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Finally took my kids to see COWBOYS & ALIENS this weekend. I thought it was a lot of fun! I'm glad all the critics bashed it cause I went in with extremely low expectations.
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RadDadRich updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Finally took my kids to see COWBOYS & ALIENS this weekend. I thought it was a lot of fun! I'm glad all the critics bashed it cause I went in with extremely low expectations.
ElderPredator at 12:28 PM Aug 22

Fucking great movie, critics can fuck off.

horrorfan23 at 12:36 PM Aug 22

Good to have you back RadDad.

RadDadRich at 01:10 PM Aug 22

It's good to be back!

RadDadRich updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Most overrated director working today. Go. And don't be afraid to piss people off.
greatballsoffire at 02:03 PM Aug 28

.......oh and NiteOwl and Terminal, YOU LOSE. Nolan is my savior. I'm giving him a sloppy blow job the first chance I get. ;-).....but all dirty comments aside. We need to figure out how to get the chat room up and going. These debates would be super fun and insightful on a quicker pace!!!

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 07:21 PM Aug 28

I think the fact that this got as insane as it did proved my point, I never once said anything bad about Nolan or his work and was still attacked like I blasphemed against Jesus during Sunday mass or something.

RadDadRich at 07:39 PM Aug 28

I just think that it's funny that the convo deteriorated down to loving or hating Nolan with you at the focal point Owl. And you didn't even say anything negative. People are passionate about movies. That's what makes MFC great! And it's obvious you hate Nolan Owl. ;)

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RadDadRich updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Sorry I haven't been around much lately Schmoes, the boys over at the new asked me to bring some of my Rad over there. So if you're in the neighborhood drop by and leave a comment, I'd really appreciate it. My posts are called Random Awesomeness. Thanks guys.
RadDadRich at 04:59 PM Aug 26

Thanks man, that means a lot.

threezy at 05:14 PM Aug 26

I'm there for you Rad Dad, since you're always there for threezy! I know you've been on Twitter more than MFC, what's up with that??? LOL!

RadDadRich at 07:10 PM Aug 26

Hey what can I say? There's an app for that.

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RadDadRich posted a VIDEO item: about 7 years ago

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Trailer in Graphic Novel Form!


threezy at 08:39 PM Aug 10

This. Is. Rad. RadDad! Nice post.

RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago

FNDanny at 03:32 PM Aug 10


Ammon at 03:34 PM Aug 10

Wow. I'd love to see this movie.

RadDadRich at 10:00 PM Aug 10

Cowboys and Aliens anyone?

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RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago
Dark Horse is going to make this a shirt now

mister easter
mister easter at 11:42 PM Aug 05

classy. i'd rock that shirt.

BLove78 at 12:06 AM Aug 06


RadDadRich posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

My Thoughts On Robert Rodriguez Directing Deadpool


I’ve had some time to mull over the possiblity of Robert Rodriguez helming the Deadpool project, and here is what I came up with: I don’t like it.

Deadpool, or The Merc with the Mouth as he is known by his adoring fans, started off as a rip-offf of Deathstroke, but has evolved into a really great character in his own right. And I just don’t see Rodriguez pulling this off.

You see, I drank the Robert Rodriguez Kool-aid a long time ago, (it’s in the same aisle as the Tarantino, and Kevin Smith flavors). I bought in to his whole Rebel Without a Crew schtick (litterly, I have the hard cover). But his career has been hit and miss, I could give you a break down of which ones I liked and which I didn’t, but you already know which ones sucked. I just don’t understand how people excuse him time and again for making bad films. Someone please stop him from making Spy Kids 4!

I just feel that his style would not play to what the movie would need. I don’t want to see a Deadpool movie made in a green screen warehouse in Austin. It needs to be rough and gritty with practical effects. A huge spectacle, big explosions!

What Rodriguez does best is talk. Talk about how much he loves movies and comics and we eat it up. He had everybody drooling in anticipation for Predators, and then we get a mediocre rip-off of the original. Now I know he didn’t direct that one, he hired a Nimrod for that.

I just don’t trust a director that has had a ‘D’ career with a potential ‘A’ franchise. Oh, and I no longer drink Kool-Aid, of any flavor.

Mood: Bored
elmariachi01 at 07:07 PM Aug 06

Yeah Robert's had his hits and misses but he takes risks. He does the projects he wants to do for the most part and what the hell at least the guy's making some original ideas. Like or dislike Spy Kids. I would've loved the shit out of those movies as a kid.
I got no problem with him doing something he's inspired to do.

Also, I don't see Deadpool turning into a franchise. I think it will eventually be made into a movie. I'd be surprised if it ends up not being disappointing to it's fans. It's just too offbeat from what the commercial crowds are into. Apart from the fans I think non-fans are just going to be kinda hard to get interested in this.
But if it turns out to be awesome than I'm all for that.

The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall at 05:23 PM Aug 10

I really think that RR is probably the best choice for a deadpool flick, I can't really think of a director that would probably be better at it other than maybe Timur Bekmambetov or Joe Carnahan. I would have preferred it to be an animated film, i think it would suit things like the breaking the fourth wall and also pool-o-vision better. But I like the RR choice, his films are a lot of Tarantino-ish dialogue with OTT action and that is pretty much what the Deadpool comics are just now. Plot always seems to be secondary on a deadpool book now and that's how the film should go.

RadDadRich at 05:40 PM Aug 10

Deadpool is all character, if they don't get a director that can handle that, then you can plug in any second-rate action director to do the job. I'm sure Uwe Boll is available.

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RadDadRich updated his STATUS: about 7 years ago

Check out this "Scott Pilgrim" interactive trailer! Rating: Awesome! Is Edgar Wright from the future?
FNDanny at 06:03 PM Aug 05

Wasn't that f-ing cool?

RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago

BigEvil84 at 03:18 AM Aug 04

That's pretty cool.

randychico at 03:37 AM Aug 04

Marvel wins! (I see some kids on the left besides the fantastic four.. who are they?)

RadDadRich at 03:54 AM Aug 04

It's supposed to be Power Pack.

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RadDadRich posted a VIDEO item: about 7 years ago

What one thing could make the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World game even more awesome? Zombies.


randychico at 03:39 AM Aug 04

Movie based games are rarely memorable but this looks worthy of being checked out.

RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago

Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:26 PM Aug 03

River Tam in a TOS skirt uniform? Shit yeah.

The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall at 07:33 PM Aug 03

Jane can't be a red shirt, if anything it should be Wash.

JakeLikesMovies at 07:49 PM Aug 03

@ The Fourth Wall:



RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago

BLove78 at 09:06 PM Aug 02

If they made this into a shirt, I would totally buy it.

Rawzombie at 11:23 PM Aug 02

LOL this is awesome!

HeyDude3007 at 12:43 PM Aug 03

Great !

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RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago
Just got back from Heroes Comics with a stack of old Tick comics for the kids. Now time for a Tick marathon. Spoon!

razgriz21 at 07:35 PM Jul 31

Can never beat the FOX Kids Line Up of the 1990s.

Smart, witty, funny, entertaining, and at times, risque.

RadDadRich at 07:48 PM Jul 31

Seasons 1 & 2 of the cartoon. I don't let the kids watch the live-action show, it was geared more towards adults.

Fab-007 at 10:26 AM Aug 01


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RadDadRich posted an IMAGE item: about 7 years ago

Derek237 at 01:43 PM Jul 31

Uh-oh, looks like her water just broke!

Snowboy at 02:13 PM Jul 31

LMAO...that's awesome!

razgriz21 at 02:50 PM Jul 31


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