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Little ashamed to admit this, but I finally watched Face/Off for the first time ever the other night. Holy shit, what a great film. Speaking of Cage films, I also caught The Trust recently. It was...okay.
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smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

"Hey brah, I been meanin' to ask you... can we get some Red Bull for these things? Sometimes a guy's gotta ride ride the Bull, am I right? Later, skater."
smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Finally back home in St. Paul now after visiting different folks all break. Good to be home.
smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

LOL, thank you joblo hompage!! I was wondering if that was supposed to be Coke or snow. Makes my nose itch.... DAMN YOU!!!!
smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

That McAdams whiskey creeped up on me tonight, so I should probably drink some more
smok3h posted an IMAGE item: almost 7 years ago

smok3h at 05:47 PM Dec 23

The Man, the Legend, Joe Strummer. Only about 250 of this print made. This one hangs above my bed.

jekupka at 07:27 PM Dec 23

That is awesome.

smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

I'm the all-night drug prowling wolf, who looks like sick in the sun, i'm the white man in the palais, just lookin for fun
smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Because of John Law, Sandinista has found it's way back into my CD player in my car. Nothing quite like driving around downtown Minneapolis with some dank and some Clash. The album is definitely one that grows on a person with more listens. Not as accessible as London Calling, but that's why I love it.
John Law
John Law at 10:40 PM Dec 21

Big ass lump in my throat every time I watch that. I mourn the Clash reunion that never was.

Johnny Moreno
Johnny Moreno at 10:53 PM Dec 21

You guys would love my Clash sounder I use on the podcast.

John Law
John Law at 10:18 AM Dec 22

How dare you insinuate I don't listen to the Podcast, Moreno!

"We've got thread of the week ... fuck, yeah"

Has that one joined Chachi and 'Smarter or Dumber' in retirement?

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smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

The Joblo main page mentions how Salma Hayek wasn't nominated for a golden globe.. that's ok, she's got two nice globes already anyways ;)
Cherry Liquor
Cherry Liquor at 06:34 PM Dec 15


smok3h at 09:15 PM Dec 15

^^^ is this spam???

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smok3h updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

finals week(s)... so frustrating... almost done though!
smok3h at 02:13 AM Dec 14

think I'll unwind for the night with a bowl and some MST3K

Cherry Liquor
Cherry Liquor at 05:49 PM Dec 14

A bowl is always a win. Second only to a good orgasm, sometimes the leading cause of many. Ha.

smok3h updated his STATUS: about 7 years ago

Having a night on the town,
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