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Out of all this I hope we get a great Matt Stone and Trey Parker satire
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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: about 5 hours ago

Out of all this I hope we get a great Matt Stone and Trey Parker satire
TJLunsford at 07:01 PM Dec 17

They basically already covered this between Team America and the Family Guy episode of South Park.

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: about 9 hours ago

Sony Pictures has handled this whole situation very poorly. It seems as though they were throwing everyone in for the blame until finally giving up themselves.
Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: about 11 hours ago

It's bullshit that The Interview is being pulled from being shown at theater chains. There's one more theater chain around me that hasnt decided to yank it off. Hope they don't.
RetroMovieCritic at 06:05 PM Dec 17

IF certain groups didn't like the movie that could protest outside the theater and call it good, but to make evil threats to people who are terrible.

Righteous_faustus posted a BLOG item 1 day ago

Seeing The Hobbit tonight!!

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Mood: Chillin'
Righteous_faustus at 04:08 PM Dec 16

Ahaha NO!! >:(

Glinda at 08:06 PM Dec 17

lol We have this one too!

Righteous_faustus at 09:44 PM Dec 17


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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

MrsData at 05:26 PM Dec 15

LMAO, it was such a great episode.

Invidtus at 06:08 PM Dec 15

Lol if you look at the board in one scene it says no kwazy cupcakes-

Righteous_faustus at 11:57 PM Dec 15

haha I saw that and thought "that's kwazy!"

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

I love that scene when Gamora starts to dance a bit when Ain't No Mountain High Enough starts to play. She's so cute!
XSsoCX at 06:08 AM Dec 14

I agree, very cute.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:26 AM Dec 14

I demand GoTG2 end with Quill and Gamora having a Footloose dance-off. DEMAND, I say!

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

"We Are Groot." That tears me up every damn time!
Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: 4 days ago

Street Fighter V Gameplay Demo Matches


Righteous_faustus at 07:30 AM Dec 14

stylistically I think it looks great but I'm more interested in the movement of the characters. It looks a bit slower than SF IV judging by Ryu's movement and I'm fine about that. It's nice to see it having its own distinct style. Also, this juggling that seems to be going on that's cool I think. I hope we get to know more of what new things this game will bring or if that character specific attribute like Ryu's Lightning or Chuns watery like ability that allows her to throw double fireballs will be all or not. Love what I saw though.

Anakin at 08:05 AM Dec 14

It just came out of nowhere didn't it? hahaha I was thinking it's still years away. I love the background interaction. The characters and mood looks fantastic and dare I say it - cringe - 'darker' haha

Righteous_faustus at 10:15 AM Dec 14

There are things in here that are very Tekken-ish which I'm sure you love haha but it's looking great. Reports are that it'll be released March 2016 :O

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Righteous_faustus posted a VIDEO item: 4 days ago

Street Fighter V trailer WITH Charlie Nash appearance


Anakin at 02:15 AM Dec 14

You know....not the first one I'd assume would be announced. That said. I like the character and welcome back.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:24 AM Dec 14

Nash Lives!

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Charlie Nash is in Street Fighter V! :O
YoshioKun13 at 07:53 PM Dec 13

Will they make him look like Chris Klein?

Righteous_faustus at 07:58 PM Dec 13

Haha doesn't even look like him one bit :D

YoshioKun13 at 08:13 PM Dec 13

At least have him say "Nash out!"

Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

So, Skull Island is now Kong: Skull Island huh? Hmm, I thought Skull Island is pretty much synonymous with King Kong. Not exactly sure why they felt the need to add Kong to the title.
Cochise at 06:35 PM Dec 12

yeah a lot of title changes... I just don't get it. Even like Exodus to Exodus: Gods and Kings. Just Exodus sounds cooler I think... or The Wettest Country In The World compared to just Lawless, in that case I like the longer title more. I like just Skull Island more with this one.

Glinda at 08:08 AM Dec 13

I don't like that change at all! Skull Island had more effect for me.

sanalucky674 at 11:37 AM Dec 13

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

Is it just me or does one of the things in The Collectors room look exactly like Shuma-Gorath? If that is Shuma, ya think we'll see him in a Doctor Strange movie down the road?
XSsoCX at 09:58 AM Dec 12

I didn't even notice Shuma, I did notice a few other thing when watching again last night. You bringing this make me want to go back and watch The Collectors scenes over and over. I wish there was some sort of special feature for us to go through with a detailed telling of his collection on the bluray.

grelber37 at 01:38 PM Dec 12

@ XSsoCX, you have an excellent idea. Marvel might not want to give away that much information though, which is unfortunate.

@ Righteous, Shuma-Gorath should appear in the Dr. Strange movie. For his look alone, he would be a different kind of villain. And, Marvel could do a better job with Shuma than WB/DC did with Parallax, a similar threat, in the Green Lantern movie. Plus, Shuma was in that one '90s arcade game (that was like Mortal Kombat), so some fans might even remember him.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 04:17 PM Dec 12

There was a shit-ton of stuff in there, I'll have to look again and see about spotting Shuma.

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

I'm curious what the fallout will result in with this Sony Pictures situation.
XSsoCX at 07:17 AM Dec 12

This may be the perfect time for me to swoop in and buy Sony Pictures, then return Spider-Mans film rights to Marvel.

cerealkiller182 at 07:33 AM Dec 12

@rf, that's what I meant. I don't think much will come from it, except maybe Spider-Man. The franchise took a hit and this leak sort of showed their cards

Cochise at 12:23 PM Dec 12

I think what may be the biggest result from this is actually legal action. I mean, this is huge. This is bigger than Xbox Live getting hacked or PlayStation Network... I can definitely see this (finally) resulting in or leading to much a much stricter internet. Not just like security wise but law wise, I can definitely see them stepping their game up against both hackers and pirates after this. I mean really, how far are they gonna let it go?

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Righteous_faustus updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

That Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is so PERFECT. I was trying to single out one scene to highlight but everything is equally good! I love that the post-apocalyptic dystopian world is captured on point it seems and when Nicholas Hoult says "What a day. What a lovely Day!" then transitions into the batshit crazy world we know. Oh my God!!!
brewsky99 at 12:38 AM Dec 12

Anakin at 01:35 AM Dec 12

It looks amaze

Glinda at 08:29 AM Dec 12

I'm so excited for this movie.

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