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Well, Logan looks like a needed mutant movie that'll hit the hard ass spot while Power Rangers actually looks fun.
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razgriz21 updated his STATUS: about 11 hours ago

Well, Logan looks like a needed mutant movie that'll hit the hard ass spot while Power Rangers actually looks fun.
timmyd at 12:51 AM Jan 20

agreed on both .

grelber37 at 01:18 AM Jan 20

Singer's X-Men movies have went a few dark places. However, they have never went fully into some of X-lore's highly-appreciated mature material. One hopes that Logan goes there. Marvel's mutant saga is supposed to have very complex, conflicted characters. It is supposed to be a somewhat dark social commentary and allegory.

razgriz21 posted a BLOG item 1 day ago

People who can't handle The Walking Dead

These people ruin entertainment and shout "Too violent, too sexy, too smart".

Tell them to fuck off.

Mood: Angry

MrsData at 01:44 AM Jan 19

They've been around for 20 years and if they actually had real power The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, all the shows on FX and other cable networks wouldn't be on the air. Hell, they even hate The Muppets! They're irrational, preachy and loud but they're also small and they know it. They're outnumbered by people who like adult target dramas and comedies and the studio executive suits who like profiting from those TV shows.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:50 AM Jan 19

Fuck off!

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 02:18 AM Jan 19

got two words for these people photo abs3_zpsybh4gvo5.gif

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razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

I guess people want The Walking Dead like This Is Us or Fuller House. If it's too violent, change the channel. Don't ruin it for us fans.
HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 11:03 PM Jan 18

if ya want feel good tv watch the disney channel its called the walking dead people get boo boo's and die people gotta ruin everything

YoshioKun13 at 02:36 AM Jan 19

Too violent...

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Almost a year later and still FOX is dragging it's feet on one more season of The X-Files. This upsets me. I felt like I was betrayed by that awful cliffhanger. Thanks for nothing Chris Carter.
cobb at 02:53 AM Jan 17

my dad and i felt betrayed the whole season

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

Underworld and Resident Evil are the Hot Pockets of the film industry. It'll hit a spot but you'll be on the toilet later.
razgriz21 at 01:03 AM Jan 14

Though to be fair, Underworld is better due to not taking a known license and not pissing off a fan base.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 02:07 AM Jan 14

I'd argue Underworld just did that to its own fanbase with Blood Wars.

grelber37 at 11:42 AM Jan 14

Wow. My brother has made almost the _exact_ same comparison about the three Punisher movies.

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

Only two reasons why I'll watch xXx Return of Xander Cage. Tony Jaa and Donnie Yen.
razgriz21 posted a BLOG item 8 days ago

My favorites of 2016

Favorite Theatrical movie: Deadpool - The rowdy comedy based off of the popular wise-cracker kept me coming back for more. I saw it in theaters 3 times and couldn't stop laughing.

Favorite Streaming movie: Spectral - The direct to streaming supernatural action movie was a welcome surprise. Combining the atmosphere of Black Hawk Down with science fiction action when a Delta Force unit battles literal ghosts that kill on contact.

Favorite Television show (Cable and/or Network): Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - While The Walking Dead disappointed but recovered somewhat in season 7 and The X-Files revival left me feeling betrayed (still sad), Agent Coulson and company continued to impress. With a strong team and evolving adversaries (from anti-InHuman terrorists to specters), the still steady Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't look like it'll stop on the quality.

Favorite Television show (Streaming): Stranger Things - What would happen if Steven Spielberg and Stephen King came up with a tv show in the 80's? It'd probably be the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things. While it borrows the atmosphere of horror classics and King works, it manages to mutate into it's own engaging tale with likable characters, a growing mythology, and a great performance from Winona Ryder.

Favorite Video Game: DOOM - Remaking a classic, especially one that invented a genre is a bold move but a rejuvenated id Software was up to the task and rip + teared it's own path in a crowded first person shooter marketplace. No reloading and no hiding behind cover. You truly are the harbinger of Death as you gun down, tear apart, and cut demons in half set to heavy metal music. Mars and Hell are your personal killing fields in this 13 hour campaign of mayhem. The only negative is a ho-hum multiplayer.

Mood: Happy

TreyTheMovieMan at 01:34 AM Jan 12

Doom was fucking amazing.

TheChanges23 at 02:51 AM Jan 12

Great list bud! I still need to make mine. Gotta get on that. :-)

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 03:20 AM Jan 12

I need to check "Spectral".

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razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

While rewatching The Jungle Book, it still impresses me that not one stitch of real jungle was used. It should be the front-runner for VFX at the Oscars due to it's depth, animation, and detail that come across as photo-realistic.
Glinda at 04:06 PM Jan 13

Completely agree, it was amazing.

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

Glad to see Paul Verhoeven win a Golden Globe in Foreign Film for Elle. Still kicking at 78 and no help from Hollywood.
Frosty_86 at 11:05 PM Jan 09

Love Paul Verhoeven. I'm glad he's been able to get passed Showgirls and still kicking ass.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:30 AM Jan 10

I was curious to check "Elle" in theater but I ended up missing it.

razgriz21 posted a VIDEO item: 12 days ago

Happy NFL Playoffs (Family Guy Shippoopi)


TheChanges23 at 03:55 AM Jan 08


grelber37 at 11:36 AM Jan 08

Saturday's games definitely had their moments. Today's games should be similarly good. And, aptly enough, Family Guy should punctuate this Sunday well after we do some drinking all day.

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

I understand where Mel Gibson, John McTiernan, Martin Scorsese, and Ridley Scott aren't into superhero movies. I agree on several points and people need to stop being offended by their comments. Not everyone likes mainstream blockbusters and I for one demand variety.
YoshioKun13 at 02:31 AM Jan 06

Don't forget David Cronenberg

grelber37 at 02:56 PM Jan 06

Razgriz, you and I are both major fans of superhero fare. However, I agree with you completely. The cineplex needs to offer variety.

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 15 days ago

6 days.
razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

What will bomb and what will succeed this movie season?
grelber37 at 04:11 AM Jan 03

War for the Planet of the Apes should be a successful movie. The two previous movies were quite good.

Any 2017 comic-book release should sweat a bit. Comic-book fatigue is going to set-in at some point. But hey, it might not be this year yet.

razgriz21 updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

2016, you were crazy. I saw Jon Lovitz do stand up, vacationed in the heart of Hollywood, got a new car, returned to karate, and met my top celeb crush. It's been a helluva ride. Let 2017 be more awesome.
Scotch at 12:10 AM Jan 01

Fuck yeah, raz. No other direction but forward. Have a great New Years!

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