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Star Wars Saga
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The Big Lebowski
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Terminator 2
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Troll 2
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Knocked Up... I guess
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Pinapple Express
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Little ashamed to admit this, but I finally watched Face/Off for the first time ever the other night. Holy shit, what a great film. Speaking of Cage films, I also caught The Trust recently. It was...okay.
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smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Inception is dank, that is all.
smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Inception is dank, that is all.
smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Finally checking out Inception in about an hour, pretty pumped. Gonna get really baked first, naturally.
threezy at 09:48 PM Jul 18

That's always a must, I went in the same way. Fuckin' enjoy dude, it's like nothing I've ever seen.

VincentCostigan at 09:57 PM Jul 18

Ahh no! Ahaha, see it high the SECOND time man.

Disregard that only if you think being high IS your natural state of mind. :P

smok3h at 03:26 AM Jul 19

It's all good Vincent. I'm not a typical stoner. I've been smoking daily for several years now. The weed just enhances the movie's for me.... doesn't make me dumb or anything. I'm not saying that being high is my natural state of mind, but I've been doing it long enough, and if anything it just made me more focused on the movie.

smok3h posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago
Baccarin again. Why? Because she's a fucking fox that's why.

smok3h at 04:51 PM Jul 17

That's for sure. Has she grown her hair back out yet? It's a damn shame she cut it so short.

Jack The Narrator
Jack The Narrator at 05:30 PM Jul 17

Agreed. The cropped hair look is all wrong for. Her Inara locks are irresistible.

razgriz21 at 06:46 PM Jul 17

She must grow her hair back but she is still sexy.

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smok3h posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago
Firefly hottie, Morena Baccarin, super fox

smok3h posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago
My sister did the actual photoshopping for this image, but the picture was my idea.

JakeLikesMovies at 07:35 PM Jul 13

The real Land O Lakes butter would be what you see here minus Lando, because he would be busy make sweet, sweet love to the Indian hottie behind the hill.

I laughed none the less!

VitamanMan8 at 08:26 PM Jul 13


smok3h created a LIST: over 7 years ago

10 Chicks Who Could Kick My Ass

1. Hit Girl (Kick-Ass) - If she didn't kill me first, she'd definitely have my ass layed out before I could even react
2. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat) - Did you see the way she fucked up Kano? Yeah, I'd be fucked.
3. Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill) - She trained under Pai Mai... I trained under Nintendo.. hmmm
4. Sarah Connor (Terminator) - Imagine me as the guard who licks her face and you start to get the picture here.
5. Ellen Ripley (Aliens) - She's killed how many Aliens? Lets not even talk Resurrection Ripley...
6. Alice (Resident Evil) - Chick can run down the side of buildings! The best I can do is sit on a couch!
7. Red Sonja (Red Sonja) - She's buffer than I am.
8. Princess Leia (Star Wars) - Single-handedly chokes a giant space Slug gangster... 'nuff said
9. Private Vasquez (Aliens) - Did you see those pull-ups she was doing? I can barely do one!
10. Julie Pearce (The Next Karate Kid) - She knows karate, I know jack-shit.
VitamanMan8 at 01:42 AM Jul 10

LOVE this.

BigEvil84 at 02:58 AM Jul 10

I dare you guys to try and tell these bad ass chicks that women are only good for cooking, cleaning and making you a sandwich, because I'll be dead before you complete your sentence.

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 04:02 PM Jul 12

women are only good for

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smok3h created a LIST: over 7 years ago

10 Movie Characters I Want to Smoke a Bowl With

1. Jeffrey Lebowski, a.k.a. The Dude - (Jeff Bridges, Big Lebowski)
2. Saul Silver - (James Franco, Pineapple Express)
3. Jeff Spicoli - (Sean Penn, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
4. Ron Slater - (Rory Cochrane, Dazed and Confused)
5. Ben Stone - (Seth Rogen, Knocked Up)
6. Dante - (Peter Dante, Grandma's Boy)
7. Harold and/or Kumar - (John Cho/Kal Penn, Harold & Kumar)
8. Cheech and/or Chong - (Cheech Marin/Tommy Chong, Cheech and Chong)
9. Smokey - (Chris Tucker, Friday)
10. Jack Black or Kyle Gass (Jack Black/Kyle Gass, Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny)
threezy at 12:08 PM Jul 08

Ahahaha, that's a fucking awesome list. Competely agree. I'd smoke a bowl with anybody though, cuz in the end, I get to smoke a bowl lol.

Kings-Rook1 at 11:45 AM Jul 09

I'd have to add two more:
Jay & Silent Bob (Clerk etc.) Jay: Pack o' wraps, my brotherman, time to kick back, drink some beers and shmoke some weed!


Dante (Grandma's Boy 2006) Dante: [after smoking] I'm way too baked to drive to the devil's house.

It's actually 3 more...DEAL WITH IT!

Great list man.

Kings-Rook1 at 11:47 AM Jul 09

Shit! Dante was allready on the list...Damn short term memory.

How about; Lance (Pulp Fiction 1994) Lance: Don Vincenzo. Step into my office?

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smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Didn't get all the hate for Airbender. Sure it wasn't a perfect movie, but I honestly didn't think it was that bad. I didn't read any reviews going in beforehand so I didn't have any biases weighing on my mind while I watched the film. I don't know if I'd recommend it, but I found it to be an ok way to spend an hour and forty minutes, 6/10.
threezy at 01:07 AM Jul 02

I think I'm still just going to wait for it on Blu-ray, it will be a fun watch at home when it's coming in the mail for hardly no money at all. Think I'm gonna go smoke up and catch Karate Kid haha, movie apparently kicks ass so.

Strider at 01:53 AM Jul 02

Well, I certainly hope it's not the cinematic abomination that all the critics are making it out to be, because I'm seeing it tomorrow night. Why? Well, my friends are huge fans of the animated series, and they want to see the film with me. If the film sucks, I'll fucking kill them! ;)

smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Seeing the Last Airbender in a few hours... screw the negative reviews, I'll decide for myself.
threezy at 08:11 PM Jul 01

Let us know, I'm still on the edge as to whether or not to see it.

smok3h at 08:17 PM Jul 01

I've seen the first season of the show so that's one of the main reasons I'm going, and my sister is kind of obsessed with the show too....and she's older than me! Funny that a show made for kids has had such a mass appeal. I'll report back with a short and to the point review.

smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

"No Snake, you can't die! Snake?! SNAAAAKE!!!!"
Ocelot_Snake at 04:02 AM Jun 30

I'm alive, so calm down

smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Been watching Ken Burns: The War, on the Instant Queue of that Netflix thingy lately. Good shit. Got one episode left.
smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Rewatching The Shield.... such a phenomenal show!!!
Mongo at 01:50 AM Jun 23

Was a great show!!

Mongo at 01:59 AM Jun 23

..and now I'm rewatching season 7...

FNDanny at 10:56 AM Jun 23

Hell yeah! Could have gone on for a little while longer.

smok3h updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Well, I have to do schoolwork on my computer all day... so I think I'll probably just not bother putting my pants on today
Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 05:12 PM Jun 17

What are pant's?

Dr.Frankenstein at 07:01 PM Jun 17

Load up on the pizza rolls too!

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