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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

All the problems I had with THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT are pretty much eloquently expressed by Kim Voynar: I will not give this film a pass just because it deals with a same-sex couple raising kids.
Strider at 02:17 PM Jan 03

I want to see this badly.

VitamanMan8 at 03:00 PM Jan 03

I liked the movie... but once same-sex couples are more commonly accepted in our culture, this movie won't be remembered because the story is pretty disjointed and the movie is fairly mediocre.

HarkonnenAmongYou at 04:41 PM Jan 03

One of the best films of the year, loved it.

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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Tarantino's Top Ten, lots of good ones but apparently he thinks Knight & Day is better than Inception
PeJota at 01:09 PM Jan 03

Kinda weird list. I remember his list from last year had some odd/surprising choices, but he mentioned he still hadn't seen a couple of films, so maybe it's the case this year.

randychico at 01:25 PM Jan 03

^Good point.

Strider at 02:36 PM Jan 03

Very interesting list, to say the least. I love the fact that he loves ANIMAL KINGDOM. I'm very surprised that INCEPTION and BLACK SWAN and SOMEWHERE didn't make his list.

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randychico created a LIST: about 5 years ago

Top Ten Pete Postlewaite Appearances

1. In the Name of the Father
2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
3. The Town
4. James & the Giant Peach
5. Inception
6. Romeo + Juliet
7. The Usual Suspects
8. Alien 3
9. The Constant Gardener
10. The Omen
randychico at 11:32 AM Jan 03

@Derek: Definitely, that's why it made my #10 and it somewhat applies to The Constant Gardener & Romeo + Juliet also, the guy was great.

klinteastwood at 01:52 PM Jan 03

oh man..such a great fucking list man..RIP

lordtyler912 at 03:34 PM Jan 03


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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Wow, Pete Postlethwaite, the most talented "Hey it's that guy!" may he rest in peace. Like nerd85 said, it was always a treat to see him pop up now and then, usually unexpectedly. Just this year I got to see him in 4 movies I didn't know he was in: The Town, Solomon Kane, Inception & Clash of the Titans but I'll always remember him as Daniel Day Lewis' father in In the Name of the Father and the old magic guy in James & the Giant Peach... and so much more.
randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

The only thing I didn't like from EASY A was that younger Emma Stone looked NOTHING like older Emma Stone
sjs41390 at 02:13 AM Jan 03

I don't remember what she looked like, I do however remember enjoying that film immensely.

nerd85 at 08:18 AM Jan 03

She sounded like her from what I remember.

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 07:33 PM Jan 03

^^I'm almost sure they'd dubbed Emma's voice over that girl's! I do agree that they could have found a better look-alike, though. Other than that, I had no complaints - it was a fun watch!

randychico created a LIST: about 5 years ago

Most dissapointing films of 2010

1. Nightmare on Elm St - Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiing. I honestly think there's so much material in the dream world and it could have been one of the few remakes to benefit from the whole CG effects thing and how could you go wrong with Jackie Earl Haley? Well it did go wrong. Very wrong
2. Alice in Wonderland - Alice + Burton, a match made in heaven but I began to feel dissapointed ever since I started to see the first character previews but I never thought it would be this bad, it should have been called Alice in Land since the whole Wonderland magic was stripped away.
3. Clash of the Titans - I love the original so seeing even if it's a bit outdated so seeing an updated version got me a little excited, even after getting a bad feeling about it with the trailers I still had a little bit of hope which was crushed with so much lameness
4. Book of Eli - Denzel kicking ass? Gary FUCKING Oldman as the badguy? Mila Kunis? All set in a postapocaliptic world? How could this go wrong? I guess it did due to some lazy scenes a lack of rythm and an anticilmatic 3rd act
5. Shutter Island - I did not like this movie, personally it was predictable, messy and longwinded, I expected a little more from Scorsesse & company
6. I Love You Phillip Morris - I had some hopes with this romantic comedy with dramedic Jim Carrey and the always cool Ewan McGregor, in the end it was a mess of a "comedy" it didn't know what it wanted to be, a romance, a gay movie, a flick about a scam artists, a romcom, a drama, slapstick, jail movie... what???
7. The Loosers - One of the trends I saw this years that I hated was open endings that left the door open for a sequel and The Loosers was one of the guilty flicks. It looked like so much fun times but unfortunately it was drowned in trying to be too cool for school and in ridiculous character dramas
8. Predators - Great cast, good premise, awesome kills but it ultimately went nowhere and it had some really stupid twists. Is it really that hard to make another good Predator movie??
9. The Descent 2 - The first one kicked ass but this one didn't, having Juno back was just a stupid decision.
10. Iron Man 2 - I enjoyed IM2, I love RDJ and ScarJo, WarMachine was awesome, Mickey Rourke & Sam Rockwell were great as always but the first film left me expecting so much more, you all know the reasons, it was a big ad for the Avengers, the final fight was a let down, etc etc
JohnnyPHreak at 11:46 AM Jan 03

