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Holy. Fucking. Shit. Modern Warfare 3 is amazing. Seriously.
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ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 3 years ago

Between These Sheets

I feel all your fingertips
as they run across my skin
So many things I wanna say to you
Where do I begin?
We used to be so close
Now it feels like we're
a million miles apart
So just lay your head upon my chest
And hear the beating of my heart

As you lie between these sheets with me
What's running through your head?
Do you think of me thinking of you
As I lay silently in bed?

As you lie between these sheets with me
between these sheets is when you lie

I feel your finger
tips across my skin
I wonder to myself
Where you have been
All these questions
Running through my head
As you lay silently
Next to me in bed

As you lie between these sheets with me
I don't believe a word you say
You're sorry now, someway, somehow
You really think you'll find your way?

As you lie between these sheets with me
between these sheets is when you lie

You won't get your chance to lie again

Mood: Chillin'

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 3 years ago

Okay Schmoes..give me your worst.

Here's the premise to a short story that I'm in the progress of writing. Is this something that you'd be interested to pick up and read/watch?


3 friends ,Dex, Vic, and Dom are sitting and watching horror movies. The doorbell rings. It's Huey, the mentally challenged man from across the street. He sees the movie that the friends are watching, and gets scared, and he wants to leave. The doorbell rings again, and Huey opens the door. A group of 13-15 year olds are trick or treating. The kids yell trick or treat!! It startles Huey, and he starts attacking one of the kids at the door, thinking that he was really a zombie. Realizing what it going on, quickly Vic jumps up and pulls Huey off of the kids. Looks like Huey had a screwdriver with him, and he's stabbed one of the kids in the neck. Vic explains to Huey that the kid wasn't really a zombie. Terror sets in, as the friends see the horror that has just ensued on Vic's doorstep. Fuck. What will the friends do? Will the friends cover up what Huey has done or will they turn him over to the police?

Mood: Chillin'

ParalyzingKing at 01:20 AM Apr 08

It all started as a joke, actually. I was telling friends about the Zombie 5K I saw on here yesterday, and I called my bro who lives in Maryland and we thought it would be crazy if a mentally challenged man accidentally killed one of the "zombies."

usernamenancy at 01:42 AM Apr 08

Sounds to me like it would work better as a two or three panel sight gag. As soon as Huey kills the kid the whole zombie business is over anyway and the whole moral decision-part kicks in.
What happens to the two surviving trick-or-treaters? And why would the innocent friends put so much at stake for someone who goes off his rocker so easily, he should have been institutionalized to begin with? (Mom, Nancy's doing it again! Make her stop!).
And now for something completely relevant:

ParalyzingKing at 01:48 AM Apr 08

I'm not exactly sure where it's going yet. I can't draw, and I haven't fleshed out the story yet, so I'm not sure if it's gonna be a short story, comic, or short film. I can't answer any of the questions you've asked yet, but as soon as I know, I'll fill you guys in. Thanks for the feedback!! Keep it coming guys!!!

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ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 3 years ago

Part 1 of my homepage


Just so you know....this is PART of my homepage

Mood: Angry

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 02:30 PM Apr 03


horrorfan23 at 09:49 PM Apr 04

Why is there such a huge overblown fight over sucha petty thing like lists?

I understand where ParalyzingKing is coming from with the overabundance of lists of every single topic and such, but you gotta understand that it is just a way for people to show off some creativity for their love of movies.

There's no need to be all worked up and attacking each other. The lists are going to continue regardless of one person's complaints so I suggest to PK to just ignore them or block them if it does bother THAT much.

ParalyzingKing at 03:09 PM Apr 05

I did go to my account settings, and I blocked them from my feed. And yes, I do understand that is a way to express their creativity about movies, it's just that my entire page was filled with random lists about nonsense from friends that I rarely talk to. I know, that's my fault, but I did remove them from my friends' list, and removed lists from my feed. I was just simply expressing my opinions concerning the lists, and I get flamed for it by a few people. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering who tried flaming me. It really says a lot about who they are. Instead of trying to help me remedy the situation, they tried to exacerbate it by troll-like behavior. Oh well, they've been removed from my friends, and I've gained a couple of new ones out of this.

At the time I made the post, I was unaware that you cold block the list from your feed, so once again, I'd like to give a shout out to randychico for letting me know I could block them. Thanks!!!

