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randychico created a LIST: over 4 years ago

What if Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the Christopher Nolan films

1. Insomnia - "Go to sleep" *punch*
2. Following - "Now this bullet ..will follow you into your SKULL" *shot to the head*
3. Inception - "Paradox asshole" ..oh wait, that's kinda in the movie ..ugh
4. Memento - "You will remember me... in hell!" *drops bad guy over cliff*
5. The Prestige - "Prepare to ...disappear ...Abra ...Cadaver!" *shotgun blast*
6. Batman Begins - "I'll be back!"
7. The Dark Knight - "Ice to see you again!"
8. The Dark Knight Rises - "The Ice Man Riseth!"
Weapon X
Weapon X at 11:12 PM Jul 30

Grrr. You win this round.

Goddamn laser sharks.

grelber37 at 02:06 PM Jul 31

All of these are a LMAO. Your Memento one references Commando, so that is not a bad thing.

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 04:28 PM Jul 31


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randychico created a LIST: over 4 years ago

Ranking Christopher Nolan (The unpopular opinion edition)

1. The Prestige - Magic in a victorian era setting, Bale, Jackman, Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett, Gollum and so many twists and turns!! David Bowie as Nikola Tesla is the friggin' cherry on top.
2. Inception - The last great original film of our generation or something
3. Memento - The fresh maker
4. Following - Your typical atypical artsy film school grad film noir, I dug it.
5. The Dark Knight - It's aiight I guess :p
6. Batman Begins -
7. The Dark Knight Rises -
8. Insomnia - It's ironically a cure for insomnia

Based on a list by JohnLocke2342

JohnLocke2342 at 09:33 PM Jul 30

I wouldn't call it the unpopular opinion tbh since we both have Inception and Memento in our top 3.. and I fucking love The Prestige.

dstoudt80 at 10:12 PM Jul 30

I agree with you that Inception might be the last great original film.

randychico at 10:43 PM Jul 30

*disregard this post*

randychico posted a VIDEO item: over 4 years ago



TheChanges23 at 12:13 AM Jul 31

^^^ Oh come on Terminal, O' Donnell's career is still going, he's on NCIS Los Angeles right now.

Oh wait....

Righteous_faustus at 01:11 AM Jul 31

@terminal-- their careers are gonna freeze in hell ;)

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 02:17 AM Jul 31

yeah it definitely hurt Alicia...where is she?

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Most epic game of "Snake"
DREW SAFS at 12:02 AM Jun 27

ahhh thats how they got the syncopy logo

Righteous_faustus at 01:10 AM Jun 27


xwing16 at 07:42 AM Jun 28

Yup - stayed until the end to watch the whole thing. EPIC!

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

World War Z has some pretty HOLY CRAP moments, it's decent for a movie about disease that turns people into a tidewave of chaos... as a zombie movie it's bit weak.
randychico at 02:57 AM Sep 05

but yeah holy crap

randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Movie poster from Ghana
wallcrawler383 at 03:34 AM Jun 19

Whoa John Locke from LOST was in this?

Invidtus at 03:59 AM Jun 19

I thought it was the Monopoly Guy-

randychico at 07:44 AM Jun 19

It's actually bald clean shaven Sean Connery.. didn't you know Indy's dad was actually in the movie?

randychico posted a VIDEO item: over 4 years ago

The LEGO movie!!!


Righteous_faustus at 01:52 AM Jun 19

This actually looks pretty amusing.

randychico at 03:21 AM Jun 19

Yes!! I was a bit worrisome the LEGO people would be overdoing it with a movie but this looks fun! ..oh and Batman

randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Great read, 14 unfilmable novels and the directors who should try anyway. I would LOVE to see any of these adaptations, especially 100 Years of Solitude by Guillermo del Toro and Kraken by Jean Pierre Jeunet... if only...
Derek237 at 11:06 PM Jun 18

Interesting about Chabon's Kavalier and Klay, which is fucking amazing and one of my all time favs, but I seem to remember at one point Mike Mingella wanted to adapt it. That would have been nice to see but unfortunately he passed so I guess the project died with him, but I have hope.

Anakin at 11:38 PM Jun 18

^I'd rather that stay as a book but...I dun know.

DREW SAFS at 01:22 AM Jun 19

IT's sad cause i've only read one these books. BUt it's HAPPY cause now i have a list of things to check out!

