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Pat Hatfreet
Finally watched the French-Belgian flick "Grave" aka "Raw" last night. It was... interesting. Actress Garance Marillier, who plays the main character Justine, is great.
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Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Finally watched the French-Belgian flick "Grave" aka "Raw" last night. It was... interesting. Actress Garance Marillier, who plays the main character Justine, is great.
Scotch at 01:01 AM Nov 20

Agreed. I was amazed at how much I liked this movie.

timmyd at 01:34 AM Nov 21

My fave horror flick of the year .

Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

As a late night movie, I just had a first time watch of George A. Romero's 1977 (or 1978) vampire film "Martin". This dramatic horror story didn't really manage to interest me. What I liked the most about it was finding out during the making-of included on the DVD that it was the first film Tom Savini and George Romero collaborated on.
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

I just watched the 1986 slapstick comedy "Crimewave", directed by Sam Raimi and co-written by Raimi and the Coen Brothers. It was a first time watch. It's completely silly but I had fun with it.
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

February 13th, 2018. A first day purchase!
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

For the kick of it, I just watched the 1987 sci-fi/action flick "The Running Man" for the first time. It was released 30 years ago today. It was silly but fairly good and entertaining. There were also several funny lines of dialogue spoken by the characters. Glad I checked it out at least once.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:13 AM Nov 14

A delicious slice of 80s cheese indeed, and oddly prophetic of current times.

LelekPL at 05:29 PM Nov 14

It’s one of my favorite movies! Arnold at his peak Arnold right there! Great one-liners, cool world and a fun premise that’s way ahead of its time

Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

I finally caught "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" in theater this afternoon. First things first, I thought it was really rewarding to not have watched a single second of any trailers that came out for the film (other than seeing the quick edit teaser once back in April). I easily avoided them online and on TV. I closed my eyes and plugged my ears when I had no choice when they played before other movies I saw in theater. The movie was fresh to me and I had a really good time! The action/fight scenes were crazy and fun. I laughed on multiple occasions during the movie. Now, I'm sad they let some cool characters go but I didn't mind the new ones too much. Taron Egerton is still awesome as Eggsy. The 140 minutes went by fairly quickly to me. I prefer the story of the first film but this one had its moments too. What the hell, I had fun, that's all I wanted.
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

I just watched the 1988 Spanish-American creature feature film "Slugs" for breakfast. I blindly bought the Arrow Video Blu-ray earlier this summer and I'm really happy with my choice. The film was directed by Juan Piquer Simon, who did the slasher "Pieces" a few years before. "Slugs" is based on a British 1982 novel of the same name. This flick was fun, gross, slimy, entertaining and explosive! It's not perfect but I really had a good time!
timmyd at 01:25 AM Nov 08

nice . I'll look for it.

Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 33 (Bonus Round 2): Following up on last night's viewing of the original "House", I just watched the 1987 sequel "House II: The Second Story". Sequel is a big word because nothing links these two movies together. If the first film's dramatic story ended up being a lot more comedic than I expected, this one really is a big joke. I do not write that in a pejorative way. The movie is just really silly. There were several moments that made me smile and the puppets/animatronics were cool. But in the end, this movie was not memorable to me.
XSsoCX at 08:37 PM Nov 03


Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 22 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 32 (Bonus Round 1): I'm continuing this thing because I didn't have time to watch everything I wanted. Now, I just had a first time watch of the 1985 film "House", a movie I had been meaning to watch for a little while. I thought it was pretty good. Going in, I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect this. I'm talking about the comedic aspects in the film; they come as lines of dialogues or visual gags. Even the creatures look funny! But I guess it worked well, even with the much more dramatic backstory of the main character. This story was pretty interesting. I didn't quite understand why things came to be until the last piece of the puzzle was handed to a sleepy me. Anyway, glad I finally checked this flick.
sLaShEr84 at 06:22 AM Nov 02

Good horror flick.

LelekPL at 09:35 PM Nov 02

great poster, I've never seen it

timmyd at 12:24 AM Nov 03

fun stuff.

