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Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and Kung Fu Hustle are on Netflix. I guess I'm gonna be having a goofy fun time tonight!
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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and Kung Fu Hustle are on Netflix. I guess I'm gonna be having a goofy fun time tonight!
emmyd at 02:59 PM Jul 01


Glinda at 09:44 AM Jul 02


Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

It's pretty refreshing to see people like Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale shooting down the idea of a Back To The Future Reamle/Reboot. Not because it's an "untouchable classic" I always found that stance to be lazy but because that was a point in time that is now over. It's time to move on. Could the idea still work? Yes, who doesn't love a good sci-fi movie? But the notion of it possibly working isn't the issue its that they recognize these reboots don't have GOOD story tellers and without GOOD writers, what's the point?
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:19 AM Jul 01

Thankfully, they're shooting it down.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Creed looks like it could be a GREAT movie. It stays grounded and has that gritty look that you get from a Rocky movie and Michael B. Jordan looks like he's gonna chew that meaty role.
Cochise at 06:33 PM Jun 30

trailer didn't really get me excited for the story, but I'll def see it for Stallone

Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: 3 days ago



Beauski at 05:52 PM Jun 30

I'm down for another round with Rocky and Michael B is a good young up and coming actor.

Scotch at 06:42 PM Jun 30

Damn, Jordan is a monster! I remember when he was just a skinny kid on Friday Night Lights. Film looks good. I've always enjoyed the Rocky films so this one should be entertaining.

Anakin at 01:27 AM Jul 01

This looks great

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

I finally caught The Day The Earth Stood Still remake and it's a pretty stale remake. It's not haunting like the original and rely's way too heavily on the cgi to try and make it so but comes out bland or pretty boring.
Cochise at 04:44 PM Jun 25

remember wanting to like it cause of Keanu, but disliking it because of Jaden Smith's terrible terrible performance

Righteous_faustus at 04:55 PM Jun 25

I mean Keanu is in a way a perfect choice to portray Klaatu but I never really payed attention to him cause of the color pallete and the cgi. It was a total distraction

YoshioKun13 at 07:44 AM Jun 26

I forgot that was a remake that ever even existed.

I've never seen either it or the original.

Righteous_faustus posted a BLOG item 8 days ago

Mad Max: Fury Road Alt. Poster

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mood: Chillin'

timmyd at 09:49 AM Jun 25


Weapon X
Weapon X at 10:43 AM Jun 25

Kinda retro, yet also kinda 90's VHS cover.

Glinda at 10:50 AM Jun 25

Beautiful! The colors are so pretty.

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

It'll be interesting to see how important characters like Adam Warlock who is seemingly confirmed for Infinity War Pt. 1 are fleshed out when the MCU is already in the home stretch.
cerealkiller182 at 05:47 PM Jun 23

im not expecting him

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

RIP James Horner. Thank you for making film just a little more tangible with your extraordinary skill.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:08 PM Jun 22


Glinda at 09:33 PM Jun 22

So heartbreaking.

Anakin at 02:29 AM Jun 23

Very sad. RIP.

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

What? James Horner possibly died in a plane crash? Whoa, that's a huge loss if that is indeed him :(
Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:21 PM Jun 22

I hope he's okay. A good chunk of the epic moments I've witnessed on a film in my lifetime were set to his music.

writer19 at 07:51 PM Jun 22

shit. hope this isn't true

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

Although I'm not looking forward to the Independence Day sequel I'm pretty disappointed with the sequel title. I wish they realized how goofy the first movie is and applied that to the title of sequel and kinda went ham with it.
Anakin at 02:30 AM Jun 23

Seems like the knives are out for this one and I just don't get it. I personally can't wait.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Godzilla (2014) is also a pretty damn near perfect fun movie. It knows the rules and abides by those rules and is clearly an amalgam of Godzilla movies that came before it. I love this movie and will always defend it.
Anakin at 03:14 AM Jun 21

I loved it.

JohnnyPHreak at 07:45 AM Jun 21

One of my favorite films of all time.

Glinda at 08:35 AM Jun 21

I really enjoyed it too.

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

On a scale of 1-10, Pacific Rim is an 11 on the ham scale. It knows where it comes from and respects it and in that aspect It executes damn near everything almost perfectly.
Scotch at 06:46 PM Jun 20

Agreed. I loved it in theaters due to it's extremity in scale.

Righteous_faustus posted a BLOG item 13 days ago

Saturday Night Selection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mood: Chillin'

ericodarko at 05:07 PM Jun 20

That's a pretty damn awesome line-up. Enjoy

Cochise at 05:18 PM Jun 20

whoaaa that's a sweet PacRim cover!! Never seen that one before

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:48 PM Jun 20

Monstrous, righteous.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

It seems we are getting an Indiana Jones movie in 2018. Well, Harrison Ford isn't getting any younger also showed his age in Crystal Skull and everyone seems to have an issue with Chris Pratt so why not a woman take the role up? I'd be cool with that. I did like that sketch Anna Kendrick did on Indy after all.
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 07:51 PM Jun 19

I feel like its a role that only Harrison should own...its sad that we live in an age where nobody is allowed to own a certain role...this franchise should be left alone, but at the very least Harrison should make one more movie soon or hand off the torch properly.

Righteous_faustus at 04:53 PM Jun 20

I respect Harrison for doing what he did. It's iconic but I wouldn't want to see an old Indiana doing what he did in his prime. I personally see Indiana as a char in his/her prime.

YoshioKun13 at 12:35 PM Jun 24

I just saw THE LAST CRUSADE again, it ends perfectly.

Literally riding off into the sunset.

Then as it often does, what happens? 4th movie comes along to fuck up a perfectly good trilogy. =/

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

RIP Rick DuCommun you were a true underrated talent.
RandomK1NG at 04:35 AM Jun 18

Oh wow... That's a bummer :(

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