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Last chance to vote on the MFC costume contest, results will be up today :D
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randychico posted an IMAGE item: over 3 years ago
The last time I logged in here it was for the 2013 MFC Costume Contest, I'm so glad Jamie took up the mantle and continued the tradition so at least I wanted to participate, so here's a meee Mario Poppins :D

MrsData at 07:52 PM Nov 03

This is beyond excellent!

HTX0811 at 06:19 PM Nov 04

Awesome pic!

Princessofhorror2012 at 07:06 AM Jan 27

Lol love it! Your awesome!

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randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

MFC Costume contest: The Results!

So here we go ladies and ghouuls, the results are in, you voted and everyone won!!!! Let's do this poop!

5th placers

goNADSgo69 as Erin from You’re Next

“Best nod to horror” “hottest genderswap” ”Best Gender-bending Costume” and the “wouldn’t have guessed if you’d asked me but it’s still awesome” awards

TastetheW0ng as A.W.E.S.O.M.-o

WInner of the “most creative” (x2), and the “why the hell is this picture sideways? Maybe "because Awesomo must rest his CPU!”” award

HTX0811 as bloody skeleton

Winner of “best costume that looks like a decoration””Most Awesome Effects” and the “bloody good show” awards


Winner of "most frightening Walter White lookalike”,”Best Facial Hair” and the “you got that right I am!” awards

Winner for “Best Beauty Make-up” and the “loves halloween so will dress up as 3 different things” awards

Walkaway, Thatswhatshesaid and friends

Winner of “Cutest costume” for Thatswhatshesaid (as Lil) and the “babes gotta do what babes gotta do” awards

WalkAway, Thatswhatshesaid and JZacc (and their mother)

Winner of “best use of pediophobia” and the “no, I would not like to play with you” awards

4th placers
razgriz21 as The Punisher

Winner of “most badass dude” “best punisher smiling costume ever””Best Prosthetics” and the “there is no escape from his justice” award

zombie_bro as shark (with family)

Winner of the “Family who tricks or treats together stays together”, the ”Best Animal Ever Costume”, the “Best Marine Animal” and the "greatest white costume GET IT?!?!” award

Angryjohnnyn1930 as Marty McFly

Award for “veracity” “most timely” ”Best Vest” and the “bestest best best vest best” awards

Evil-Ed as Zombie Soldier
Winner of “best costume to feature a mermaid and her boobs" and the “gets votes because of companion” award

Me (randychico) as all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Winner of “Best use of character conglomeration” “cleverness award for cleverness” "most creative and colorful””Most Turtleriffic!” and the “I’m giving myself an award just because I can 3rd edition” awards

3rd Place TIE
Michaelatyson as Ash

WinnerMost badass chick, "best use of chainsaw arm without cutting off said limb”, the one hell of a debut and farewell from a moviefancentral user award

JohnLocke2342 and his girl as Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Cutest videogame couple”Best Video Game Characters”, the “this needs to be a movie” award and the “Stop it JohnLocke, you always bring it! Stop bringing it you’re making the rest of us look bad!”

2nd Place TIE!
wallcrawler383 as Wreck-It Ralph

Winner for “Costume to most likely wreck it in bed" “Best Cartoon Character” and the “It’s badass and that’s good”
WalkAway as Chuckie

Winner for “Best use of nostalgia”, the “only time I've ever thought an infant was sexy” and the “hi, I’m chuckie wanna play? Yes yes I would” awards

...aaand now, drum roll please!
1st Place
timmyd as Michael Myers

Winner of “Looks like a photo from the set” costume,”Creepiest Costume” and the “wins because the photo is just so creepy” awards

Well there you go guys, another year, another round of cool, scary, funny and awesome contests. Thanks for everyone who participated, hope to see you round this parts next year!

Mood: Happy
wallcrawler383 at 01:07 PM Nov 18

Honestly Im shocked I placed as high as I did, but nevertheless, I'm very honored! Good times, Ran-Man, thanks for doing this! Congrats to all the winners!

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 02:27 PM Nov 19

You all went above and beyond with your costumes. I especially admire how unique and true-to-character you all looked. Excellent job, everyone!

Glinda at 07:49 AM Jan 04

Somehow I missed this blog before. Congratulations you all look great!

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Last chance to vote on the MFC costume contest, results will be up today :D
randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Hey people I need your help, please vote on this year's costumed MFCers, who's your favorite?
randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

Don’t forget Halloween just yet! MFC’s Costume Contest participants!