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Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 31, part 3 (Your Choice): Capping off the month of October was a first time watch of the 1981 thriller/slasher "Hell Night", starring Linda Blair. Once again, this is a movie I never knew existed until earlier this year. Obviously, I had no idea what to expect. Well, I thought it was a pretty good movie in a fairly classic setup. The story evolves sloooowly but steadily over the course of the film's 111-minute running time. Still, I think a few minutes of slow play could have been shaved off. The film is nicely shot and has some good thrills and cool spooky moments. The locations are very cool too. I liked seeing Linda Blair in this film. I'm pretty sure this is the only film in which she stars that I've seen, other than "The Exorcist" of course. Anyway, I'm glad I watched this movie.
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 31, part 2 (Your Choice): My second selection of the day was the 1979 thriller "The Evictors", directed by Charles B. Pierce and starring Michael Parks and Jessica Harper. This movie I had no idea existed was included as a DVD bonus feature on the Scream Factory Blu-ray release of the 1976 movie "The Town That Dreaded Sundown", also directed by Pierce. I own this edition so I thought I might as well watch this other movie. I thought it was good enough but it didn't captivate me. There were some good moments of tension and good camera work. The reveal and the twist did nothing for me though. Parks and Harper we pretty good in their roles.
grelber37 at 12:25 PM Nov 01

Nice choice! I agree that The Evictors is not perfect. But, it is an entirely palatable Halloween watch, and a person appreciates that The Town That Dreaded Sundown bonus is not complete dreck.

Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 31, part 1 (Your Choice): To kick off this final day of October, I had to have my dose of messed up Asian cinema. I decided to watch the 2010 Hong Kong slasher "Wai dor lei ah yut ho" aka "Dream Home". I found out about this movie earlier this year while I was reading some Best of whatever or Top X something online. I wanted to see it. Now, I really enjoyed this movie. It starts off with a bang then you get to understand the story. This movie is basically a familial drama sprinkled with about a dozen gruesome and/or bloody and/or imaginative murders. The story is part slasher set on October 30th 2007, part flashbacks set in various moments of the main character's life. This character is played by an awesome Josie Ho. While the drama may not be the most captivating, it was interesting. And the kills are worth the price of admission alone. Really happy I watched this!
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 30 (Your Choice): My selection for this day was another movie I recently discovered existed. I'm talking about the 1989 body-horror film "Society", directed by Brian Yuzna, producer of the "Re-Animator" franchise among other things and director of the second and third films. Earlier this summer, I blind bought the Blu-ray Arrow Video released in 2015. I'm pretty happy with my choice. What a crazy and weird film! The first hour was pretty good and mysterious. Then, the last half-hour took the cake with an amazing sequence involving absolutely stunning practical makeup effects designed by Japanese artist Screaming Mad George, a man I also just found out about. Damn! Glad I watched this! By the way, this Arrow Video Blu-ray is a great one.
Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 29 (Your Choice): I decided to educate myself yesterday by watching a movie adaptation of a little William Shakespeare story I've never read. I've never seen another adaptation of it either. At the same time, I mixed the idea with the fact that I try to watch one Troma film I've never seen every October. The result was Troma's 1996 film "Tromeo & Juliet", directed by the one and only Lloyd Kaufman and co-written by Kaufman and James Gunn. I haven't seen that many Troma movies but I guess it's safe to say that this one is a classic Troma film with its ridiculous story, blood, gore and sex. While I don't really have much interest or need to rewatch it, I had some fun and good laughs with it.
timmyd at 12:22 AM Oct 31

I had fun with it.

Pat Hatfreet updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

Extravaganza, Day 28 (Haunting/Supernatural): My choice for this day was the 1973 British flick "The Legend of Hell House". This is a movie I found out even existed in the last year or so. The film was written by Richard Matheson, based on his own 1971 novel "Hell House", which I didn't know of and obviously never read. If I didn't have hundreds of movies to catch up on and more time to read, I'd try to pick up this novel and give it a look because I really enjoyed this movie. The story was really intriguing and interesting, the sets were awesome, the camera is being moved around nicely, the practical effects are cool (only saw one wire), the atmosphere is creepy, the sounds are effective (I watched the film with a headset) and the actors were great. I'm not exactly sure I understood what the revelation was about though but everything leading up to it was solid. Really glad I checked this movie.
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