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Goodbye MFC


******* I will never forget the day I found this site. What seemed like essentially a “Facebook for movie fans” turned out to be something much more than just another form of social media.

In such a cruel internet world this place was the exception, where members could express their personal opinions and individual style without being bullied or disrespected. You could express an unpopular opinion without being told to go eat balls. Post a bunch of hottie pics without being reported, or compile a list of your favorite movie characters in alphabetical order without being told to get a life.

We’ve built our own little family here, with such group participation as the member themed Calendars, the Sexiest Woman Alive tournaments, our own version of the Walking Dead and the annual Halloween costume contests.

Take the MFC group page that started on Facebook right after the sad news hit. I think that just goes to show how important this community is to us and how much we all mean to each other. I am so fucking glad that we’ll all still be together on Facebook and I have already seen some of its advantages, but it will never be the same.

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