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KING Of All Schmoes
Psycho-Pirate-99 created a LIST: almost 5 years ago

10 Other Gasms you can Experience

1. Nerdgasm - Much different from the other gasm as far as bodily functions go, finding its stimulation on more of a psychological level than anything else. Since there are many different classifications of "nerds", this gasm can be accomplished in many different ways. Ranging from everything from making a scientific formula your bitch to revisiting your daily viewing the Star Wars trilogy. There is no physical limit to these gasms.
2. Eyegasm - This is when a person sees someone (or some thing) so fucking hot that they cannot help but to release tears of joy.
3. Scoregasm - One of the only gasms outs there that isn't frowned upon to experience in public, accomplished at sporting events either while watching at home with a group of friends or surrounded by fellow fans in a stadium or arena. Sometimes it just feels so damn good when your team scores.
4. Wafflegasm - This is accomplished through heavy amounts of waffles. And syrup.
5. Joygasm - Probably the first gasm I discovered oddly enough, one I learned from none other than Joel Schumacher's 1995 presentation of Batman Forever. From what I gathered though, the only way to experience this particular form of pleasure is blowing up the Batcave, rendering this to be a sort of delicacy in the gasm world.
6. Boregasm - You've probably heard of the age-old saying of being bored to death. But what about being bored into a baby batter-blasting boner? I'm not kidding here! Go watch Kubrick's Space Odyssey and find out for yourself!
7. Eargasm - Some songs make you want to dance when you hear them, some make you want to make love or comb your llama. And then some songs sound so good to people that is causes a certain euphoric discharge from the ears.
8. Yawngasm - Believe it or not, this does not come from the body's natural responses. No, instead this is one of the more humiliating gasms, in which someone walks in during the final stages of your masturbation session, prompting you to pretend to stretch out and yawn while free-handedly struggling to climax.
9. Nostalgasm - As inappropriately incestrial as this may sounds, this could easily be the sistergasm of Nergasm, provided its psychological stimulation. This may occur when revisiting a cherished memory of one's past.
10. Sarcasmgasm - This is a special one for the dickbags like me or find a certain delight or self-accomplishment in oneself after making a real smart-ass remark to someone. Perhaps you're tastelessly topping someone's argumentative comeback or simply trying to diminish someone's good day for no good reason at all, sometimes it's hard not to enjoy being such an asshole to some people.
MrsData at 06:46 PM Nov 29

LOL Wafflegasm makes me think of Leslie Knope

XSsoCX at 06:54 PM Nov 29

I am digging Nostalgasm, Sarcasmgasm, and Scoregasm. All of which I have done recently.

Dodong27 at 06:55 PM Nov 29

I'm having an Eyegasm just looking at that pic^

horrorfan23 at 07:48 PM Nov 29

Yawngasms are amazing.

Peegasms are even better.

Strider at 09:23 PM Nov 29

I've had so many of these. Haha!

YoshioKun13 at 03:40 AM Nov 30

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