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

I loved the Bourne films so much I just had to check out the 3 hour long made for TV movie from 1988 starring Richard "Quattermain" Chamberlain in the Bourne role alongside Jaclyn Smith, it's has some outdated bits but not half bad actually.
Invidtus at 02:01 AM Jun 19

and the secret reveal is he's really Alan Quartermain-

randychico created a LIST: over 4 years ago

Hi! Randy! (heeeey Raaandy) You may remember me as the guy who.....

1. doesn't post as much anymore but usually tries and comment on a lot of your posts
2. does the "artwork" for Laksmikanti's MFC Schmoes calendar
3. one time AAAALMOST beat horrorfan for Schmoe of the year (he still very much deserved)
4. hosts MFC's annual costume contest and you bet yo ass the 3rd one will happen so better start getting those cogs in motion!
5. makes his har magically grow and ungrow
6. once made love to his Indiana Jones poster
7. doesn't really stand out as the fan of something because there's FAR bigger fans of StarWars/Indiana Jones/LOTR/horror films/Spiderman/Superheroes/Batman/Videogames/insertcoolstaplesofgeekdomrighthere
8. is in love with Gary Oldman and his favorite hottie is Scarlett Johansson because she's not only pretty and super hot but because I also find her talented
9. has his girlfriend (lachister)right here although she doesn't log in as often but when she does we probably annoy some people with cutesy stuff :D <3
10. ..who ..who ... uh, this:

11. You may not remember me as the guy who has twice shown his underwear in his pics

Based on a list by horrorfan23

horrorfan23 at 01:21 AM Jun 19

Hopefully we still get the costume contest and the calendars again this year

randychico at 01:48 AM Jun 19

oh most definitely to both, I'm also planning on doing another schmoe advent calendar :D

HTX0811 at 03:21 AM Jun 19

I'm with you on 7. Excellent list and gif.

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randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago


Hi guys!!! I'm in this contest I already posted about it a few days ago and I need as much help as we can! If you have a facebook account (or if you don't, create one haha) it will only take you a second to "like" our pic, this is the last leg of the race, we need to stand firm and we need all the help we can get!!

I can't thank you enough, and I promise this is the last time :)

Mood: Embarassed

xwing16 at 06:48 AM Jun 16

Can I vote more than once?

randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

YES YES YES! So Man of Steel blew me away (or maybe it FLEW me away) I was on board the moment Zack Snyder was announced and I always said that's what Supes needed, and he didn't let me down. It was full of BAM BOOM DAZZLE KAPOW!!! And while there's always room for nitpics in everything and this is no different I wasn't bothered in the least with the story elements, I even shed a tear here and there and my nails are shorter now from all of the nail biting.
randychico at 05:21 AM Jun 15

Yeah, what were people expecting honestly?? I wanted mayhem I got mayhem and some focus on his origins but scattered through so as to not be bogged down by it *coughsupermanreturnscough*

Cronos at 08:51 AM Jun 15


Anakin at 10:23 AM Jun 15

Glad you liked it mate

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

So now John C Reilly will also be in Guardians of the Galaxy... WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CAST!!!?!
randychico at 08:38 PM Jun 14

Yeah, since day one I've been hugely intrigued

HeyDude3007 at 08:39 PM Jun 14

Fucking awesoooome

XSsoCX at 09:03 PM Jun 14

My apologies, Reilly is not the Kree leader. He is Rhomann Dey: The leader of Nova Corps.

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randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago


Hi everyone!

I'm in this contest you see, and we're sooo close to winning so I figured I'd ask all of you, who I don't have as a facebook contact, if you have a an account please head on over this link and "like" our pic (it will say "me gusta" at the bottom). If you don't have FB just open a fake account lol, it's easy as that :p

It's easy as that and EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Thanks very much!

Oh, and I could win a stay at Disney's DREAM SUITE! Don't know what that is? In short, we could stay the night INSIDE Disneyland!! AHH!! So many emotions right now!!

Mood: High
HeyDude3007 at 10:07 PM Jun 14

Cool pic, Hope you win man!

randychico at 04:17 AM Jun 15

Thanks man! :D

Glinda at 04:24 AM Jun 15

Let us know how it goes!

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Description for a casting call: "Two 17 year old twins, a girl and a boy, are trained by their uncle Luke to be the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy." Take that as you will.
elmariachi01 at 09:41 PM Jun 11

Jacen and Jaina?

randychico at 10:34 PM Jun 11

Take that as you will haha... all signs point to yes.. I dunno

Anakin at 11:17 PM Jun 11

Fake. There's gonna be loads of this now in the run up.

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