I'm sad to see I Love You Phillip Morris on this list because I was hoping it was good. I've heard good things. But the rest I can honestly agree with you except I did really enjoy Shutter Island. Even though I knew the ending after I saw the first trailer.

rbown82 at 02:22 PM Jan 03

I thought I Love You, Philip Morris was very funny, and Shutter Island, while disappointing, I thought was very good

lordtyler912 at 03:31 PM Jan 03

IM2 was the biggest dissapointment ever

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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

This will be the last update I'll make in the year, happy new year everyone I hope it brings the best to each and everyone of you
MJZ at 01:29 AM Jan 01

this an important message from MJZ in the future... the squirrels are taking over!

Righteous_faustus at 03:23 AM Jan 01

Happy New Year randy! and same goes for you as well!

randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Y'all don't mind if I post my best of list till the next year right? I'm getting a little too obsessed. I'm on a friggin' movie watching frenzy right now
Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 02:43 AM Jan 01

Better late than never, right?

randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Phew... it only took me like a DAY but I finally got caught up with all of your updates. Now to get some sleep.. good nightzzzzzzzz
Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 10:41 AM Dec 30

Welcome back! How was Disney?

randychico at 12:53 PM Dec 30

Thanks kitty :D it was superb, nice, we had fun, we saw new things and even tho it's a little pricey everything we ate was delicious haha, definitely some very good times :)

randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Disneyland here I come and tomorrow(land) I start doing my end of the year lists wohoo! After I see True Grit ;)
wallcrawler383 at 10:21 PM Dec 29

Still man...fucking disneyland. But then again, im all the way on east coast so...kudos for your proximity.

randychico at 09:58 AM Dec 30

You can uh, go to Coney sland?

wallcrawler383 at 03:23 PM Dec 30

Or Six Flags. Crayola Factory. Dorney Park. Hershey Park.

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randychico posted an IMAGE item: about 5 years ago
Eye Popping 6D

Invidtus at 03:01 PM Dec 27

Where you're going you don't need roads-

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 04:01 PM Dec 27

Hey Randy, Ramona Flowers called. She wants her goggles back! j/k

Seriously though, great picture of you! Me likes!!! :-D

randychico at 04:51 PM Dec 27

Haha..... thank you :D

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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

"Paradox!" - I've never liked that part, why does he have to say it? It's so unnecessary. I always imaginte that if Inception was rated R, he would have said "Paradox motherfucker"!
Derek237 at 11:16 PM Dec 26

Not necessarily. If that would be the only F-bomb in the entire movie it would still be PG-13.

wallcrawler383 at 11:18 PM Dec 26

valid point derek. since inception isn't overly violent it probably would've stayed with a PG-13 rating even with the motherfucker thrown in.

randychico at 01:50 PM Dec 27

Fine.. I should have said if Inception was made in the 90s

randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Hey guys, I need book suggestions for kids. He's your typical 10 y/o who digs superheroes
tbondrage99 at 04:50 PM Dec 26

I think the perfect book for a 10 year old would have to be Bone.

mister easter
mister easter at 05:55 PM Dec 26

i really dug the "wrinkle in time" books when i was ten. still do, actually...

randychico at 06:02 PM Dec 26

Thanks everyone. My nephew got one of those digital readers and I'm trying to hook him up with some ebooks :D

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randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Wondering why does "And Soon the Darkness exist. Very pointless film.
Invidtus at 01:02 PM Dec 26

The title is a good description for when you fall asleep 20 minutes into it-

randychico at 01:04 PM Dec 26

Haha, that's precisely what happened, I started watching yesterday but I had to finish it right now

Cronos at 02:21 PM Dec 26

Had that kicking around for a week or so and still haven't watched it, thinking about it I don't think I've even seen the original.

randychico updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

There goes christmas...
randychico at 05:47 PM Dec 26

haha... I think that might not be a god thing

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 07:31 PM Dec 26

Well, technically, that could very well be a "god" thing, but definitely not a "good" thing. ;-)

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 07:01 PM Dec 27

^ Hahaha @ Kitty Green. Boosh!

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