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queen bee
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"Oh, in case you got covered in that repulsion gel, here's some advice the lab boys gave me: DO NOT get covered in the repulsion gel."
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queen bee updated her STATUS: about 3 hours ago

"Oh, in case you got covered in that repulsion gel, here's some advice the lab boys gave me: DO NOT get covered in the repulsion gel."
queen bee posted an IMAGE item: about 3 hours ago
Braindead reboot end fight scene.

Invidtus at 01:02 PM Oct 24

Be careful you may find the cast of The Lion King in there somewhere-

queen bee updated her STATUS: about 4 hours ago

I earn $18 an hour before tax - I need too move to Hollywood!
queen bee updated her STATUS: 2 days ago

What if walking dead was all a dream Rick had whilst been in a coma from episode one?- And now i`m paranoid!
queen bee updated her STATUS: 7 days ago

Okay upon re-watching X-Men: Future past.Here is something that grinds my gears.Wolverine in the finally action scene runs at magneto.HELLOOOO!!!! X-men 1,X-Men 2,X-Men 3. He gets whupped by magneto.In X-Men 3 i think Magneto says something like "You never learn." Wolverine is a dumb-ass .No wonder Magneto wen`t full on violent on Wolverine in this movie.
Dodong27 at 04:48 PM Oct 17

What you say is very true!
But believe it or not, in the comics, that's the way Wolverine is... he never fuckin' learns!

Cochise at 07:16 PM Oct 17

but does Wolvie have his metal claws then? I thought in the past he just had bone claws so maybe that's why he thought he could do it, cause Magneto had no advantage there like he did in the future?

queen bee posted an IMAGE item: 7 days ago

Invidtus at 06:27 PM Oct 17

Edge Of Tomorrow was a blast-

timmyd at 06:31 PM Oct 17


queen bee updated her STATUS: 19 days ago

Is getting in tune with Sailor Moon Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes That make me think the wrong thing.
YoshioKun13 at 01:35 PM Oct 05

Oh my

Derek237 at 03:25 PM Oct 05

bnl are the greatest lyricists of our generation

Laksmikanti at 08:35 AM Oct 10

They have the tendency to do that, did you ever watched "Love HINA"?.
Also on a totally freaked out comment, today I found out that they are launching now Female Pad Sayloor Moon Branch.

queen bee updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Gone Girl:9/10 This is Finchers best movie ever.Instead of comparing his work too Seven, it`ll be this movie.Long running time but you never notice and i`ve read the book twice and i was still like omg and feeling tense.The lady from bond has the oscar nailed down.Neil patrick harris is a safe bet for best supporting actor.The guy from halt and catch fire is in one scene but wow does he make an impact aaaand Ben affleck IS...AMAZING.I thought he would be perfect when i read the book,i pictured him as nick and he really delivers. Mcconaughey style career redemption for the fleck.As for the ending well...Tighter and taut and not dragged out like the book.
queen bee
queen bee at 11:40 PM Oct 01

Its like the book but the Flynn really has a way with words(she made the jump from books too screenplay with ease) plus the movie is ever so slightly tweaked from the book. Also the music is excellent.Enjoy

Glinda at 01:48 AM Oct 02

So glad to hear you loved it. I can't wait! (I didn't read the book)

YoshioKun13 at 02:33 AM Oct 02


Utterly, utterly brilliant.

The Fincher can take something that was just a casual read and turn it into something, well...brilliant.

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queen bee updated her STATUS: 27 days ago

"Oh, I'm in no condition to drive. Wait a minute. I don't have to listen to myself. I'm drunk." Have a entertaining weekend :).I`m off to work...
The Goathead
The Goathead at 02:53 PM Sep 27


Have a great weekend and be safe.

queen bee posted an IMAGE item: 27 days ago
Teeth:Virgin has razor sharp teeth in her vag.Sex education movie .Nom nom nom.Oy vey.

LelekPL at 08:17 PM Sep 27

on my Halloween watchlist

HTX0811 at 10:59 AM Sep 28

Great movie but it's messed up.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 04:53 PM Sep 29


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queen bee posted an IMAGE item: 27 days ago

The Goathead
The Goathead at 02:57 PM Sep 27

Ah. At least you have a view of the outside.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 03:52 PM Sep 27

too bad you couldn't watch a movie while you worked.

LelekPL at 08:18 PM Sep 27

nice, a desk job ;)

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