Halloween is not yet over ‘round this here parts!!! We still have to see the round up of costumes some of you came up with and to pick a winner, not many entered like last year but it’s still an awesome assortment of ghouls and ghost and YOU dear reader get to pick the best one as well as give random awards to the rest (here’s last years winners as well as some samples of the awards given out: )

So here we go, in alphabetical order

Angryjohnnyn1930 as Marty McFly

Evil-Ed as Zombie Soldier

goNADSgo69 as Erin from You’re Next

HTX0811 as bloody skeleton

JohnLocke2342 and his girl as Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Michaelatyson as Ash

Nick KEWL as Heinserberg

Me (randychico) as all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

razgriz21 as The Punisher

TastetheW0ng as A.W.E.S.O.M.-o

timmyd as Michael Myers

Vampjezzc as Day of the Dead calavera

Vampjezzc as TARDIS

Vampjezzc as Broken Doll

wallcrawler383 as Wreck-It Ralph

WalkAway as Chuckie

Walkaway and Thatswhatshesaid as Chuckie and Lil

WalkAway, Thatswhatshesaid and JZacc (and their mother) as creepy dolls

zombie_bro as shark (with family)

So there you go, you can either comment here or send me a PM statin who your favorite is as well as all the awards you want to give out. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Mood: High
randychico at 08:41 AM Nov 15

Thanks everyone! Results will be up today :D

goNADSgo69 at 11:30 AM Nov 15

+1 WalkAway for Chuckie

Dr.Frankenstein at 11:30 AM Nov 15

My fave is "timmyd" as Michael Myers!

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

We have enough people for this years costume contest to make it memorable but the more the merrier so come on people! Last days to show me your costume, there's still time!! You have until Sunday :D
randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

My only gripe with Thor: The Dark World is that I was kinda hoping we got to see more of the winged helmet but it seems that's never gonna happen
Anakin at 01:40 PM Nov 06

Hemsworth said he HATES wearing it so I wouldn't count on it.

Invidtus at 01:44 PM Nov 06

is winged helmet a code word randy-

randychico at 11:17 PM Nov 06


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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Did you not get your Halloween on?? Send me a link to your pictures! And be part of MFC's 3rd Annual Costume Contest :D
randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Hey everyone, remember to post whatever you'll be dressing up this halloween :D
randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Have a Creepy Halloween everyone!
randychico at 04:29 PM Oct 31

Thanks guys :)

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 01:26 PM Nov 01

Yooooo, Randy!! I hope you had a spooktacular Halloween yourself. Hope all else is well, too. :-)

randychico at 11:41 AM Nov 02

You too KG, happy to hear from you :)

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Been super busy, finally getting my horror on, posted this years costume contest so check that out! And now, to think up some quick, super cheap, clever costume.
Glinda at 04:12 PM Oct 30

Hey you're getting your horror on just in time! It will all come together nicely.

randychico at 06:39 AM Oct 31

Definitely, and I'll at least watch one film today :D

randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

3rd Annual MFC Costume Contest


It's the MOST wonderful time, of the year! ♫

With one day away, it's time to show your fellow MFC'ers what did you dress up as this Halloween! I don't care if it's lame or if you just put on a leather jacket and decided to dress up as evil you, we want to see it! In the process we will pick out the best ones and give out awards like they were candy! Will you win this years "Sluttiest Hipster" award? Or the coveted "So obscure I had to google it" award? Enter and find out! So start your engines, run over some zombies and let's do this!

Mechanics: Anyone who posts a pic of their costume is automatically entered, whenever you post your pic, if you want to assure your place in the contest just PM me the link to your post (it can be outside of MFC if ya want I don't care). If you post a pic but do NOT want to participate (partypooper) just let me know as well. Submissions will keep going the week after Halloween (Oct 31st).

After that week has passed I'll post a blog with all the contestants so you can all vote for the best and you can start nominating for random awards for whatever category you can think of by sending me a PM (most badass, sexiest,most likely to go out dressed like that, etc).

Take a gander at last years winners and some examples of the awards given out:

Prizes: Pride, a virtual pat in the back by way of congratulations, bragging rights* and this year we have raised the grand prize to ONE MILLION cool points that will go towards the clique of your choice.

*If you overdo such bragging, the title will be revoked.

Legal mumbo jumbo: No purchase necessary (but if you want to make a donation I won't mind). Many (I hope) will enter, everybody wins (but only one supreme winner will be chosen). Those who don't link, post, share their pics are ineligible to enter (obviously, we need pictures people!!).

This contest is open to all residents of the planet earth, blablabla, we'll not be held responsible for broken egos or shattered beliefs, this is for fun only, all pictures are the properties of the subjects in it, something something etc etc

Mood: Happy
Vampjezzc at 11:49 AM Nov 02

AWESOME! Count me in :) And that banner is pretty sweet! I had three costumes, my last one isn't up yet but it will be tomorrow hopefully :)

AngryJohnnyN1930 at 01:42 PM Nov 06

Fantastic, thanks for doing this, man!

randychico at 08:41 AM Nov 15

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the contestants are up for voting :D

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randychico posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

The most awesomest Little Mermaid posters

Mood: Chillin'

Anakin at 10:25 AM Sep 25

These are cool

JohnLocke2342 at 11:10 AM Sep 25

those are fantastic

randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Things I would wear if I were a girl...
Anakin at 01:41 AM Sep 19

Just wear it anyway

Mac136187 at 02:31 AM Sep 19

And you'll look great in it.

randychico at 09:31 PM Sep 19

lol @timmyd, @glinda & @mac, thanks ;D

@anakin: unfortunately it's out of stock :p

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randychico updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

haha all thanks to
WalkAway at 11:44 AM Sep 18

Awesome but way less sexy

OldKingClancy at 11:49 AM Sep 18

I don't know, Cookie's got some nice curves going on there.

randychico at 12:23 PM Sep 18

I wouldn't mind taking a bite of his cookie

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