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The Return of the Swamp Thing


Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Written by: Neil Cuthbert, Grant Morris
Cast: Louis Jourdan, Heather Locklear, Sarah Douglas, Dick Durock
Studio: Millimeter
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: From IMDB, The Swamp Thing returns to battle the evil Dr. Arcane, who has a new science lab full of creatures transformed by genetic mutation, and chooses Heather Locklear as his new object of affection.


When I think back at The Swamp Thing movies I find myself very surprised that the first one ever got made. Neither the character or director Wes Craven were incredibly popular at the time it came out but hey good stuff. DC took a chance and made a monster movie that was pretty decent. This one however seems much more likely to of seen the light of day for me though, sure Craven was gone but the first movie was a modest hit and horror movies were getting sequels non-stop in the 1980's so it made sense to capitalize on that movie even if it did come seven years later. This one also came after the very popular and critically acclaimed run on Swamp Thing by Alan Moore so the character was more popular than ever when this movie came out.

In my reviews for the first Swamp Thing movie I complained a good bit about the costume and make-up so I'm just going to take care of that right away this time. The costume and make-up in this movie are so much better than it was the first time around that its barely even comparable. Now Swamp Thing looks just as he should, a giant hulking monster who looks like he has the plant life of the swamp living on him from head to toe. Just really great stuff.

Although this movie looks much better than the first it isn't without its problems either though. The story is pretty weak again this time around and aside from Swamp Thing and his love interest, this time played by Heather Locklear, you don't really care about any other characters in the movie even the villain which needless to say is a big problem.

The worst part about the movie though is the sub-plot that involves two little kids running around the Swamp looking to take pictures of Swamp Thing to get famous. Just think of people trying to take pictures of Bigfoot and replace him with Swamp Thing and there you go. Every time these kids are on screen I have to force myself not to fast forward since they are the definition of terrible child actors. The fact that this sub-plot has nothing to do with the rest of the movie and could of been entirely cut out only makes it that much more frustrating but I guess they needed to make their already short 88 minute run time somehow. Personally I would of preferred the movie to come in at a lean mean 80 minutes instead of having to deal with these kids.

We are pretty much shafted on Swamp Things powers again this time. He shows off the strength and healing again as well as one very short scene where he shows that he can grow plant life which is neat but much to short.

I would have to think that if Swamp Thing got another movie today that it would be a giant CGI fest with Swamp Thing himself being completely CGI and all of his powers seen in all of their glory. This is actually a remake/reboot that I would be totally be down for since Swamp Thing is a great and often times under rated character.

Overall The Return Of Swamp Thing is a decent enough sequel but it could of been so much better without those blasted kids. I give The Return Of Swamp Thing a 6 out of 10.


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lol, I remember this movie back in the days.

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