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Rambo III


Directed by: Peter MacDonald
Written by: Sylvester Stallone,
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Marc de Jonge, Kurtwood Smith
Studio: TriStar
Genre: Action
Official Site:
Plot: From IMDB, Rambo's Vietnam commanding officer Colonel Trautman is held hostage in Afghanistan, and its up to Rambo to rescue him.


Oh hell yes! Rambo is back and this time its personal! No seriously it is, those damned Russians have taken his Colonel Trautman, the main who trained and is somewhat of a father figure to him, hostage. Since we last saw Rambo he has become at peace with himself at a Buddhist temple. Once learning that Troutman was taken hostage though he leaves the temple and sets off to Afghanistan to save his mentor and help the Afghan people fight the evil Soviets. That kinda seems backwards these days but in 1988 those were the times that we were living in.

Rambo III is once again heavy on the action with Rambo probably being the real reason that The Soviet Union collapsed after seeing this movie and the war machine that The Americans had. Sure it was a movie but hey why take the risk? I mean hell Rambo even takes out a friggin' helicopter with a tank! Bad ass!!

Naturally Sylvester Stallone is back as Rambo and why wouldn't he? With Rambo as well as Rocky he had two hugely successful movie franchises under his belt. Stallone doesn't really bring a whole lot more to the table this time then he did he last time around aside from an even more impressive physique and equally impressive hair.

Overall Rambo III is a step down from Rambo: First Blood Part 2, and so far apart from First Blood that they are not even really comparable. Still Rambo III is a hell of an action movie that's more then worth a watch for any action fan out there. Its just to bad that this movie didn't do so well and we had to wait another twenty years for the next Rambo movie. As for Rambo III I give it a 7 out of 10.


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Cochise at 08:47 PM Nov 27

good to see some love for this one! This is actually one of my favourites, and I much much prefer this to part 2 actually. So much damn fun. nice review as always

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