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The SuperMarcey Tee Shirt Project-Day 6

Inspired by Wallcrawler 383, I too am going to post 5 tee's a day, every day till I have no more to show. I also think I have more than he does ...

Day 6 ...

26.) Res Dogs inspired tee I found at 'Movie Maniacs' only size they had was a big one, but I love this shirt. Had it since .. 04 I believe

27.) Kitty Hawk tee, purchased at the RAAF museum (Royal Australian Airforce)

28.)Front - Dexter, free with my Season 2 DVD


29.) Underbelly The Goldenmile, got this with the DVD purchase

30.) Found this at Target, when I wore it to a Con on year every seemed to stop me to ask about it lol

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Tags: geeky tees
wallcrawler383 at 09:26 PM Sep 28

hahah "watch dexter or i'll kill you."

Highspeed at 09:27 PM Sep 28

Love the Reservoir Dogs one.

leesemarie at 09:41 PM Sep 28

JohnLocke2342 at 09:50 PM Sep 28

I want to have babies with that Reservoir Dogs shirt.

WalkAway at 10:45 PM Sep 28

Love the WW one

randychico at 04:03 AM Sep 29

ReservoirDogs and WW are the best

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