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Can't stop listening to Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls! The 2016 tour can't come soon enough! Up The Irons!
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The Arrow posted a BLOG item 14 days ago

Reviews of my film The Shelter!


Review for my directorial debut THE SHELTER started pouring in. Here are some previews below - read them all here:

STARBURST MAGAZINE: “For all its anger and impressive visuals, The Shelter is a meditative piece about moving from confusion to the acceptance of something perhaps cannot be fully understood. Fallon’s piece is piercing as a disconcerting family dreamscape.” – READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE:

AINT IT COOL NEWS: ” Writer/director John Fallon conveys this theme of loss and regret clearly and expertly. Sure, that makes for the exact opposite of the feel good movie of the year, but it does make for a pretty fantastic character study of a man who has crumbled to almost nothing.Pare really gives it his all here, plunging to emotional depths I never thought he was able to do and doing them with a real sense of soul. – READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE:

THIS IS HORROR: “The Shelter is pretty much a one man vehicle for Michael Pare who is never anything but captivating as he owns the screen. It’s not easy to hold an audience’s attention for an entire movie, but the combinations of Pare’s experience as an actor and Fallon’s energy, vision and storytelling style is both entrancing and intoxicating.For those who are prepared to engage with it The Shelter will run deep and resonate within for a long time after the credits have rolled.” – READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE:

SCIFINOW: “The Shelter swirls Christianity and Silent Hill-levels of guilt to torment its protagonist, and Fallon’s strong visual style combines with a very strong turn from Pare to good effect. There’s a confidence to Fallon’s choices too, as he gives us a not particularly likeable protagonist and maintains a sombre tone throughout this emotionally raw journey.” – READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE:

HORRORNEWS.NET: "It reminded me a lot of the films of David Lynch and Roman Polanski and is just a very strong, intelligent character-driven piece that is sure to satisfy viewers. You can tell that a lot of passion went into this film. Pare shows us just how talented of an actor he truly is with this performance. Highly recommended!- READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE:

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emmyd at 04:07 PM Sep 24

That is so awesome man! Congrats!

The Arrow
The Arrow at 08:44 AM Sep 25

Thank you all for the props! I appreciate it...

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 05:29 PM Sep 25


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The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: 23 days ago

timmyd at 05:17 PM Sep 15


The Arrow updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Can't stop listening to Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls! The 2016 tour can't come soon enough! Up The Irons!
ericodarko at 06:05 AM Sep 15

You know I'll be there for the Montreal date!

The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
Maiden England!

Invidtus at 09:20 AM Sep 04


southofheaven at 10:13 AM Sep 04

up the irons

Glinda at 02:27 PM Sep 04

Wow, very cool!

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The Arrow posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

The Shelter well received at Film4 Frightfest world premiere!


Hey guys and living dead dolls! So JoBlo (aka Berge Garabedian who is an executive producer on the film) and I are back from THE SHELTER world premiere at FILM4 FRIGHTFEST in London England. I’m a bit sick, jet lagged and I probably gained 5 pounds by way of all them pints of Trooper Ale I guzzled (back in the Gym tomorrow), but I am happy! The screening went well from my POV. Granted not everybody will like what you create, especially when it’s something that is in some ways "non-traditional" like The Shelter, and that is fine.

On that, I found it very rewarding to hear from the people who did esteem it, those who were moved by it and got something out of it. That has been my favorite part of this process thus far. Moreover, the reviews that came out of the Fest (read them below) were positive for the most part.

Read the rest here:

Mood: Happy

Glinda at 02:31 PM Sep 04

This is awesome it went so well and those reviews are really impressive!!! I can't imagine how good this must feel after all the hard work.

Can't wait to see it and thanks for letting us in on the fun!

movieman32 at 02:41 PM Sep 04

Way to go, Arrow!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:50 AM Sep 05

I'm hoping to see your film at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal in October. Any chances? If not, I'll wait until I receive my Indiegogo blu-ray perk.

Congrats for the premiere in the meantime!

The Arrow updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

"When the winds of life don't hit your sails, you grab the oars of life and you start pushing."
warlord4179 at 11:50 PM Aug 26

Wait, are we on a sailboat or in a canoe?

The Arrow
The Arrow at 08:57 AM Sep 04

Both mothertrucker!

The Arrow updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

“Fear is a parasite feeding off the host, the host is you. Fear therefore dies if you stop feeding it. Fear is self-imposed, it’s an intangible, it only lives in your head. Behind every fear that you self create is a piece of the person you want to be. Face your fears and you will find the life you always dreamed of!”
Glinda at 05:54 PM Aug 18

Wise words.

The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
Can't believe I never saw this; Iron Maiden homaged ‪Frank Frazetta‬ in its ‪‎Run to the Hills‬ poster! Nice!

The Arrow posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

First clip from my film The Shelter now online!


Glinda at 11:31 AM Aug 15

Love this! This music is awesome and I love how you put this together. Spooky, creepy and and foreboding.

The Arrow
The Arrow at 07:57 AM Aug 17

Thx Glinda!

The Arrow updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Fantastic Four, Josh Trank and Fox, keeps reminding me of Alien 3, David Fincher and Fox.
The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
The only way to vote in the USA, Canada... the world! ;)

Johnboy16 at 06:46 AM Aug 11

Got my vote. And all I know is that it would be one very quiet debate because when Conan speaks, nobody talks back.

Invidtus at 08:29 AM Aug 11

I you don't vote for him, he'll laugh at you and cast you out of Valhalla~

The Arrow posted a VIDEO item: 2 months ago

RIP Cecil the lion. I hope justice is served soon and harshly on those involved.


Frosty_86 at 07:53 AM Jul 27

It breaks my fucking heart when people pay for the ability to hunt and kill lions or any other of the large amount of endangered species around the world (especially in Africa). Then these assholes post pictures on Facebook and other social networks and claim it's for conservation awareness.

Glinda at 10:11 PM Jul 27

It's just heartbreaking.

The Arrow updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

JoBlo and I will be at this year's Frightfest to support The Shelter! Who's going?
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 07:54 AM Jul 27

I wish. I'm looking forward to see your movie, John.

I was hoping for the Fantasia Festival but it didn't happen unfortunately. Can I hope to see it at the World Film Festival next month or maybe at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in October?

Glinda at 10:12 PM Jul 27

I would absolutely be there if I could be.

The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: 2 months ago
Must get this print!

timmyd at 06:26 PM Jul 27


The Arrow posted an IMAGE item: 2 months ago
In my element.

Glinda at 01:04 PM Jul 27

You're livin' the life my friend. Great pic and gorgeous backdrop.

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