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Freddy vs. Jason


Directed by: Ronny Yu
Written by: Damian Shannon, Mark Swift
Cast: Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger, James Callahan, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland, Lauren Lee Smith, Jason Bateman, Gary Chalk, Brendan Fletcher, Chris Gauthier, Jesse Hutch, Katherine Isabelle, Jake Kaese, Lochlyn Munro, Odessa Munroe, Chris Marquette, Joshua Mihal, Paula Shaw, Brian Thompson, Kenneth Tsang, Lisa Wilcox
Studio: New Line Cinema
Genre: Horror
Official Site:
Plot: Basic premise is sticking two Horror legends together with a weak plot, and try to have some "Kids" stop them from killing all their friends and everyone else in the way.


I must admit that I thought this movie looked really slick in the trailers that I saw for it. I knew the plot would be weak, but who the hell cares? The reason this worked (Sort-of) is they made it like the old 70's 80's movies. I love me some uneccessary nudity, well necessary if you're a guy like me. The directors last effort (Ronny Yu) showed he could make a decent horror flick and stick to all the right things that make horror movies the way us old folks grew up with them. He followed the formula that made both of these previous seperate Franchise movies work. Get naked, kill naked girl, have friends killed off one by one, except the love interest of course, have a nerdy guy who is actually kind of cool (but dies anyway) and last but not least lots and lots of violence! The plot is thin, but honestly how many of us go for the fricking plot?! It suprised everyone by it's opening, (36.4 mil) and I can't imagine why there hasn't been a sequel done yet. It made back it's entire production budget in the 1st weekend alone. (30 million I believe it cost.) This is not a classic of any sort, but for those of us who snuck into R rated movies as a kid in the 80's, this should make for a pleasant kick in the balls.

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