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Time to start a Godzilla/Kaiju marathon!!
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KING Of All Schmoes
Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: about 1 hour ago

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist teaser trailer (Ken)


Righteous_faustus at 07:50 PM Apr 24

May 20th needs to come soon!!

Anakin at 08:12 PM Apr 24

You know what...if I'm being totally honest and I hope you know what I mean by this - what puts me off this ever so slightly is that it looks like it's gonna take itself WAAYYY too seriously. Now I'm not saying I want a spoof, haha, but I've been watching interviews with the guys behind this and know it's not meant to be some high art metaphysical reflection piece. Make sense? Or am I totally out of line?

Righteous_faustus at 08:24 PM Apr 24

I got you and I understand where you're coming from. To a degree I do agree with you about trying to be some metaphysical reflection piece but the passion these guys have is making me look past that.

It's rare we get an adaptation let alone a videogame adaptation that looks like it'll hit all the right notes and stay true to its source. So, I welcome the serious nature of the film because it is a dark beginning to it all.

Righteous_faustus posted an IMAGE item: about 14 hours ago
Kaiju-thon #1--Godzilla Raids Again

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: about 14 hours ago

Time to start a Godzilla/Kaiju marathon!!
VitamanMan8 at 06:26 AM Apr 24

do iiiiiiitttttt

Anakin at 08:07 AM Apr 24

I have never seen any of the original Godzilla movies.

Righteous_faustus at 02:55 PM Apr 24

They're fun. But, like always, the first Godzilla is always the best.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

I'm more excited that Andrew Dominik is helming Blonde than Chastain actually getting the role. He's a great and underrated director and also created one of the best film of the previous decade. Can't wait!
Righteous_faustus at 11:42 PM Apr 22

EDIT: **than Chastain potentially getting the role.

OldKingClancy at 11:48 PM Apr 22

Oh wait, Dominik's getting the directing job? I'm there, loved Jesse James and Killing Them Softly. Add in Chastain's potential Oscar role and that's my ticket bought.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You're all pretty amazing people and act like a bunch of little fonzie's here. And what's fonzie like?
Invidtus at 03:58 PM Apr 20

no problem brometheus-

JohnLocke2342 at 04:02 PM Apr 20

Ahhh I'm sorry that I wasn't on here much yesterday, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BRO!

Righteous_faustus at 10:19 PM Apr 20

No worries man! But thanks!

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Righteous_faustus posted a BLOG item 7 days ago

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Mood: Chillin'
Glinda at 09:00 PM Apr 18

This show looks so funny I need to start it.

Righteous_faustus at 09:32 PM Apr 18

^its an excellent comedy. Everyone is so great and funny and not a dull episode.

Glinda at 03:58 PM Apr 19

I'm going to check it out today. I'm in need of a good comedy to get in on!

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

VitamanMan8 at 07:55 AM Apr 18

The Perks of Being the Life of Pi

Righteous_faustus at 06:59 PM Apr 18

Ha! Rad dude

MJZ at 02:42 AM Apr 20

LOL gooooood one

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

If New Line really changes The Hobbit: There And Back Again to The Hobbit: Into The Fire, that'll be one of the most disrespectful changes done to the novel. Not that I care about the film anymore but that title is pretty iconic to the novel itself.
Invidtus at 11:34 PM Apr 16

Also the title of a Sarah McLachlan song and an album by Bryan Adams never knew Hobbits were so full of Canadian content-

Righteous_faustus at 11:59 PM Apr 16

Haha huh, news to me too.

Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: 9 days ago

Small Town


Glinda at 11:42 PM Apr 16

I love this song and video both. A song I can play over and over and never tire of!

Righteous_faustus at 11:58 PM Apr 16

Oh that's how I feel about most all his songs. I love listening to them over and over.

Glinda at 02:37 AM Apr 17

They're the kind you never get tired of and the lyrics are relatable. You just know he wrote them from the heart. Especially this one and Pink Houses.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

Short Term 12 is streaming on Netflix Instant. If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend it. It's too good to be overlooked.
Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

Great tribute to The Ultimate Warrior, WWE.
Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Happy Birthday, Anakin. May The Force be with you on your day.
Anakin at 09:01 AM Apr 13

Thanks mate! Yours is just around the corner! I remember from last year! haha

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Watching Mr. Mom and I love Michael Keaton in this movie. He's so good. I can't wait to see him back in the comedy genre.
Glinda at 09:17 PM Apr 12

I love Michael Keaton and he's so good in Mr. Mom. Fun movie!

HTX0811 at 12:12 AM Apr 13

Keaton's awesome in anything he's in.

Derek237 at 12:20 AM Apr 13

Mr Mom is a classic.

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Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: 13 days ago

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist (Ryu)


Righteous_faustus at 04:36 AM Apr 12

**video contains no spoilers**

The cinematography looks pretty damn amazing and I love that we're getting a mix between languages in this.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 15 days ago

Thank God there's a local independent movie theater around since none of the bigger theater chains will be playing The Raid 2.
Anakin at 10:34 PM Apr 09

It's almost Hammer (girl) Time!

Righteous_faustus at 10:37 PM Apr 09

Haha nice!

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