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Fantasia Festival, July 27th 2012: "Inbred"


Tonight's midnight screening gives us the Quebec premiere of a little UK flick called Inbred, from co-writer/director Alex Chandon.

The Fantasia host came out of nowhere with a great deal of energy. He asked if we liked gore and senseless violence. The audience reacted promptly and positively. He said Inbred was the right movie for us. The host then literally screamed in his mic that this is probably the most violent film of Fantasia 2012 but also of the 2013 edition.

He then asked us to welcome producer Yazid Benfeghoul. While the latter was heading to the front of the audience to a round of applause, the host pointed out how the producer's last name ended in "ghoul". He got a few laughs along with the clapping.

Mr. Benfeghoul took the mic and proceeded to say "Hello, Montreal!" and then "Bonjour, Montréal!" after trading places with his invisible self in front of him. He continued this for a few short simple sentences which gathered a bunch of laughs. Then, when it got a bit more difficult to translate from english to french, he said "Um, yeah..." and continued in english, which also got some laughs. He said he was excited to be here.

He spoke about how there is lots of animals featured in the movie, from horses to ferrets to goats, but no cats. Cue in a series of cat calls from the audience. He then wished we enjoy the film and said he'd be back after the screening to discuss with us what the fuck is wrong with this guy, speaking about director Chandon.

Before Inbred, we are shown an hilarious and twisted short called Stay at Home Dad. Let's just say this particular dad is really devoted to his family. But then, something unexpected happens. Good stuff. "Arrow in the Head" gets a "thank you" in the credits.

Inbred goes a little bit like this (taken from the official guide):

Kids go on a rural trip, far away from home. Kids stop to check out a dilapidated house. Kids get butchered, one by one, by not-quite-right-in-the-head local folks. Sounds like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre textbook? Agreed, except we're in England, near the bucolic township of Mortlake, where the little boys playing in the cornfields like to torture scarecrows or burn animals alive for fun. Meanwhile, their genetically compromised parents are busy setting up a freak show. The urban interlopers are in fact juvenile delinquents on a community service outing, supervised by a pair or caretakers ― who are less than successful in caring for these kids. [...]

Inbred is definitely violent, our host didn't lie. But maybe he hyped it too much when he said it was the most violent of Fantasia 2012 and even 2013. Sure, we get some awesome, original kills in the bunch that were not seen before. They are presented to us in bloody practical fashion, with some occasionnal CGI to better the effects. With that said, I thought some parts of the movie dragged. In my opinion, the setup took forever where nothing really interesting happened. There was a joke here and there but the dialogues consisting of life lessons given to the kids by their caretakers didn't really mean anything.

Acting wise, everybody there did a good job. James Doherty, who portrayed one of the caretakers is just stupid enough to not realize the shithole they're in. The kids are alright. And Seamus O'Neill is perfectly crazy as the leader of this community.

Producer Yazid Benfeghoul came back to the front for a Q&A. Here's what I could pick up:

-Mr. Benfeghoul reiterated that no animals were hurt during the shoot.

-He said he knew Alex Chandon from before but they had lost contact.

-When they met again in the year before Inbred got off the ground, Mr. Benfeghoul asked Chandon what he had been up too. He told us Chandon had been working his After Effects skills. He also told him he had the idea for Inbred. So they worked together.

-In the credits, it says the movie was shot in the locality of Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The Fantasia host said that not many movies are shot in this region. He asked the producer how the residents of Thirsk reacted when they heard about the project. Mr. Benfeghoul revealed that the mayor apparently boycotted the shoot and said that nobody should support the film. If they did, it would bring a bad reputation to the town. He feared people would think that the actual residents of Thirsk are just a bunch of inbreds. Turns out that because of the mayor's attempt to discourage them, the residents were happy to help the crew in making Inbred because they never had the chance to have a movie shoot in their town.

-Alex Chandon co-writer, Paul Shrimpton is apparently a resident of Thirsk himself.

-The producer said that all the actors were London based.

-The movie has been touring festivals for a year and that there is still a few more to go.

-There is a plan to have the movie go theatrical in November in the UK.

Inbred is definitely to be seen for its absolutely top notch kills. The gore aspect of the film is just terrific. As for the rest, I found there was a bunch of lenghty and not really memorable scenes but overall, it is worth a shot.

I'll give Inbred a rating of 7.0 out of 10.

Next up: V/H/S

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timmyd at 09:12 AM Aug 07

I know I'll check it out for the kills , but this premise of ' troubled youths ' getting slaughtered while doing community service is wearing thin . It's simply never handled correctly , so the premise usually kills the flick before it ever gets rolling .

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