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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

I may not of been to active on MFC for some time but the news of this site closing down is absolutely heartbreaking. This site meant a whole lot to me during a VERY difficult time in my life. I was in a really bad relationship for a while, which I didn't realize at the time. Throughout the last year of that relationship as well as the awful time after the breakup Movie Fan Central was always one of the few things of comfort to me.

I "met" new friends here during that time that got me through that situation, everyone here was an amazing support system for me. I never once mentioned at the time because I didn't want anyone to pity me. I look back now and think that was silly, but to those who I conversed with or who replied to any of my posts I thank you so much, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Movie Fan Central is also the place where JoBlo.com's weekly feature Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net started as "The Weekly Image Drop" every Saturday at the time. It was something I just started for fun but it became apparent to me fairly quickly the other folks here on MFC very much enjoyed it.

Seeing how much others enjoyed it after about a year of "Weekly Image Drops" I pitched the idea of it to JoBlo.com as a possible weekly feature. There was interest in the idea right away and I was given a trial run of four weeks to see how it would do. Turns out it would do pretty good and it still exists today every Saturday on JoBlo.com with 319 editions of it as of Feb 10 with no end in sight, not bad for a four week trial.

The Weekly Image Drop was renamed "Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net" and some changes were made for the best. Before it would have about 20 pictures a week with no credit given to the artists at the time. After it made the jump to the JoBo.com from MFC the amount of pictures went down to a much more manageable and viewer friendly 10 pictures a week with every artist to ever have art work featured given full credit for their work as well as links to their personal websites. The entire existence of this column is 100% because of Movie Fan Central and every user here who has supported it over the years.

In short I love this place, it means a lot to me personally much like it does to several others here. For those who may like to know what I am up to after this place shuts down here are a few links that you can use.

Letterboxed Account:
Every crappy movie review I have ever written on MFC (975 somehow!) can also be found here as well as some other movie related things for me, such as what movies I am watching. I copied and pasted every review there simply out of boredom and the thought that it would be nice to have them all backed up since there were so many. I am very happy I did now.

Instagram Account:
Not much explanation needed here, pretty much everyone knows what Instagram is. I pretty much post pictures of my dog, Funko Pop collection and well, pretty much anything I find interesting enough to take pictures of.

Twitter Account:
Once again no need to explain everyone knows what Twitter is all about.

I would love to see other schmoes in any of these places and you better believe that if anyone from here follows me on any of those places that I will be following right back.

Its been a damn good run Movie Fan Central, I'll miss you and will always be thankful for you and your marvelous impact on my life.

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jeo4 at 06:28 PM Feb 12

I'll miss everyone here, too.

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