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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

After the Parks and Rec finale, I have no qualms in stating that its final season was pretty much perfect from start to finish. I can't even think of another series that had a final season of that caliber. What say you schmoes, what show had a fantastic (or pretty much perfect) final season in your eyes?
Scotch at 11:48 AM Feb 28

I agree, I thought the entire final season of Parks & Rec was amazing. There's no single episode that stands out as a weak link. To answer your question, the first thing that came to mind was the final season of Breaking Bad.

Glinda at 03:05 PM Feb 28

I'm loving it so far and I only have 3 left. It's a fantastic final season.

For my all-time favorite I'm agreeing with Scotch, it's Breaking Bad. That one blew me away.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Hey people, Check your favorite and/or local theaters. I've noticed that a few Oscar winning films have been re-released.
OldKingClancy at 08:59 AM Feb 27

I noticed Birdman coming back to my local cinema and the temptation to experience it again is very strong. I may give in.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:06 AM Feb 27

A local two-screen in my area is playing Birdman as well. Nice of them to offer that option right after I bought the Blu-ray...

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I'm going to miss you so much Parks and Recreation. You truly are one of the most wittily creative, enormously consistent, and stupendously funny comedy shows ever made.
MrsData at 07:45 AM Feb 26

I absolutely agree, good sir

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Anakin at 03:00 AM Feb 25

Good stuff, enjoy!

TheChanges23 posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

The New Power Rangers short film! Check it out and see for yourself!


writer19 at 08:37 PM Feb 24

AMAZING i had to repost it because it's too fucking awesome not to

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

One of the greatest and funniest shows ever is ending tonight.....
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 02:11 PM Feb 24

Bittersweet defined.

oscarxp25 at 04:39 PM Feb 24

I am still behind...have to finish it, along with the finale, this weekend.

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I'm still examining Whiplash heavily in my mind. Wish I could discuss the films themes, elements, and execution with someone but I know my family and friends would never watch the film nor get anything out of it beyond "So the asshole teacher just torments this kid and that's it?" Plot. Ugh. Lol
dsloy at 11:50 AM Feb 24

its more intense than most thrillers i thought

TheChanges23 at 12:31 PM Feb 24

Definitely with the tension. I was glued to my seat for the majority of the film. Has that power for sure....

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Was there an award win last night where you called complete 100% bullshit?
HTX0811 at 03:38 PM Feb 23

Best Actor because I thought Michael Keaton really deserved it.

timmyd at 05:03 PM Feb 23

Big hero6

Weapon X
Weapon X at 06:09 PM Feb 23

HTTYD2 losing Best Animated, Apes losing Best Effects, and Keaton losing Best Actor.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I shouldve made a bet with someone that there'd be controversy brewing over last nights Oscar ceremony AND The Walking Dead. I would've made some money. Lol.
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Sooooo...what did you guys think of the OSCARS?
RandomK1NG at 09:36 PM Feb 22

This is what I've learned... A crappy host means I will love most of the winners and a good host means I will hate most of the winners. This year I loved the winners and last year I hated them.

grelber37 at 04:16 AM Feb 23

NPH was a nearly ideal Oscar host, IMO. He brought the song and dance and savoir faire (undies bit aside). He brought the humor. The Oscars should bring him back. The 'net compares him to Billy Crystal, and I agree. He is the whole package that Oscar night needs. He is classier than MacFarlane (much as I enjoyed his year), funnier than Jackman (much as Wolverine is also a talented stage performer), and more energetic than Martin (and more clean and sober than Franco). Harris did some improv repartee too; that skill matters when mc-ing.

Otherwise, I thought that the night provided some great thought-provoking moments. This awards ceremony had more substance than expected.

However, I thought that some films really did get snubbed rather badly. For instance, Selma, American Sniper, and Interstellar should have gotten more accolades if the Oscars were more fair. For best song, "Glory" deserved to win. Just look at the effect upon the audience. However, this year was a tough, tough one for best song. The Lego Movie and Glen Campbell's message were also very memorable and significant.

JohnnyPHreak at 06:19 AM Feb 23

It was a normal show. It ran too long. NPH was hit or miss but I like the guy. I was happy for Birdman, sad for Keaton. I need to see The Theory of Everything because I love Eddie Redmayne. But I just wanted Keaton to win. I'm still kind of stunned Boyhood got shut out. Not that I was rooting for it but I thought it would take home something.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Scratch that....3 Oscars..
TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Huh? I watched WHIPLASH today, and it ended up winning two Oscars. You know what that means....I have powers..
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:07 PM Feb 22

Hahaha! Did you like it?

TheChanges23 at 11:15 PM Feb 22

Well I found it intriguing Pat. Simmons was great and Teller made me a fan...and that last sequence was brilliant.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:34 AM Feb 23

Glad you did! Last sequence was indeed brilliant!

TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I'm watching WHIPLASH...because reasons...
XSsoCX at 01:29 PM Feb 22

Did you rent it off of somewhere, or is it still in the theater around you? I wouldn't mind watching it before the Oscars.

cobb at 01:57 PM Feb 22

not my tempo

TheChanges23 at 01:47 PM Feb 23

@ Xs - theater. It was at the 5 dollar theater because its an independent and I wasn't able to watch Kingsman. So I just took a chance. Glad I did too.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Seeking Schmoe Opinions Again -- So I have a friend who recently had a baby with this woman he was seeing. They got back together once she told him she was pregnant with his child. (Even though there was never a DNA test and she never let him see her during most of the pregnancy) Now the baby is about, 6 months old, and even though my friend has been with this woman since before the child was born, he still pays child support. Now, I can't help but to wonder "Why is he paying child support, ON TOP of already buying food, clothes, diapers and other necessities for the baby, even though He's IN a relationship with the baby's mother?" I've never heard of this before. Have any of you? Because I kind of feel like this woman is taking advantage of my friend. I could be wrong and this is how it goes but, I just need another opinion.
TheChanges23 at 10:07 AM Feb 22

That little detail I need to find out Cronos. But it all seems iffy to me, King. I may discuss this with him, but proceed with caution.

Fab-007 at 11:05 AM Feb 22

If they live together then he does not need to pay child support. Child support is only for separated/divorced couples.

Glinda at 02:02 PM Feb 22

Maybe he's just using the wrong words to describe it. If he's doing this on his own without a court mandating it I don't think it's actual "child support." If they're together and it's his baby he's probably just contributing because he wants to and feels he should. Maybe they worked it out together. Hard to say without details.

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TheChanges23 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I swear everytime I watch a new episode of Brooklyn 99, there's like 5 quotes I want to use in real life. :-)
Glinda at 01:16 PM Feb 21

YES! I can't remember the name of the last episode, but it was "fantastic quote city"! There were definitely at last 5 funny ones, and I'm with you it's like this every time. I just really noticed it in the last ep. So good, I just love this show.

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