks worth of snacks, and even brought different booze so we could do drinking games....Imagine my surprise when everyone just got high and passed out during the 3rd film we were watching...prompting me to head home ultra early...Well....just.....well....guess I should just prepare better next time. And by better I mean not at all. IS NOTHING SACRED?!?!
Glinda at 08:05 PM Sep 08

Well I have to admit that my friends and family are all casual moviegoers, and I'd be thrilled to get two movies seen in one night. In fact, that's about what it is when I have had movie nights with friends or family. Two movies, lots of chatter (even chatter through the movies, so I have to rewatch them later if I've not seen them).

At least it's still a fun night hanging out with friends, right?

timmyd at 08:22 PM Sep 08

sorry to hear that dude .

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I implicitly unapologetically love the Underworld series! Since the beginning they've been such an amazing contrast to less than intense and violent Vampire/Werewolf fares that have come out in a long time. (With the exception of True Blood, Vampire Diaries and from what I've heard, Teen Wolf) While later entries haven't been on par with the first two entries in this franchise, its never lost its badass bite and willingness to be as graphic and sleek as possible. Plus leather badass Selene is always a treat no matter what. So yeah, can't wait for BLOOD WARS.
BATeMAN at 02:25 PM Sep 07

Yeah. Good films. I've seen three of them. The one with the white wolf, I remember liking the most, but has been a long time since watching them, could do with a revisit and seeing Kate in tight leather, is huge bonus. Oh yeah.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:45 PM Sep 07

I've only seen the first two but it has been a while. I vaguely remember liking the first while I barely remember anything from the second.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

I may be a bit biased but I think Jane Levy should be in every horror movie now.
timmyd at 06:54 PM Sep 06

I could live with that.

Horrorfan99 at 06:56 PM Sep 06

She's built herself a small but effective horror career so maybe we could see more although it might not be long until she breaks into the mainstream.

the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 08:03 PM Sep 06

Evil Dead 2!

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TheChanges23 created a LIST: 3 months ago

My Favorite Characters Starting With Each Letter In My Name

1. M - Morpheus. photo Morpheus-Come-At-Me-Bro-Reaction-Gif-In-The-Matrix_zpsmz58bccc.gif
2. A - Angel. photo Angel_Watching_Buffy_Fighting_Caleb_zps6729e966.gif
3. R - The Rock. photo tumblr_ml35ss13we1s87uxuo1_500_zpsraadg1ub.gif
4. C - Celine and Jesse. photo 48300053af6327677e8_zpsubtff7hg.gif
5. U - Ultron. photo tumblr_no16d3UXaq1tazg48o1_500_zps3vzliczf.gif
6. S - The Smith Family. photo t4usZ_zpssdp9qixg.gif

Based on a list by jeo4

jeo4 at 06:07 PM Aug 31

Love that you chose Morpheus. And that Rock gif...LOL!

Glinda at 10:55 AM Sep 02

Great idea for S! Love Celine and Jesse so much.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Just saw the trailer for Westworld. Whoa. This makes me want to get HBO, HBO GO, or whatever I can get to watch their shows. I want to see this. Now.
Glinda at 06:59 PM Aug 30

It looks fantastic.

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 08:21 PM Aug 30

Nice to see evan rachel wood!

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