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The Empire Strikes Back
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I really would prefer to hear the new album as a whole.... butttt I couldn't resist. Two of Arcade Fire's singles from "the Suburbs" were posted online. Too bad the album won't be out for a while...
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sbunn10 updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Jonah Hex looks pretty bad. Ok, really bad.
razgriz21 at 12:07 AM Jun 08

I'm on the fence and I just want to see it for Megan.

VitamanMan8 at 01:59 AM Jun 08

I'm on the fence and I just want to see it for the cheesy one-liners. It's been too long since I've been subjected to that sort of movie.

Strider at 08:37 AM Jun 08

Yeah, it looks pretty bad. But maybe it'll be entertaining for all the wrong reasons. I expect it to be a bomb, which means that it'll be at my local discount theater very, very soon.

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sbunn10 updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

the Damned United was quite good... Michael Sheen is a terrific actor. (the new MFC is quite spiffy btw)
SuperMarcey at 11:57 PM Jun 06

Yeah I got a copy to watch in hospital but didn't get a chance, hopefully will this week

sbunn10 at 12:11 PM Jun 07

Hope everything's going well Marcey!

sbunn10 updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Am I the only one who thought Kick-Ass was just ok? It was super uneven, imo. It wasn't nearly as funny as it was trying to be, and it was way too depressing to be so ridiculously over-the-top... It just didn't flow for me. Of course, Nic Cage and Chloe Moretz were awesome, but I wasn't a huge fan of Aaron Johnson. The action scenes were well-directed and I liked the John Murphy soundtrack use, but as it stands, Kick-Ass is a bit overrated. 6/10
sbunn10 updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

it may be completely ridiculous and unnecessarily gratuitous, but season 1 of Spartacus ended up being pretty damn entertaining. The first few episodes were God awful, but they progressively improved, and the season finale was simply fucking awesome. Consider "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" my newest (and really only) guilty pleasure on TV. It's on the Netflix instant queue if anyone wants some over-the-top entertainment. Heed my advice though... don't judge it on the first couple eps..
sbunn10 posted an IMAGE item: almost 8 years ago

FrancoYesca at 10:10 AM Feb 09

I actually got around to getting this DVD the other day, and it was only $5. Such a terrific flick. "He's taken off his shoes and one of his socks and...actually I think he's crying."

Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey at 10:39 AM Feb 09

"What's he feeling right now, Tex Heyward?"

sbunn10 updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

finally watched last week's lost. HOLY SHIT. That was awesome.
sbunn10 posted an IMAGE item: almost 8 years ago
Love me some Radiohead...Stanley Donwood is brilliant as well.

FrancoYesca at 08:43 AM Jan 29

Radiohead is tits. Can never get tired of them.

sbunn10 updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Just saying... if Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, and IX were made in a decade or so (Admiral Thrawn storyline), Nathan Fillion would be perfect for Han Solo... or at least better than anyone else. I'd actually be down for that trilogy, sans Lucas.
Ocelot_Snake at 12:29 AM Jan 12


Strider at 04:12 AM Jan 12

Great choice. I'm a big fan of Fillion. He should be a superstar already.

sbunn10 created a LIST: about 8 years ago

My 25 Favorite Films of the Decade

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2. The Departed
3. Children of Men
4. There Will Be Blood
5. Batman Begins
6. Amelie
7. Sunshine
8. The Royal Tenenbaums
9. Inglourious Basterds
10. The Dark Knight
11. No Country For Old Men
12. Shaun of the Dead
13. Moon
14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
15. Lost in Translation
16. Up in the Air
17. The Hurt Locker
18. Gladiator
19. Fantastic Mr. Fox
20. In Bruges
21. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
22. City of God
23. American Psycho
24. Casino Royale
25. Pan's Labyrinth
sbunn10 at 08:07 PM Dec 26

Yeah, I may be caught in the moment with the films of this year, but I don't know... I love some of the films this year an awful lot. I'm also a biased Batman lover, so both of Nolan's Batman films are pretty high.

And again, these are just my favorites, not what I would say are the absolute 'best' of the decade.

dbldn11 at 11:18 AM Dec 31

It is great seeing flicks like There Will Be Blood, In Bruges, and Shaun of the Dead on this list. Was Punch-Drunk Love #26?

sbunn10 at 06:31 PM Dec 31

I actually haven't seen that...I'm adding it to my netflix queue right now.

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sbunn10 updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Reading the strikebacks for the Best of 09 staff lists pisses me off a bit. People need to grow up. Apart from that, today was a great day for movies. I saw 'A Serious Man' and 'Up in the Air'. I liked both, but I really loved the latter. It's one of my favorites of the year.
JoBlo at 01:11 AM Dec 24

Not to mention that the age range on our site goes from like 13 to 45 (90% of peeps), and I can't imagine that 13-year olds dig the same shit as 30-year olds dig. Same goes for male, females, etc...

For example, l used to think GOODFELLAS was dogshit when I was a kid...JUST KIDDING!! ;0

Cherry Liquor
Cherry Liquor at 02:44 AM Dec 24

Dude, I still take shit for not being ashamed to say that I'm not a diehard Scorsese fan. TAXI DRIVER and RAGING BULL. Then he mostly just bores me. Oh.... the hate that that declaration brings on.

sbunn10 at 11:42 AM Dec 24

What!? You don't like Scorsese! You're an idiot!

;) Just kidding.

You guys are exactly right.. it bugs me like nothing else.

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sbunn10 updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Despite the predictability and a few horrible lines of dialogue, AVATAR was a fucking blast. Visually, it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Don't expect a masterpiece and you'll have a damn good time at the theater. 8/10
Natty at 10:02 AM Dec 19

Yep, agree with everything there.

sbunn10 at 11:43 AM Dec 24

I saw it again with my family, and I have to lower the score a bit. 7.5/10.

sbunn10 updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

I was completely underwhelmed by INVICTUS. The background with Mandela and Pinaar was interesting, and it's one of the better "sports dramas" in a long time, but there's very here little that's out of the ordinary. After a very low-key build-up, it descends into the territory of predictable, repetitive sports movies, with the same ol same ol inspirational talks and a ridiculous over-use of slo-mo celebrations. 7/10, shouldn't even be mentioned in the best picture conversation, even with 10 nominees.
drc5145 at 10:15 PM Dec 14

Absolutely agree. The 1st half was interesting but becomes that cliche, sappy sports movie once the tournament begins.

Craigstra at 10:51 AM Dec 19

The slow mo towards the end killed me

sbunn10 updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

THE PROPOSITION was an excellent, powerful, and well-made film. Pretty brutal though. Ray Winstone was great.
FrancoYesca at 03:42 PM Dec 09

Damn right on that, sir. I actually saw it at Best Buy the other day on DVD for $5. I didn't know how to feel about that.

sbunn10 at 12:13 AM Dec 10

If ever a film has been 'criminally underrated', it's this one. If it weren't for the schmoes on the forums, I'd never have seen it, just like the rest of the world.

sbunn10 added a DVD to his collection: about 8 years ago
Goodfellas (SE)

sbunn10 added a DVD to his collection: about 8 years ago
Star Trek (SE)

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