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ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 3 years ago


1. Watch every single episode of "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper"
2. Burn my eyes out with a soldering iron
3. Play chess with George W. Bush
4. Run backwards, naked, through a field of corn
5. Watch "Manos: The Hands of Fate"
6. Eat crab meat
7. Play Scrabble/Boggle with Noah Webster
8. Have dinner with Dog, the Bounty Hunter
9. Go to a parade
10. Play Call of Duty: Black Ops

Mood: Angry

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item almost 4 years ago


For those gamers out there who were wondering whether or not to pick up HOMEFRONT, do NOT. First of all, the game came out on Tuesday, and the servers are down most of the time. Skirmish is the only gametype you can get into, and even then, everyone has a laggy connection. The developers knew the game's release date, so why not have the servers ready? And the game...holy fuck, where do I start. 90% waiting 10% action. Hey game developers, if I wanted to watch a fucking move, I'd watch a fucking movie!! The graphics and building/character models/textures are beautifully rendered. But, if were to take a shit in the middle of the floor, and sprinkle diamonds on it, it'd still be a pile of shit. So, DO NOT buy this game. Unless you want to spend 65 bucks on a pile of shit.

Mood: Angry
WP-DFA at 12:50 AM Mar 18

Cool, I'll add you later. I loved Modern Warfare 2, but got sick of Black Ops within a couple weeks, was quite disappointed with it. Killzone 3 will keep me busy FPS-wise til the end of the year... where Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are coming out head to head. Gonna be a tough battle, and a tough choice. I didn't like the last Battlefield games (bad company or whatever) but enjoyed the downloadable Battlefield 1943, and the trailers for BF3 look fuckin sexy. However I just know I'm going to be excited for MW3 once they showcase it.

I'm thinking I'll buy MW3 first, beat the story in an hour (:P) and then max out online and if I'm bored of it, trade it towards Battlefield 3, w

ParalyzingKing at 03:41 AM Mar 18

I played Black Ops tonight, for the first time in weeks. I bought the map pack the day it came out, and played Ascension, the Zombie map, with friends. I got too burned out on it as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the guys from Respawn Entertainment (ex-Infinity Ward guys) have in development right now.

Maxing out online? I recently logged in my 31st DAY of gameplay on MW2. Yes, I said DAY. I'm 10th Prestige, Level 70, and CONSTANTLY get accused of hacking.

WP-DFA at 05:26 AM Apr 03

lol, unfortunately people accuse people of hacking a lot nowadays -- a lot of the time just because they're like you, and have played a lot of the game and have become really good at it. They could solve the whole 'you're hacking!' thing if they would just tighten up the security so there were no *real* hackers though.

I'm looking forward to Modern Warfare 3 this year, though I know just like all other Call of Duty games--not much will change besides a few killstreaks and some new maps. Still though, it somehow manages to be fun everytime, even with little new to it. I'm thinking of trading it for Battlefield 3 after I tire of it though, or when the first map pack is about to come out. Never again will I pay 15 fucking dollars for a couple of maps. I sold Black Ops before those maps came out (even though I wanted to play the arena one) but I bought one of the map packs for MW2 and while fun... it wasn't fun enough to go "man that was SO worth 15 bucks!" lol

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ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item almost 4 years ago

No, You Don't

smiling in their faces
while filling up the hole
so many dirty little places
in your filthy little worn out
broken down see through soul

baby's got a problem
tries so hard to hide
got to keep it on the surface
because everything else is dead on the other side

teeth in the necks of everyone you know
you can keep on sucking until the blood won't flow
when it starts to hurt it only helps it grow
taking all you need
(but not this time)
no, you don't

and just for the record
just so you know
i did not believe
that you could sink so low

you think that you can beat them
i know that you won't
you think you have everything
but no, you don't

no, you don't
no, you don't
no, you don't
no, you don't

Fuck, I love this song. It's by Nine Inch Nails, and the album is The Fragile, Left Disc.

Mood: Angry

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

Ranking of Presidents (by how dirty their names sound)

1. Johnson
2. Bush
3. Harding
4. Polk
5. Filmore
6. Pierce
7. LBJ
8. Hoover
9. Bush
10. Clinton

Mood: Happy

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

Lie To Me

Anyone else catch last night's episode? What about Loker and Torres? I don't want to give away any spoilers for those who didn't catch it. Such a damn great show.

Mood: Happy

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

10 YEARS fans?


Is anyone on here fans of the Knoxville-based band 10 YEARS? I live just outside of Knoxville, and will be venturing to see them play in Knoxville on Friday, September 3rd, @ The Valarium. For those who are fans, you know what they sound like. For those who don't, imagine the driving guitar riffs of Metallica, mixed with the dark, ominous metal that is TOOL. Check them out at .

Mood: Happy
ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

The Guild

I'm sure someone on here watches The Guild....but damn, is that show awesome. I can't wait until Season 4 is here. If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out @ or on

Mood: Angry

ParalyzingKing posted a BLOG item over 4 years ago

This is why Olivia is awesome!

Mood: Angry
Tags: Olivia Munn
Matches_Malone at 03:21 PM Apr 23

She's every nerd's dream.

ElderPredator at 04:29 PM Apr 23

She is every guy's dream girl in general.

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